March Madness 290 – Southern National


HAMPTON, VA – (March 19, 2014) So mother nature wins this race without even the drop of a green flag! We have diligently been monitoring the weather as the week progressed and it only seemed to get worse. Our plan was to make a Saturday morning decision before making the three and a half hour trip down to Southern National Motorsports Park, but track management seemed to make up our minds for us.

Officials in my opinion made the right call – you can generate your own opinion with the help of the photo below – saving a lot of teams a lot of money in travel expenses to head towards the track. “With a 90% chance of rain, we wanted to call it early and try to save some people some money hauling their cars to the track,” said track co-owner Jerry Brown. ”If it seemed as though there was a chance of getting the race in this weekend we would go for it, but it really doesn’t look promising.” 

That was an excerpt from the announcement made by upper management early yesterday afternoon! Now I took a screen shot of the satellite image for whats heading here, now I didn’t go to school for meteorology but judging from all the orange in this picture we are going to get slammed this weekend.

It was a bummer to get this kind of news, especially it being race number one in our inaugural touring series. It felt great to travel to a track, experience the evening from a brand new perspective all while learning and doing things I have never done before. I will work on planing a make-up day for this race and getting it posted once we check the schedule for this summer as well as the budget. In the mean time we will turn our attention to next weeks double header action East Carolina Motor Speedway & Langley Speedway’s opening night!

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 10.43.05 PM

Satellite images shows large band of storms that cancelled this weekends events.


Next up –> East Carolina Motor Speedway; April 4, 2014 Gates 4PM (EDT) Green Flag 8PM (EDT) 

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