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Mason Bailey Earns First Late Model Victory at Southside Speedway

Mason Bailey and crew celebrates in victory lane with family and crew after collecting his first Late Model victory. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Midlothian, VA – Sometimes the fastest car does not always win the race. We see this week in and week out from local short tracks to the top tiers of NASCAR. This was not the case this past Friday night as Southside got in their second race of the 2017 season before most of the rain moved into the region. Mason Bailey, competing in his first full season in a Late Model after winning the Modified championship the year prior, set the fastest time of the night in qualifying. The only driver to post a time in the fourteen second bracket, Bailey qualified on the pole with a 14.955 second lap – an average of 80.233 mph around the all but flat .333-mile oval.

After drawing the number three pill Bailey was forced to give the pole over to Grayson Cullather, another young gun in the Late Model community in Richmond, VA. Eddie Johnson, who was a little more than a tenth slower than Bailey, was able to keep his second outside pole starting position when the race went green. He was followed by Daniel Thomas and Mike Payne – to make up the rest of the starting five.

When it was time to go green flag racing it appeared that the three car invert was going to work out well for Cullather. After taking a full lap to clear Johnson Grayson was able to get into a solid rhythm and focus on hitting his marks and clicking off laps. Cullather was able to put a little bit of distance on the field as Bailey worked his way around Johnson for second. Just as he started to reel in the rear bumper of the 22 we were slowed by the nights one and only caution to bunch up the field. Just as Hairfield and Ashworth pulled their cars down pit road and nose first into their stalls, Disavino went for a spin out of four.

Once the track was clear and the line-up was complete race control displayed the cone to the field on the front stretch. For those who may not be familiar with a “Cone Restart” it is very simple – a cone is placed on the track and those drivers on the lead lap and not involved in the caution are able to pick the high or low line. That being said, a car running six can be the first car to take the cone and will restart in the second position. Grayson Cullather and Eddie Johnson both elected to stay down on the bottom while Mason Bailey and Chris Dodson elected to go to the top.

Once the green flag was displayed from flagman Jody Adkins Cullather and Bailey sailed their machines down into turn one, hard! Bailey was able to get the car to stick and take the top spot as they came out of turn two and would be the new leader on lap twenty. Shortly after both Johnson and Dodson were able to get by Cullalther forcing him back to the fourth position. The restart also seemed to help both Alex Brock and J.D. Eversole who were able to take the fifth and sixth postions on the track respectfully.

Mason Bailey was not concerned with any of that however as he settled into a nice rhythm and started to put some distance on the two cars behind him. What made matters even better for the rookie was when Eddie and Chris started racing hard for the second spot. This really allowed Bailey to build up a good lead and take the checkered flag with no pressure. Eddie Johnson was able to hold off Dodson for second while Grayson Cullather and Alex Brock rounded out the top five – very similar results from opening night.

“We unloaded really quick and were top of the board in the first practice on hold tires,” Bailey said after the race. “The car felt really good. We made just a little bit of changes and picked up some more and we were fastest second round and qualified on the pole by a decent amount.”

When the race started Bailey was able to get to the second position pretty quick and track down the leader and start planning his move. Not that Bailey needed the caution to catch the rear bumper of Cullather it sure made things easier and set up the only restart of the race that allowed Bailey to use that outside to his advantage.

“We were going to go to the inside on that restart but I kind of like the outside,” Bailey explained. “In a situation like that the outside always works out for us and I just sent it in there. Now, I wont say it stuck but it stuck just enough to get a nose on him. From there on were able to open a decent lead and get the win.”

We asked Bailey if he felt the caution helped him get around Cullather for the win or if it was just something that was going to happen. He certainly gave credit to Cullather for driving a good race just cited he thinks he had the better car this weekend.

“We felt pretty good then the rain hit,” Bailey said. “I was scared it was going to just kill the track and we were going to lose any advantage we had. I do think that was the case but track position really helped us. We fell in line behind Grayson there who drove a nice race but I just think we had a little bit better of a car. The caution certainly helped us get back up to him and gave us a chance to get around him rather than having to work for it. Right before that caution came out though I was playing around with my line and think I really found something and was catching him a little bit.”


Trevor Stinson found himself in victory lane at the conclusion of the 25-lap UCAR feature that went green right after the track was dry. Joshua Thomas was the fastest car earlier in the afternoon however, posting a lap of 16.937 seconds – or an average of just over 70 mph. He was forced however, to give the pole position up to Ethan Ayers – driving the opening night winning car – who qualified third.

