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When: Saturday March 28, 2015
Where: Southern National Motorsports Park, Lucama, North Carolina
What: Inaugural race of the brand new Cars Super Late Model & Late Model Tour
150-Lap Super Late Models
150-Lap Late Model Stock Cars
Follow: LIVE updates on Twitter (@theweeklyracer)

How Much:

Adult: $20
Youth (7-12): $10
Kids 6 (and under): Free
Suite Ticket: $30
Trackside Parking Spot: $30


8:00AM Garage Opens
11:00AM-11:30AM First SLM Practice
11:35AM-12:05PM First LMSC Practice
12:10PM-12:40PM Final SLM Practice
12:45PM-1:15PM Final LMSC Practice
5:00PM SLM Qualifying
5:30PM LMSC Qualifying
6:00PM Last Chance race: 20 Laps/Top 4 Transfer (if necessary)
6:40PM Driver Introduction
7:00PM Pre-Race Ceremonies
7:15PM X-1R Lubricants 300
SLM (150 LAPS)

Cole Timm Sends a Huge Message To The Super Late Model Community

Cole Timm Winner

Lucama, NC – Cole Timm, of Charlotte North Carolina, sent a massive statement this past Saturday night at Southern National Motorsports Park to the entire Super Late Model community. Timm, who has run regular races in the PASS South series last year as well as this year, had a bit of a disagreement with his regular sanctioning body so he figured why not give this brand new series a shot. Well folks, this boys idea of trying things out are just a bit different than yours and my idea of “trying something out.”

Not really sure if Timm came to SNMP to have a good time, test a new series out or just flat out prove a point! “I consider myself just a small time racer,” Timm said during his victory lane celebration. “Just to be able to beat some of these bigger name guys on this CARS Tour means a lot to me!”

Shouldn’t come as to much of a surprise however, I say that lightly and with out sounding cocking but those hopes are set when your number sits alone on top of the leader board both practice sessions. Not to mention go out for qualifying and be the only car to break into the 14-second lap time, a 14.788 (97.376 MPH) to be exact! More than two tenths faster than the Kyle Busch Motorsports, yes I said that right folks, the KBM #51 of Christopher Bell.

These two in fact would spend most of the feature swapping the lead and pulling away from each other. Either lap traffic or the caution flag would bunch the two up allowing for what turned out to be some good racing for the top spot. Bell took the lead from the pole sitter early on a great jump when the green flag was displayed. Timm would fall back just a bit but never really get to far away as the top ten to fifteen drivers at one point were only separated by half a car length or just a tad bit more.

Timm would make what was the winning pass back on lap 93 after he and Bell spent just a couple laps door to door and a lap 91 restart. Once Timm was able to clear the #51 machine of Bell it was like he hit the cruise control button and just focused on working his way through the lap traffic. The victory was just Timm’s second win in a Super Late Model, his first comming from a Pro All-Star Series race at South Boston Speedway last June… hmmm a race we were in attendance, Cole Timm 2-0 when TWR is in town!

Kyle Grissom, who had an excellent charge through the field in my eyes, was able to bring his machine home P3. This coming off of what I thought was a great late race power move by the twenty-six machine. Bubba Pollard would have to settle for the fourth position while Anderson Bowen just hung on to a top five finish.

We would like to take a moment to give the #2 of Trevor Noles a special shout out as he is the very first driver to win one of our Touring Series contingency awards for his efforts and determination through out the night Noles took the green flag in the 26th position and because he was able to work his way up to P8 (a gain of 18 spots) this makes Trevor Noles The Weekly Racers: Biggest Mover of the Race!

