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Touring Series: Mother Nature Claims Victory At East Carolina

_ECMS editRobersonville, NC – She sure enough did not qualify on the pole but was there in the end to claim the first race of the year at the high bank 3/8 mi track. After a very active off season with track officials making the change to Saturday night racing, adopting a rule book to “merge” two division in hopes to cut cost and increase car counts, and adding three new divisions to the season, those same officials were forced to pull the plug this past weekend due to weather.

Most of the day the forecast was calling for no more than a 40% chance of showers, with a chance of a thunderstorm around the five o’clock hour. We thought we were in the clear after getting all three scheduled divisions qualifying in but ran into trouble during the “opening ceremonies.” A slow drizzle worked its way over the track dropping enough water to leave a shine on the speedway.

Immediately clean-up crews hit the track dragging tires behind them in an attempt to keep heat in the racing surface. An old trick that most local short tracks use due to the lack of jet dryers or now the Air Titan. With the help of half a dozen UCARS and Shawn Balluzzo’s modified we started to see the primary groove start to dry out – by this time it was 8pm.

All of those efforts would however get washed down the drain quite literally as another band of storms moved into the area, bringing larger drops at a heavier rate. By this time we had completely lost the track and officials made the call to cancel the evenings events.

McCaskill did send a statement during qualifying though. Setting a fast time of 15.296 to claim what would have been the pole – mind you he was two tenths faster than the second place car. Shelton McNair, Thomas Burbage, Ronald Brown, and Louis White would make up the rest of your starting five. Jimmy Humblet who was lighting fast all afternoon in practice laid a lap down to the tune of a 15.493, which was fast enough to claim the top spot in a seven-car field. Shawn Balluzzo, Mike Rudy, Chris Humblet, and Scotty Lawrence were those drivers finishing out the modified starting five!

For those fans in attendance the track has announced to hold onto your ticket/wrist band as they will be honored for entry in two weeks on May 2nd. Stay tuned to our Facebook/Twitter page as I will confirm with speedway officials to see if they plan on making any changes to the schedule.

East Carolina: Six Divisions – Seven Races On Opening Night At ECMS – Follow Along On Twitter @theweeklyracer


Robersonville, NC – Yes fans its about that time of the week/year again. Race tracks all over the country are either kicking off their season or just starting to find their rhythm! Tonight marks race number three in our touring series and we are sticking with the “Opening Night” theme, lets call it a little mini series! First the opening race of the CARS Tour, then the 65th opening night of Langley Speedway, now we head down to East Carolina Motor Speedway! After having a year to figure everything out and get their name out the track now enters their sophomore season under the NASCAR banner!

Over the off season track promotor John Vick has really focused on making improvements for the track, its drivers, and fans alike! One that I would like to point out and possibly my personal favorite – their Thursday night radio show on Beach Boogie and Blues! Just another way to get these drivers names and sponsors out to the public! Because without the sponsors it makes it hard for drivers to field cars, no cars no fans, no cars AND no fans… No track.

Vick, along with track owners and officials decided over the off season to merge some rule books and divisions in hopes of creating a larger turn out in its premier division, as well as help the drivers! In 2014 ECMS had two distinct LMSC & LLM divisions… LMSC ran for Div I points where LLM ran for Div II points. No need to sugar coat things here but the LMSC class struggled for cars counts week in and out. This year those divisions have been merged under one rule package and are eligible for Div. I national points. “Its a consistent engine package,” John Vick told The Weekly Racer back when the announcement was made. “Should create full fields and be cost effective for everyone! Not to mention East Carolina could help you with national points.”

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Balluzzo Wins Race One In Interesting Fashion

IMG_0276Hampton, VA – Maybe not the way he wanted things to go down this past weekend but in the world of racing, a win is a win. Balluzzo had been at the top of the speed charts all day in practice along with previous Langley Speedway modified champion Robbie Babb. The two have had there fair share of close races and well why not keep that true on opening night.

When it was time to roll through qualifying Babb was able to claim the battle early, posting a quick time of 16.092 (89.485 mph) seconds around the tricky flat track. Balluzzo would have to settle for the second spot on the grid, clocking a time just seven hundredths of a second slower than Babb. Matt Slye – who we kicked off this season of the Driver Series with – found him self in the starting five P3, followed by Wayne Hartley & Jon Largena (R).

It was music to my hears when these bad boys fired their engines. Just something about the low rumble and the sleek look most of the teams have elected to go with on the bodies that really makes these cars look “mean.” Of course mean being in a good way!

When the green flag was displayed to the field Babb wasted no time what so ever claiming the lead as his own and started to put some distance between him and the pack. Well, with the expectation of Balluzzo. One thing for certain during this race the biggest lead Babb had over the 48 machine was no more than five cars and that’s being generous. The rest of the field on the other hand was not so lucky. The top two were on just a bad break away the saying “the leaders are in a new zip code” to a whole new meaning.

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Touring Series: Langley Speedway Opens For 65th Season

IMG_0095 2

Hampton, VA – The time is here, the time is now! A tried and true tradition in the Hampton Roads area in the spring – Langley Speedway opens its gates for crews, drivers, and fans a like. Tonight will mark the 65th year the tricky flat track has been open for business, and I probably don’t have to tell you this year is going to be big!