Ayers took that advantage and ran with it as he was the leader as they completed lap one. Stinson and Thomas were not going to let him get away to easy and it was an amazing three way battle for the lead while they drove away from the rest of the field. It wasn’t until lap eighteen of the total twenty-five laps that Stinson was able to make his way around the #87 of Ethan Ayers with the help of some contact. Nothing to bad just enough to get Ayers out of shape. Once Stinson was able to get into clean air that was all he needed to create a big gap to Ayers and Thomas who were battling for that second position down to the closing laps. Thomas was able to gain the advantage and would finish second to Stinson. Alex Ayers and Jamie Hite would round out the top five.

Southside Speedway will be back in action on May 12th. All scouts and scout leaders in FULL UNIFORM will get in FREE! Two parents per scout receive a $2 ticket discount. Front gates open at 6:00 p.m. Qualifying starts at 6:00 p.m. and racing gets underway at 7:30 p.m.



Late Model OFFICIAL Results;

1.#05 Mason Bailey; 40
2. #43 Eddie Johnson; 40
3. #0 Chris Dodson; 40
4. #22 Grayson Cullather; 40
5. #9 Alex Brock; 40
6. #98 J.D. Eversole; 40
7. #99 Daniel Thomas; 40
8. #79 Lane Janosik; 40
9. #42 Mike Payne; 40
10. #55 Howie Disavino; 40
11. #26 John Crews III; 40
12. #67 Cole Walker; 40
13. #25 Michael Sutphin; 39
14. #20 Sonny Allen; 29
15. #89 Matt Ashworth; 19
16. #04 Bugs Hairfield; 18



1.#10 Trevor Stinson; 25
2. #72 Joshua Thomas; 25
3. #87 Ethan Ayers; 25
4. #96 Alex Ayers; 25
5. #12 Jamie Hite; 25
6. #13 Beejay Anderson; 25
7. #16 Thomas Stinson; 25
8. #04 Korey Lawson; 25
9. #1 Mike Frayser; 24
10. #3 Zachary Lindsey; 24
11. #58 Hunter Waldrop; 24
12. #51 Dillon Devenney; 9
13. #97 Richard Sisco; DNF

Andrew Condrey Steals Dominion Stock Victory – Aaron Donnelly Cruises to Victory in UCAR Feature After Top Three Wreck

Andrew Condrey enters turn three during afternoon practice before his victory Saturday night, April 8th, 2017. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Thornburg, VA – Michael Munley was the fastest of the seven Dominion Stock cars that showed up for Dominion Raceway’s NWAAS season opener. Posting a time of 18.269 seconds or an average of 78.822 mph. However, with Dominion using an invert rule after qualifying, Munley drew the number four pill in Radley Victory lane. This handed the top spot over the #3 of Gary Burke followed by Richard Powers, and Andrew Condrey. Tommy Smith would keep his position as the fifth starter.

When the green flag waved, Condrey, wasted not time working his way to the front of the field. Giving a huge shot to the rear of Burke, helping him clear the field and to lead lap one. Andrew had other plans however and took the lead from Burke the following lap with a huge move under Burke to take the lead. It took only six of the 35-lap feature for Munley to take the second position and set his sights on the lead. Condrey’s car looked to be pretty good for the first half of the race until he started to get loose on corner exit.

After a couple of wiggles on corner exit, Michael Munley was able to close the more than half second gap that Condrey had created. He would take the lead on lap eighteen and appear to never look back, opening up his on gap in just two laps until he experienced his own problems. Mechanical issues plagued the one car after something let go in the right front of the car causing the tire to be perpendicular to the chassis – his night was finished and handed the lead back to Condrey for the remainder of the race.

Richard Powers would finish second, the same position he took the green flag in, one position ahead of where he qualified. Gary Burke, Barry Beebe, Tommy Smith and Michael Munley would round out the field. David Blankenship, who attempted to qualify earlier in the afternoon, was not able to answer the call to the green flag after blowing a motor on his first-time trial lap.



Twelve UCAR’s made the trip to Thornburg, VA to kick off the 2017 season. Stephen Brady was the fastest car during time trial qualifications posting a time of 19.497 seconds or an average of 73.858 mph. David Gonce and the 2016 division champion Ryan Pritt posted the second and third fastest time respectively. Aaron Donnelly and Don Schumann rounded out the top five. However, because of the invert, Pritt would take the green flag from the pole position.

