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Stinson Runs Away with a Win; Bailey Holds on to Championship

Photo: Shawn Dulin/TheWeeklyRacer.com

Photo: Shawn Dulin/TheWeeklyRacer.com

Midloathian, VA – Thomas Stinson qualified fifth during practifying but after the invert and Mason Bailey heading to the rear for two consecutive wins he sat on the pole. Sitting beside him on the outside was Tyler Davis in the 00.

Stinson quickly pulled out on the field with Davis falling in line to keep in second. Behind them Chris Hoylman and Kyle Wood ran side by side for three consecutive laps. Hoylman completed the pass leaving Wood to fend off a fast Bailey who quickly got up to fifth after starting in last place.

By the eighth lap Bailey was using his bumper a little on Wood as the entire field was single file. Ten laps later the great battle was still continuing on with Mason bumping Kyle hard enough to get himself loose as he had to back off quickly.

With seven laps left Stinson had a big lead on the field as second trough fourth all battled bumper to bumper. A couple laps later and Mike Bedner became the first car to go a lap down in the race. Coming to the checkered Wood would get around and wreck letting Bailey through for a third place finish and an easy win for Thomas Stinson.

In victory lane Stinson commented after his fifth win for the year that this may have been his last race, especially with a win and being able to go out on a good note. In the final points he only finished five behind Bailey, close to getting him another Southside title.

Mason Bailey won three races, including two of the last three, and had capitalized on the pole sitter point that Southside Speedway gives out with 11 fastest laps on raceday. “It feels great, it was a lot of fun along the way. There’s not a whole lot of cars out here but those who are out here are really tough to beat.” Bailey commented after the races. He went on to thank his sponsors, Crew Chief Chris Matthews, Spotter Wayne Vaughan, and the entire team “They did a hell of a job putting this car together every week. We look and perform like a million bucks but we are 100% sponsor funded, no big family money, no big financial backer behind us, it makes this all the more special. Thanks to RPM Engineering, Hernandez Constructors, Finer Homes, Drive Technology, CR Phillips Electrical Contractors, and Imperial Auto Service for coming on board.”


1. Thomas Stinson
2. Tyler Davis
3. Mason Bailey
4. Chris Hoylman
5. Lauren Edgerton
6. Kyle Wood
7. Mike Bedner

Thomas Stinson Back to Victory Lane in Wild Modified Feature


📸 Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com

Midlothian, VA – With car counts struggling in the modified division region wide, just seven cars took time and started the race. Mason Bailey (#05) – 20 of Chesterfield, VA – entered the evening tied with Kyle Wood (#19) in the Modified division and set the fast time earlier in the afternoon in “practifying” clocking in at an impressive 14.705 second lap (81.597 MPH) around the 1/3 mile semi banked oval.

Warren Lipford (#43) was not to far behind him with a 14.775 second lap of his own. They were the only two drivers to hit the sub .7-second mark. Kyle Wood, Thomas Stinson and Tyler Davis rounded out the starting five. By the virtue of the Southside rulebook and the pill draw, Bailey would be forced to start fifth for the 30-lap feature. Handing the pole position over to Tyler Davis.

Stinson seemed to benefit the most from the invert, as he wasted no time no time working the outside groove battling Davis for the lead. He would be credit with leading lap one but the race would be halted shortly there after for a huge piece of debris that fell off the back of Lipford’s car – just the tip of the ice burg for him this weekend! It look like it was the entire left rear quarter and rear panel of Lipfords car that fell off.

On the ensuing restart Stinson elected to take the low line when the cone was displayed while Tyler Davis went high side. It almost looked like we were going to have yet another issue as Kyle Wood appeared to miss a shift and very slow to get going. We would later learn from officials that Wood’s crew was claiming they were being pushed by Bailey as they were coming to the green.

Back under green flag action, Stinson picked up right where he left off at the front of the field with Davis and Lipford in tow. Bailey and Wood did not look as if they were making up to much ground on the leaders, however, that may have come from the fact they were racing each other pretty hard – these two were the battle of the night in our opinion.

A few laps later Bailey would go for a ride out of turn two to bring out the yellow flag. Did not see what took place as we were watching another great battle on the track between Edgerton and Bedner. The ensuing restart is when things got really crazy. With Thomas Stinson and Tyler Davis electing to stay down low, Lipford and Bedner try their luck topside and that is where things got a little crazy!