The CARS Tour Series hits the track again in three weeks, destination… Orange County Speedway. April 18th will be just their second of ten scheduled races through out this spring and summer. For more information on that event check out their website at, http://www.carsracingtour.com

SLM 150 Lap Feature UNOFFICIAL Results:

  1. #57 Cole Timm; 150
  2. #51 Christopher Bell; 150
  3. #31 Kyle Grissom; 150
  4. #26 Bubba Pollard; 150
  5. #29 Anderson Bowen; 150
  6. #8 David Garbo, Jr.; 150
  7. #51n Stephen Nasse; 150
  8. #2 Trevor Noles; 150
  9. #67 Clay Jones; 150
  10. #17 Quin Houff; 150
  11. #66 Steven Wallace; 150
  12. #00 Lucas Ranson; 150
  13. #14d Chris Davidson; 149
  14. #40 Grant Gallaway; 149
  15. #52 Kaz Grala;149
  16. #25 Stephen Leicht; 149
  17. #71r Nick Robinson; 149
  18. #4 Brandon Lynn; 149
  19. #47 Chris Fontaine; 149
  20. #56 Gus Dean; 149
  21. #54 Matt Craig; 149
  22. #18 Kiel Spaulding; 149
  23. #41L Nick Leitz; 149
  24. #2r Clay Rogers; 148
  25. #12 Harrison Burton; 137
  26. #2L Robby Lyons; 92
  27. #6 Brandon Setzer; 71
  28. #77 Zane Smith; 71
  29. #16 Lucas Jones; 69

Todd Gilliland Steals The Win In Inaugural CARS Tour LMSC Race


Lucama, NC – Last but not least, we saved the best for last, holy crap… just a few sayings that came to mind when the checkered flag flew in the breeze Saturday night at Southern National Motorsports Park for the inaugural CARS Tour Late Model Stock Car race. The second 150-lap feature on the evening saw a very impressive thirty-car field, six cars were sent packing after qualifying and the last chance race, take the green flag to kick the season off!

Teams from all over the eastern seaboard spent weeks building and testing their machines to prepare for this weekend and the caliber of competition that rolled through the small town of Kenly, North Carolina were insurmountable.

Gilliland’s victory was his first in a Late Model Stock Car and comes after an incredible second place finish last year at SNMP during the Autumn Classic while driving a Limited Late Model. Though Gilliland was fastest in final practice earlier that afternoon, his victory did not come easy, nor did it lack excitement. Though Gilliland found himself at the top of the leader board during the final practice – that was extended might I add, I am guessing due to the rain before – but that however did not transfer over to qualifying. That honor would go to none other than the #08 of Deac McCaskill.

When the green flag waved over the field of thirty cars McCaskill hauled off into turn one and cleared Brayton Haws off of turn two. McCaskill, who ran just outside the top ten during practice, looked like he was shot out of a rocket and was a man on a mission. Lap traffic came and went as did the yellow flags but McCaskill was not going to be denied, or so he thought!

Gilliland had been within the top five from the drop of the green flag. It was the help of some post lap 100 yellow flags that helped Gilliland set up the pass for the lead. The field got the green with just five laps to go, McCaskill was able to clear Tommy Lemmons Jr and leave him to Gilliland who made pretty easy work of the pass. Coming to two to go Gilliland sailed his #98 machine down into turn three and down into the bumper of McCaskill. Good ‘ole classic short track bump and run! Gilliland was able to gain the advantage at the line but McCaskill was not ready to give up!

McCaskill gathered the car up to mount one final charge to get back to where he spent all night, top of the leader board. White flag was in the air, the two separated by no more than two car links. The duo entered turn three, it was now the veterans turn to put the bumper to the leader. Well, that was the plan, McCaskill sailed her on down into turn three after Gilliland but it just wasn’t enough to get to the bumper. Gilliland only lead two laps but it was the two that counted the most.

“This is crazy,” Gilliland said in victory lane. “Everyone’s worked so hard over the winter on this new car. They got this thing so good. I’m so happy, so proud of everyone. I didn’t think I could win this race with the experience that was out there. It’s crazy.”

Myatt Snider was able to keep his nose clean and up to the front of the pack all evening and bring home a third place finish. 2014 LMSC champion Tommy Lemmons was a major factor late in the race but would have to settle with a fourth place finish. Tyler Ankrum would round out the top five after racing and winning his way in through the last chance qualifier. Have to give an honorable mention to Brayton Haws who had to come down pit road early in the race with an issue with the motor. The team had to pull the valve cover off the motor and make a repair, which allowed him to rejoin the field. He was able to work his way back up into the top five before having to settle for a sixth place finish, for that he earns The Weekly Racer’s Tough Break of the Race Award!