At the drop of the green flag, Ryan Pritt checked out from the rest of the field leaving a good battle for the second position. Brady, who rolled off third, was able to clear Donnelly from his outside as well as David Gonce to take the second position and attempt to track down Pritt for the lead. Ten laps into the 25-lap feature Brady had not only caught the leader but attempted to make some pretty aggressive passes going into one. Of course, just like in any race, when two cars battle it out it allows for other to catch up.

After a couple of laps of running single file, Stephen Brady looked to attempt another pass low on Pritt as they both dove into turn one, however, this time contact was made between the two and both cars wrecked. To make matters worse, David Gonce, with what looked like nowhere to go as Pritt was coming down the track, made hard contact with the 22 pushing him up to the outside retaining wall. All three cars were done for the night.

After clean up was complete and the green was displayed to the field it was clear sailing for Aaron Donnelly. There were a couple of battles for position behind him but, nothing that he would need to be concerned with. Brandon Coates would eventually work his way up to the second position and it would be where he crossed the line. Second place, however, would not be where he was scored after failing post-race technical inspection. Don Schumann, Derek Hoak, Trey Williams would be the top five finishers


UCAR Results:

1.#31 Aaron Dunnlley; 25
2. #11 Don Schumann; 25
3. #16 Derek Hoak; 25
4. #54 Trey Williams; 25
5. #56 DJ Powell; 25
6. #95 Ricky Franklin; 25
7. #3 Bryan Phipps; 24
8. #22 Ryan Pritt; 11
9. #04 Stephen Brady; 11
10. #09 David Gonce; 11
#68 Brandon Coates; DQ

Tyler Hughes and Tim Allensworth Split Southern National’s Season Opener

Lucama, NC – A rare Sunday afternoon start at Southern National Motorsports Park led to some good racing and some big wrecks as the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series kicked off their season.

Tyler Hughes set fast time in individual car qualifying picking up a couple tenths of his fastest lap in the practice sessions. Adam Murray in the other 8 car couldn’t get his car to fire after setting the fastest lap in practice earlier in the morning.

The first twin of the day was mostly uneventful with Hughes and Mason Diaz racing each other close most of the race. Diaz got to Tyler’s bumper a couple times but couldn’t get him loose enough to slide him out of the bottom line. Tyler led from green to checkered to grab the first win of his 2017 NWAAS campaign.

In the second race things unraveled for a couple drivers. Seventeen laps in Ronald Rendfrow’s day came to an end after his car lost control and went shooting into the wall in turn-1, heavily damaging the front end of the car and leading to cleanup. Jonathon Findley found himself up front with a really good car but on lap 38 Louis White decided that his car wasn’t good enough as he got under his bumper sending him spinning into the corner. Originally he didn’t have much damage but Tyler Hughes had already committed to the bottom line and collided head on with Findley doing heavy damage to both cars. White was sent to the end of the longest line for the restart as a penalty.

Surviving through the wreckage, just barely, was Tim Allensworth who was moved earlier on in the race. He grabs his first late model win at SNMP and Chris Chapman was able to hold off Diaz for a second place finish.

In the chargers division Brian Obiedzenski led every lap of their 35 lap feature to put him on top of the standings to start the year off and the UCAR race had Ronnie “Buckshot” Jones making a last lap pass to steal the win from P.J. Flowers after it looked like maybe the handling fell off a little toward the end. Over in the INEX series the Bandoleros had a pass coming to the checkered flag as the leaders had to split lapped traffic and Ethan Johnson was able to grab the win from second place. Over in the legends Tommy Jackson Jr. led all 25 laps and won by over three second.

Photos from the Southern National Opener

Final Results – Race 1 – NWAAS Late Models

  1. Tyler Hughes
  2. Mason Diaz
  3. Rusty Daniels
  4. Louis White
  5. Jonathan Findley
  6. Ronald Renfrow
  7. Chris Chapman
  8. Tim Allensworth
  9. Paul Williamson
  10. Paul Wark
  11. Gerald Benton
  12. Adam Resnick
  13. Michael Schwietering
  14. Adam Murray
  15. Brandon Hobbs

Final Results – Race 2 – NWAAS Late Models

  1. Tim Allensworth
  2. Chris Chapman
  3. Mason Diaz
  4. Rusty Daniels
  5. Adam Resnick
  6. Paul Williamson
  7. Louis White
  8. Paul Wark
  9. Jonathan Findley
  10. Tyler Hughes
  11. Ronald Renfrow
  12. Gerald Benton
  13. Michael Schwietering


Abbott Gets First Grand Stock Win; Dodge Leaves the Madness Behind in UCAR


Photo: Shawn Dulin/ TheWeeklyRacer.com

Midloathian, VA – Lane Janosik set fast time at Southside Speedway with a 16.410 second lap during their practifying, a spin on euro qualifying. Due to Janosik’s domination he would have to start at the rear of the eleven car field. A four car invert was pulled putting Landon Abbott on the pole.