Warren Lipford and Tyler Davis exit turn four coming to two laps to go using each other up. Both drivers leaning on each other plenty. The two look to touch wheels and Lipford, who was on the outside, gets turned up and into the wall. When I mean up and into the wall I mean Lipfords car was up on two wheels, exposing the entire underside of his car as he tode the boiler plate into turn one colliding with one of the light poles and taking out the red/green light in turn one.

Good news was that both drivers were okay. Lipford actually jumped right out of the car and immediately started to evaluate his machine. Tyler Davis was actually able to drive his car away from the scene of the accident and down pit road to the attention of his crew. After an extended red flag for clean up and track management to evaluate the situation at hand, we were able to get back to racing action. Want to point out that Davis did make an honest attempt to make it back on the track but would almost immediately bring out another yellow flag – either a tire or suspension issue in the front of the car seemed to be the issue.

The yellow would set up a green, white, checkered finish for the remaining cars on the speedway. Thomas Stinson, who may not have been the fastest car on the speedway all day, but he was the most consistent and stayed up front all night long. Lauren Edgerton was able to edge a second place finish over Kyle Wood, Mike Bedner and Mason Bailey.

Southside and the Modifieds will be back in action two weeks from now on July 22nd. Pay attention to their facebook for ticket prices and updates.


Modified Results:

1.#4 Thomas Stinson; 30
2. #7 Lauren Edgerton; 30
3. #19 Kyle Wood; 30
4. #99 Mike Bedner; 30
5. #05 Mason Bailey; 30
6. #00 Tyler Davis; 28
7. #43 Warren Lipford; 27

Stinson Goes Green to Checkers; Lane Janosik Wins from the Rear


Thomas Stinson speak with Buck Reuss after winning Modified feature at Southside Speedway April 29th, 2016. (Shawn Dulin/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Chesterfield, VA – The modified division the car count still remains low but they still put on a show. Mason Bailey won the pole but a three car invert would put him behind Thomas Stinson for the start of the race and keep Warren Lipford in second. Two time 2016 winner Kyle Wood started from the rear.

“I actually thought the car was gonna be slower next week, I thought I was faster the first two races” Stinson commented after the race. “After about lap 15 we got heat in the tires and it started coming around and pulling away”. Next race they can buy two tires and he thinks the success will continue for him.

Stinson would waste no time in putting a two car lead on the field right off the start. He would keep the lead the entire race with Bailey able to get within a car length at times but could not challenge him for the lead. Kyle Wood was able to get into fourth but it wasn’t a high enough finish to keep him in the season points lead.




Janosik during practice at Southside Speedway. (Shawn Dulin/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Eleven Grand Stocks took time early on the evening and the top eight cars would be within a half second of each other. Lane Janosik in the set his fast time in the first heat of qualifying with a 16.058 second lap beating out James Neely by .063 seconds.

When it came time to race thirteen cars found their way to the front stretch, two of them having to have timing done on paper. Janosik had won the two previous races so he would start at the rear and work his way through the field.

On the second lap of the night the 33 of Dan Rogers who qualified third, and is looking for sponsors, spun around and took a head on hit from another driver in the middle of turns 3 and 4. The red flag would be put out for less than ten minutes to clean up all the mess.

With the cone coming out and a couple cars out of the race or having pitted Janosik was able to improve his position greatly with just one lap technically ran. By lap seven Lane was near enough to Neely to start putting on the pressure.

It would take another handful of laps for the 79 to pass the 77 but once he did it was smooth sailing to the checkers for Lane Janosik’s third win of the year.



Modified Results
1. Thomas Stinson
2. Mason Bailey
3. Warren Lipford
4. Kyle Wood
5. Lauren Edgerton
6. Tyler Davis
7. Mike Bedner

Grand Stock Results
1. Lane Janosik
2. James Neely
3. Ethan Ayers
4. Shannon Smith
5. Shannon Marano
6. David Blankenship
7. David Fontaine
8. Ervin Dickerson
9. Michael Sutphin
10. Mike Lowe
11. Dan Rogers
12. Cameron Walker III
13. Todd Ruggles