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Tommy Sweeney Grabs Another Win in the Grand Stocks; Travis Wall Gets His First Win in 2017 for Pro Six

Hampton, VA – Tommy Sweeney ran a fast time of 18.501 in the group qualifying session for the Pepsi Grand Stocks at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway. Starting on his outside was Rodney Boyd off the pace by just over a tenth of a second. Altogether seven cars took time for their 40 lap feature.

Off the start Boyd had troubles quickly falling back through the field leaving second place open for Paul Lubno. Five laps in Lubno was close enough to give Sweeney bump on his rear bumper grabbing first place early on. A couple laps later and Mark Frye put some pressure on Boyd to take over third place and Rodney pitted a couple laps later to have his crew tend to his hurting car.

On lap-16 Boyd came back out on the track right behind Sweeney who he had problems with on the last weekend they raced. He got pretty close to tagging him a couple times before parking it for the rest of the race. While all that was going on Tim Wilson managed to take third place from Frye at the halfway mark.

With eleven laps to go Sweeney made his move past Lubno for the lead while Wilson and Frye also dive in to each other. Frye would slam bodies a little with Lubno pushing him into the fourth spot. With five laps to go Sweeney had a one-second lead over second place and was able to cruise easily in the closing laps to his second win in three races. With three wins on the year now and the points lead things are looking good for the #11 team.

Pro Six Feature

Travis Wall sat on top of group qualifying with a 17.747 just barely edging out Adam Florian who ran a 17.766. Wall led green to checkered for his first win in the Riverside Paper Pro Six division on the season. Bobby Hall made it up to third past JB Sipe before having some troubles with his car and having to park it with 6 laps remaining. With those troubles and only four races remaining Florian will have a big points lead over second place.


Grand Stock Results

  1. Tommy Sweeney
  2. Mark Frye
  3. Tim Wilson
  4. Paul Lubno
  5. Kevin Morgan
  6. Jonathan White -1
  7. Rodney Boyd -21

Pro Six Results

  1. Travis Wall
  2. Adam Florian
  3. JB Sipe
  4. Jordan Wood
  5. Tyler McLaughlin -1
  6. Debbie Biesecker -1
  7. Bobby Hall -6

Driver Series: Pro Six Driver Travis Wall Invites Inside His Trailor

profileTravis Wall
Birthday: October 16, 1990 (24)
Chesapeake VA
Hometown: Chesapeake VA (The Hickory area)
Education: Bachelor’s Degree – Mechanical Engineering (Old Dominion)
Occupation: Manufacturing Engineer, Continental Corporation

Sponsors: Lady Antiquity, Mom, Dad




Like most athletes to truly be good at your craft it’s a good idea to start out young. That is certainly the case when it comes to racing because lets face it, no matter how deep or shallow your pockets are, it usually comes down to seat time. Travis saw his first moment in the seat of a racecar… or kart if you want to get technical, around the age of 8. “Watching my dad and my sister race is what got me wanting to do it,” Wall said. “My first time racing was in go-karts at Albermarle Kart Club.” From there – insert classic cliché – the rest was history.

Travis would spend the next decade or so of his life trapped so to speak in the world of racing. Most of that time was spent on the dirt tracks of Albermarle, Dixiland, Margaretsville, and Capital city. He would try out a new form of racing called Arena Racing while it was popular in this area. Essentially they are go-karts with bodies on them who run inside arenas on a purpose built aluminum track. Some pretty good racing and drama if you ask me!

This season Travis competing in what is called the Pro Six division at Langley Speedway. A series made up of six cylinder cars, if you couldn’t guess, model a lot like the Late Model Series. Travis and his team have some pretty straightforward goals this season too, “Wins and championships,” Wall says! So far in 2015 they have done a great job to work towards those goals. Five races in the books Wall is holding onto a one point lead and has on victory!

We had a few moments to sit down with Travis and get to know a little bit more about him, so come on into the trailer, sit down and enjoy!

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