Abbott and Dan Rogers raced side by side for the opening lap with Rogers eventually falling back in line. Coming to lap five Janosik was already up to 6th place in the field and the caution flag would fly for James Neely helping Rogers spin around out of turn four.

Landon got a great restart coming to the green, he had them locked down tonight, and would leave the battling for the cars behind him. Todd Ruggles came under fire from Janosik who is now up to third place after starting 11th.

Another caution would come out and Janosik would drop to fourth before getting around rookie grand stock driver Ethen Ayers for third and once again chasing down Ruggles for second. Janosik got by and the yellow lights came on for David Blankenship getting turned around.

On the restart Abbott would stay low and Janosik went high. Landon would jump out allowing Janosik to get single file and the entire top four would run bumper to bumper for a lap before Abbott, Janosik, and Rogers would separate from the field. Rogers peaked under Janosik getting a piece of him as well but Lane kept it going straight.

After a quick caution Abbott and Janosik battled side by side trading a couple of laps led. Janosik would fall into line. Coming out of turn 4 Janosik gave one last nudge to Abbott but Landon would hang on for his first win at Southside.


Over in the UCAR division Beejay Anderson benefited from a six car invert to start on the pole. Off the start the field couldn’t separate before the first caution out on lap 2.

On the restart Anderson went backwards falling to fifth place and Michelle Willingham would start to battle Chip Husband for the lead. Willingham was the next driver to fall back allowing Austin Dodge, who passed almost everyone on the high line, started working on the leader. Dodge took the lead on lap 11 and on the fifteenth lap caution would come out for debris on the track.

After taking the green Dodge, Husband, and Michael Chapman would clear the field and complete mayhem would start for fourth through ninth place. Anderson took 4th place from Josh Blankenship after a huge hit into him getting him sideways but the front wheel drive powered car stayed straight. Blankenship would get Cameron Ruggles completely sideways and get by him. Everyone was going three wide, running the apron, beating and banging.

Austin Dodge cruised to a 2+ second victory, able to run free while the havoc went on behind him.


Grand Stock Results

1.Landon Abbott
2. Lane Janosik
3. Dan Rogers
4. James Neely
5. Todd Ruggles
6. Michael Sutphin
7. Ethan Ayers
8. Shannon Smith
9. Ervin Dickerson
10. David Blankenship
11. Mike Lowe

UCAR Results

1.Austin Dodge
2. Chip Husband
3. Beejay Anderson
4. Michael Chapman
5. Josh Blankenship
6. Michelle Willingham
7. Cameron Ruggles
8. Chris Beazley
9. Zachary Lindsey


Looking Back: 2015 Ronnie Barnette Memorial 200 A Success


How does one actually measure success in the business of short track racing? Is it the amount of cars that pull into the pits? Is it the amount of fans in the stands? What about the quality of racing? For me East Carolina Motor Speedway meet all of these so-called requirements for the 2nd Annual Ronnie Barnette Memorial 200. Headlined by the true NWAAS Late Model Stock cars running 200 laps battling for a $6,000 payday heading into the off-season and the Christmas season. Let me personally say, it was a great Christmas present for us to be racing in December!

After getting rained out a month ago, eighteen Late Model Stock Car teams converged on Robersonville, North Carolina. A field stacked with talent from top to bottom; Previous Late Model champions from across Virginia and the Carolinas (Jeff Shiflettm Deac McCaskill, Matt Bowling, Louis White) – 2015 Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Series Gallardo World Champion and North American AM Champion & NASCAR Xfinity driver Brandon Gdovic – along with young, up and coming drivers like Brenden Queen and Connor Hall.

Jeff Oakley & Justin Johnson earned the right to sit on the front row for the 200-lap feature. The two looked like they were the class of the field early. Jumping in front of the field early on the initial start and continuing to set a fast pace after the initial restart. Oakley led from the drop of the green flag to – what a pretty good coincidence – lap 44 when Johnson was able to mount a run turn four to take the lead. Johnson, fending off multiple cautions, a red flag period, and the lap 125 break, was able to hold off the field till lap 172 when Deac McCaskill took the lead. McCaskill surviving restarts and a GWC restart with a very hard charging Brandon Gdovic. At the end of the day a few cars rolled in the trailer beaten and battered, others happy to finish the race, and one driver $6,000 richer.

