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Wesley Johnson Kicks off 2018 with a Win

Robersonville, NC – Thomas Burbage looked like he was the man to beat early on through both morning practices but the 2017 track champion couldn’t find the top spot once qualifying rolled around. Wesley Johnson ran the fastest lap out of the seven cars on hand with a 15.055 second lap, Burbage ran a 15.061.

Once the green flag flew Johnson showed how strong he would be for the 50 lap feature. Burbage tried making a move on the first lap but could not get the leader out of the best line. Starting last in the field Rusty Daniels started his push to the top-3.

Former track champ Jeff Shiflett moved into second place seventeen laps in and Daniels followed him and took third pushing Burbage back to 4th. It looked like Burbage maybe guessed wrong on the setup for the race. At almost the halfway mark Daniels was able to move into second place and looked at a big 2.7 second gap to close on Johnson who enjoyed everyone battling behind him.

With eight laps to go Daniels cut that lead down to just a second but as the leaders started going through lapped traffic Rusty couldn’t get by that easily. Johnson’s lead stretched out enough for him to be able to cruise the last couple of laps to start his season off with grabbing a win.


In the charger division Jeremy Bohne won the opener after a caution filled but entertaining race where it looks like some rivalries might have been born.

The street stock division saw Jesse Council, who took 2017 off, lead from green to checkers after a very fast qualifying lap laid down earlier in the day.


Late Model Results:

1. Wesley Johnson

2. Rusty Daniels

3. Jeff Shiflett

4. Thomas Burbage

5. Justin Gill

6. Maddy Ryan -1

7. Kenneth Mercer -42

Thomas Burbage Leads Flag-to-Flag at East Carolina for First Win of 2017

Thomas Burbage, and crew, celebrate in victory lane Saturday night, April 15, 2017, at East Carolina Motor Speedway after leading all 50-laps from the pole. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com

Thomas Burbage, and crew celebrate in victory lane Saturday night, April 15, 2017, at East Carolina Motor Speedway after leading all 50-laps from the pole. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com

Robersonville, NC – Thomas Burbage, who has been around East Carolina Motor Speedway most of his life, found himself in control of his own destiny Saturday night as he put on a racing clinic at the high-banked 3/8-mile speedway in Robersonville. Burbage was the fastest car in the late afternoon qualifying time trial session posting a quick lap of 15.150 seconds or 93.861 mph. Tyler Matthews, the 2016 North Carolina state champ took the green flag to his outside just six-thousandths of a second off the pole.

Once it was time to get down and dirty Burbage hammered the throttle and cleared the field going into turn one. Matthews stuck on the outside had Louis White to deal with on his inside. Louis was able to get the position by the time the field came back around to complete the first lap. Wesley Johnson used the top groove to his advantage to get around previous East Carolina champion Jeff Shiflett.

While all of that went on behind him Burbage had opened up over a full second lead over the field and did not appear to be looking back at all – slowly increasing his lead lap by lap. It took a couple laps for Matthews to get around White for the second position. Once he made the pass he set his sights on the #9 of Burbage – to his dismay, it did not look like anyone was going to be able to touch the nine car. In fact, Matthews had a huge check up going into turn three as they were working lap thirteen that allowed Louis White to make final pass for the second position.

Other than Jeff Shiflett getting around the 12 of Wesley Johnson for the fourth position and a slip up from Kenneth Mercer that allowed Ryan Haddock to take the position, it was a rather calm race. Burbage was able to open up just over a three second lead over White. Louis did close the gap down to about a second and a half as the race came to an end but, it was an easy trip to victory lane for the Oak Ridge Metal’s machine of Thomas Burbage.

“Man it feels great to be back in victory lane,” Burbage said after the race. “You never know when you’re going to win the next one and when you do you got to celebrate as hard as you can. This is just like the big leagues, we don’t take these wins for granted and when we can get them it’s a pretty cool deal.“

Burbage is coming off a lackluster fourth place finish on opening night after showing speed during qualifying that night. This past Saturday, however, Burbage was not going to be denied from his pole and his win.

“We worked our tails off today man,” Burbage explained. “All the way from eight o’clock this morning to now. It paid off for sure, we made some big swings this morning and found some stuff that we didn’t know anything about. It was pretty refreshing to find some speed and something that would last until the end of the race.”


Street Stocks

Travis Roberson found himself out front of one of the more interesting Street Stock races when the checkered flag flew at East Carolina Motor Speedway. Roberson, who was the second fastest of seven cars who showed up this weekend, jumped out to an early lead once the race finally got underway and never looked back. After five attempts to go green Roberson was clear of Mike Cooper by turn two and really turned the burners on.