CARS Tour X-1R Performance Products 300
Late Model UNOFFICIAL Results

  1. #98 Todd Gilliland; 150
  2. #08 Deac McCaskill; 150
  3. #2 Myatt Snider; 150
  4. #27 Tommy Lemmons, Jr.; 150
  5. #58 Tyler Ankrum; 150
  6. #41 Brayton Haws; 150
  7. #16 R.D. Smith; 150
  8. #60 Stacey Compton; 150
  9. #77 Blake Stallings; 150
  10. #54 Blake Stallings; 150
  11. #1 Trent Barnes; 150
  12. #34 Matt Waltz; 150
  13. #31 Thomas Beane; 150
  14. #99 Mike Darne; 150
  15. #18 Bradley McCaskill; 150
  16. #28 Chris Hudspeth; 150
  17. #07 Clint King; 149
  18. #82 Christian Eckes; 149
  19. #50 Jamey Caudil; 145
  20. #7 Justin Cider; 145
  21. #16 Jeff Oakley; 145
  22. #12 Austin McDaniel; 144
  23. #1 Tyler Dipple; 143
  24. #12 Garrett Cambell; 143
  25. #12 Ryan Wilson; 119
  26. #88 Robert Tyler; 91
  27. #44 Justin Johnson; 63
  28. #23 Payton Ryan; 59
  29. #17 Stacy Puryear; 44
  30. #88 Doug Barnes, Jr.; 19


Tyler Ankrum Proves Why You Never Stop Digging


Lucama, NC ­– Growing up my parents always used to tell me to never give up on things I believed in, or were passionate about. I thank them for that everyday because it has made me a stronger person today. Those same values must have been instilled in Tyler Ankrum the young man from Colton California, who has really taken the Late Model Community by storm.

This past November we awarded Ankrum a Hard Charger award for his effort at the 2014 Autumn Classic (Tyler Ankrum Wins Autumn Classic Hard Charger Award) at none other than Southern National Motorsports Park. A motor swap was the reason Ankrum had to start in the rear of the field during that race, this time it was mishap during qualifying. Ankrum was coming out of turn four to take the green flag when the rear end snapped loose and sent him for a slow spin down the front stretch. With no steam behind him at the line you can only imagine how qualifying turned out for him.

Earlier that afternoon I confirmed with CARS Tour officials that the top twenty-five times during qualifying will be locked into the show, the remaining cars will be sent to a 20 lap Last Chance Qualifier race where the top four finishers from that move on. In addition, a provisional shall be awarded to one driver to make up a thirty-car field.

“Oh, during qualifying I thought it was done for us, I really thought our day was done,” Ankrum told The Weekly Racer after the race. “I kind of lost hope at that point but after qualifying was over all the guys were telling me to keep my head up, we still had the last chance race.” Ankrum would go on to win the last chance race and would start the 150-lap feature from the twenty-sixth spot on the grid.

Because Tyler did not find himself so deep in the pack due to the lack of speed, it did not take long for him to start picking his way through the field. With the help of his spotter and crew chief to keep him out of trouble and some well timed cautions, Ankrum was able to claw his way to a fifth place finish – a net gain of 21 positions. Easily earning himself the Weekly Racer Hard Charger Award.

During our conversation, Ankrum was almost shocked at the sheer amount of cars on track. “It was just car, after car, after car that we passed,” said Ankrum. “This 58 crew put this Ion Shoot/Share Camera Ford together real well, this car is a dooms day machine for the rest of the guys out there I swear!”

We also talked a little bit about the difference in running the Hooiser tire on his late model during weekly races against running the American Racer tire on the tour. Telling us it takes a lot longer for the tire to fall allowing you to driver the car hard, and longer than you would with the hooisers. We also asked him with the first race in the books, what is the plan for the rest of the tour, his answer could not have been anymore definitive.

“After this run our guys just discussed it… we are going to run for the championship!”

The CARS Tour will be back in action April 18th at Orange County Speedway located in Rougemont, NC. Head over to the official CARS Tour website for up to date ticket pricing, times, and entry list.


Southern National Motorsports Park
8071 Newsome Mill Road
Lucama, NC, 27851
Website: www.snmpark.com

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