Yes this is Langley’s first official race of the 2015 NASCAR Whelen All-American Season but, this will be race number two on our Touring Series schedule (2015 Touring Series Schedule). Just like last year we will have you covered LIVE on our Twitter page. If you have not already, head on over (@theweeklyracer), click the follow button and hey while your there give us a little shout out – let us know where your from, who you root for, if your coming to the track – and we will make sure that YOU get retweeted! So, just like last year we will have your lap-by-lap coverage for both the Late Model Stock & Modified qualifying. We will also post your starting five for the Grandstocks, UCARS, Legends & Bandos.

If you didn’t know what to do with your Saturday night, don’t look any further! Teams have been preparing for months to get back to the track and the time has finally come. Not to mention it is starting to look like a star studded line-up, and not to mention we already have our first plot twist before the green flag was even brought out of its peaceful winter slumber!

Last year Matt Waltz – driver of the Waltz Engineered Sales #2 Chevy – racked up an impressive 12 wins, week in and week out battling with previous track champion Greg Edwards, who he eventually would lose the track championship to due to some miscommunication during the Hampton Heat. I am sure everyone in the stands were looking forward to these two going at it again, well its very sad to say we will not see that #2 car just yet. In dealing with a break issue Waltz Racing has declared the car is not at a competitive level, they will continue to work on her and hope for a quick return to the track Waltz Racing.

Looks like we will have quite the line up of LMSC drivers as it has been confirmed that 2014 Southern National Motorsports Park track champion Tommy Lemmons, Jr will be in attendance. He was here yesterday for some testing and told us he felt pretty decent, being it was the first time seeing the track. He will have more time to fine tune his machine to get ready for the difference in banking. It has also been rumored, and we will have to wait till we get to the track, that Deac McCaskill is also going to race tonight.

We will be going LIVE on Twitter this evening around 4:45 PM EDT. Make sure you tune in and even interact!

Todd Gilliland Steals The Win In Inaugural CARS Tour LMSC Race


Lucama, NC – Last but not least, we saved the best for last, holy crap… just a few sayings that came to mind when the checkered flag flew in the breeze Saturday night at Southern National Motorsports Park for the inaugural CARS Tour Late Model Stock Car race. The second 150-lap feature on the evening saw a very impressive thirty-car field, six cars were sent packing after qualifying and the last chance race, take the green flag to kick the season off!

Teams from all over the eastern seaboard spent weeks building and testing their machines to prepare for this weekend and the caliber of competition that rolled through the small town of Kenly, North Carolina were insurmountable.

Gilliland’s victory was his first in a Late Model Stock Car and comes after an incredible second place finish last year at SNMP during the Autumn Classic while driving a Limited Late Model. Though Gilliland was fastest in final practice earlier that afternoon, his victory did not come easy, nor did it lack excitement. Though Gilliland found himself at the top of the leader board during the final practice – that was extended might I add, I am guessing due to the rain before – but that however did not transfer over to qualifying. That honor would go to none other than the #08 of Deac McCaskill.
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The Weekly Racer Announces 2015 Touring Series Schedule (Pt. 2)

2015 Touring Season Edit1Newport News, VA – Round two of the Touring series will kick of early in July with one of my favorite mini series in Late Model Stock Car racing. Just as the summer starts to really heat up so will the action around the mid-atlantic in all of the divisions of racing! We will continue our touring series at South Boston Speedway for their Independence Day celebration as well as the opening leg of the VA Triple Crown series. Lets take you through the final five race of The Weekly Racers Touring Series…


sobo2July 3
“VA Triple Crown Round #1”
LMSC 200 / LLM 100 / Pure Stock 50

6. We head back down route 58 and on our way to South Boston Speedway to kick off one of them most exciting racing series in the state of Virginia. In a tag team effort between SoBo, Langley, and Martinsville we will kick off round one of three in the Triple Crown series. I am estimating thirty plus late model teams to pack the pits as they all battle to win the 200 lap race. Last year saw some very exciting racing as well as some big names running into trouble early. It will be interesting to see who makes it back and who takes home the trophy!

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The Weekly Racer Announces 2015 Touring Series Schedule (Pt. 1)

2015 Touring Season Edit1Newport News, VA – 2014 was a big year for us in the office of The Weekly Racer, had a lot of things thrown at us, a lot of set back and hard times but plenty of ups as well. Spent the whole year learning and meeting a ton of new people who have really helped us grow and expand our efforts. One of the most difficult adventures for us last year was this very series. On the flip side to that it was one of the most exciting series. This series took me to tracks I have never been to before, I have gotten to see weekly racing series that I have never witnessed before, met drivers who could easily make it to one of the top tiers of NASCAR.

For the second season we have decided to compile 10 races that we feel are going to be some of the best and most interesting races of the season. Some races were carefully selected to help broaden our horizons, visiting tracks or series we have never been to before, others were picked because we know they will be ones for the record books. Bellow we have posted the first five races in the ten race series, placed in order by the date of the race, and with a little bit of info on why we picked this race. I want to know your opinion as well Make sure you leave a comment bellow if you will be at the race, how you think it will turn out, or just your thoughts on our pick.

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