You would have thought the full moon was out down here in Robersonville after trying to get this one started from jumped stars to stalled cars and spins. It seemed that Jesse Council, who was subbing for Jamie Tucker in the #77 has the worst luck on the night after being involved in a couple of the cautions. Ultimately, Council’s night would be finished early after contact was made with Ed Lane who spun in turn four to bring out on of the evenings cautions.

Once the field got settled down and the remaining cars strung out it was smooth sailing for Roberson in his Dale Earnhardt tribute Street Stock. Stretching his lead out to just over three seconds over eventual second place finisher Mike Cooper.

“It feels great,” Roberson said in victory lane. “I got a lot of people who help me out that don’t want there name said but they put a lot of effort in this car. If it were not for them I would not be able to do what I do. What ever I need they step up and make sure I get it.”

We asked Travis about the start of the race and what the officials told him and Mike Cooper on the back stretch after one of the many green flag attempts.

“Its all a mind game,” Roberson said about the start of the race. “It’s all about who can get the jump first. Whoever gets that jump most of the time will get the lead. You have to try and time the flagman and he is never goes at the same time every time, you just have to do the best you can do.”

Late Models will be back in action at East Carolina Saturday, May 6th along with Street Stocks, UCARS, Bando’s, Trucks, Chargers and Bombers.


Late Model Stocks UNOFFICIAL Results:

1.#9 Thomas Burbage; 50
2.#7 Louis White; 50
3. #63 Tyler Matthews; 50
4. #01 Jeff Shiflett; 50
5. #12 Wesley Johnson; 50
6. #33 Ryan Haddock; 49
7. #25 Kenneth Mercer; 26


Street Stock UNOFFICIAL Results:

1.#3 Travis Roberson; 35
2. #40 Mike Cooper; 35
3. #21 Jimmy Horner; 35
4. #7 Ed Lane; 35
5. #38 Chris Conner; 34
6. #51 Andy Ipock; 21
7. #83 Scott Lawrence; 18
8. #77 Jesse Council; 8

Ledbetter Wins Thanksgiving All-Star Classic Street Stock Feature

IMG_5537Lucama, NC – A cold night to say the least down in North Carolina to kick off the annual Thanksgiving All-Star Classic at Southern National Motorsports Park. While some were up bright and early to stand in line and fight for their right to buy the $300 TV, others were packing up race car trailers and heading to North Carolina for some racing.

The ever popular Street Stock division was the highlight of the evening running a 50 lap feature. Jeff Melton set the fast time in qualifying with a time of 16.605 (86.721mph) only to be waisted 500 feet past the stripe. As the field took the green flag outside pole sitter Mike Keith must have spun the tires and immediately hooked left. Melton & Keith had a crash course with the inside retaining wall that took both cars out of contention. Mike Keith would attempt to return to the speedway but the damage was too much for the car. This would allow Ledbetter and Barnett to move up to the front row.

As the green flag was displayed to the field Gary Ledbetter nailed the gas – as most race car drivers do at that time of the evening – and took off into turns one and two with Greg Barnett on his flank. These two would build a pretty large over Ganoe and Council, who spent a good amount of laps nose to tail working on each other before Council finally got around him for third spot.


Things were pretty smooth sailing for the first half of the race as I would imagine some drivers were trying to save tires. Remember this was a little bit longer of a race than what some of these guys are used to. Greg Barnett was finally able to make the pass for the lead on lap 27 after hanging on to the rear bumper of Ledbetter. Just four laps later we got the nights first caution as the #10c of Chris Conner went for a solo spin in turn two.

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Driver Series: Frank Riegel Tells Us More

ProfileLast weekend we meet Frank Riegel, a truck driver by day and a race car driver by night! What I want to do is take you behind the scenes and let you get to meet Mr. Riegel on a more personal level! I do want to thank Frank for opening up to us, allowing old and new fans a like to learn more about him. It was pretty funny when we got through with our interview he told me, “I’ve never been interviewed for anything other than a job so I hope this is okay! Not only was I happy with the time-table he got all this done but the content was amazing. Hope all of you enjoy, and maybe find your self at a dirt track rooting for the 10 car.

Frank came to North Carolina at the good ole age of one! “I was born in Kansas and my family moved to NC when I was one. We landed in Newport and ended up in Ayden, [right] next to Grifton. Riegel was introduced to the racing community at a very young age. His father raced just about everything on wheels out west, from flat track Harley Davidsons to Sprints and Super Modifieds! You know how people will say ‘I grew up at that place’ and what they mean is they have been going so long? Well Frank literally grew up in the pits on some of these dirt tacks on the east coast. “I literally grew up in the pits of dirt tracks all over the east coast but mostly Wilson County Speedway,” Riegel tells us. “My mom has a picture of me playing in the mud in [the] Wilson pits. I was maybe 3, guess you could say its the normal place for me.”

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