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Clay Jones Finds Victory Lane In Limited Late Model Feature

LLM Winner_Clay Jones

Kenly, NC – You would think the theme was “Yellow” for Day 2 of the 2015 Thanksgiving All-Star Classic at Southern National Motorsport Park. No, not because a majority of the cars were yellow, or the track did some kind of yellow out commonly found at football games. It was more so due to the fact the yellow flag wave four to five times as much as the green and checkered flag – combined. Now that’s no real fault of the track, its just the nature of the game when you put big money, contingency awards, and bounty’s out in multiple divisions. Money draws cars and cars draw cautions. Honestly though, how can you be mad at thirty plus Legends and over twenty UCARS?

Not only the nightcap but also the headline of night number two, the Limited Late Model division. True Limited’s mind you, not the hybrid division created and run this past season to help cut cost and drive car counts. A total of 18 cars showed up for this weekend’s big event while only 16 cars finished the race. Clay Jones, qualifying on the outside pole, bested only by Ronald Renfro, wasted no time early grabbing the lead and running away with things. Louis White, who has always been a very strong car took over second just as fast and he too almost never let go.

Thankfully the divisions only caution of the night came early from a solo spin down low in turn. To this moment I still have not been able to confirm who exactly it was – I know bad media person! Thought we were going to run into some trouble on the ensuing restart as Renfrow – who elected to use the cone and restart in the second position – got the restart of his life. I was all but ready to see the caution lights come back over the speedway. Guess that’s why I stay downstairs in the media booth and let Mr. Ellis handle the heavy stuff upstairs. We stayed green for the rest of the race and watched some pretty intense battles for position through the field.

Jones, who had honestly been the class of the field all night, said in victory lane after the race that he was glad there were no more cautions. “We had a great car and took off a little snug and got going and I kind of burnt the right rear up trying to stay in front. I was just hanging on right there at the end,” said Jones. “They kept telling me Joe was coming but I was just doing all I could to stay there. Thank God there wasn’t a caution. I can’t thank these guys enough. They put a rocket under me again. They’re making me look good. I can’t thank them enough.” It looked like Louis White was a shoe in for the runner up position but a late race slip up out of two made him chase his machine up the hill and allowing Joe Heigl to get by.

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INSCO Supplies Sponsoring U-CAR Feature at Thanksgiving Classic; Bojangles’ Steps Up Again

UCAR Sponsor Story

U-CAR racing at Southern National Motorsports Park during the Halloween Spooktacular. (Photo credit: Alicia Hackett/Frameworks Photography)

LUCAMA, NC – INSCO Supplies has stepped up to sponsor part of the Thanksgiving All-Star Classic while Bojangles’ has again stepped up and increased its role in the three day event at Southern National Motorsports Park.

INSCO, a janitorial supply company out of Wilson, North Carolina, will sponsor Saturday night’s 30 lap U-CAR feature race which sports many of the local favorites at Southern National Motorsports Park. Among those drivers are Ronnie “Buckshot” Jones, Joseph Pittman and Ashlyn McCaskill.

The U-CAR feature pays $750 to win and $80 to start, one of the richest purses in all of U-CAR racing, which could draw cars from all over the region and other regions as wll.

Bojangles’ is again stepping up and increasing their participation in the Thanksgiving All-Star Classic by sponsoring Saturday night’s 50 lap, $750-to-win Mini-Stock Mayhem race which will also draw a large field of cars from all over the region.

“We’re excited to have INSCO come on board and to see Bojangles’ step up again to help make this Thanksgiving All-Star Classic one of the premier races for every division in it,” Southern National Motorsports Park promoter John Vick said. “We want this race to be the biggest race of the year for everyone running it, not just the headline events. The U-CAR and Mini-Stock divisions often produce some of the most exciting racing there is and we’re glad sponsors have come on board for the local divisions.”

The U-CAR and Mini-Stock races will both take place on Saturday, November 28th along with the Legends and the Bojangles’ sponsored Limited Late Model feature races as well as qualifying for the Late Model Stock Cars and Super Late Models as well as heat races for the Late Model Stocks.

For more information about Southern National Motorsports Park, check out SNMP’s website at www.snmpark.com“like” Southern National Motorsports Park on Facebook or “follow” @SNM_Park on Twitter.

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