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Field Set for the 2018 ValleyStar Credit 300 at Martinsville Speedway

Caution Car heading down pit road before the start of the LCQ at Martinsville Speedway Saturday, September 29, 2018. (Andy Newsome/Loose In Tight Off)

Ridgeway, VA – The field for the richest Late Model Stock Car race in the country has been set. Over seventy cars took to the half-mile speedway earlier this afternoon to narrow the field down to forty-two. The only two cars that were safe – Stacy Puryear and Tommy Lemons, Jr.

Philip Morris, Josh Berry, and Brandon Pierce were the three winners in their respective heat races has the sun began its descent over the famous Paperclip shaped track. Ten cars from each heat race transferred into the main feature making up the first thirty-two starters. Everyone else, that could answer the bell, were sent to the 25-lap Last Chance Qualifier.

Justin Carroll took the checkered flag in that feature earning him the thirty-third starting position once the green flag waves later this evening. The race is set to roll off at 8:00 PM EDT. The feature is set to run in three segments. The first scheduled break will come at lap 100 where teams will have a five minutes to change up to four tires and add up to ten gallons of fuel. After some pushback earlier this afternoon, teams are also allowed to make minor adjustments on the car, no hard parts. The second planned break will come at lap 180 where again, teams will have five minutes to change up to four tires, add ten gallons of fuel, and minor adjustments – no hard parts.

Race fans are able to watch LIVE on Fanschoice TV where MRN radio broadcast will be piped in. For a lap-by-lap coverage, scoring and NASCAR insight you can follow along with us as we will have you covered throughout the night.


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ValleyStar Credit Union 300 Starting Lineup

1      17    Stacy Puryear

2      27    Tommy Lemons, Jr.

3      01    Phillip Morris

4      88    Josh Berry

5      42    Brandon Pierce

6      15    Kres VanDyke

7      6      Lee Pulliam

8      99    Layne Riggs

9      11    Jeff Oakley

10    14    Ryan Repko

11    02    CE Falk III

12    97    Trevor Ward

13    71    Kyle Benjamin

14    82    Timothy Peters

15    2      Trevor Noles

16    23    Myatt Snider

17    26    Peyton Sellers

18    31    Mike Darne

19    5      Dexter Canipe, Jr.

20    41    Woody Howard

21    20    Grayson Cullather

22    08    Tyler Hughes

23    24    Mason Diaz

24    84    Collin Garrett

25    18    Ty Gibbs

26    86    Bubba Pollard

27    0      Matt Leicht

28    07    Kevin Neal

29    22    Bobby McCarty

30    78    Corey Heim

31    54    Jeremy Burns

32    8s    Thomas Scott

33    57    Justin Carroll

34    77    Blake Stallings

35    25    Derrick Lancaster

36    16    RD Smith

37    04    Jonathan Findley

38    87    Mike Looney

39    12    Austin Thaxton

40    75    Ryan Millington

41    61    Justin Hicks

42    73    Bruce Anderson

Stacy Puryear Officially Wins the Pole for the 2018 ValleyStar Credit Union 300

Stacy Puryear addresses the media for the second year in a row after earning an even better front row starting position for the 2018 ValleyStar Credit Union 300. (Casey Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Ridgeway, VA – It is that time of the year again! When the best Late Model Stock Car drivers, and this year one of the best Super Late Model drivers, converge on to the half-mile paper clip that is Martinsville Speedway.

The ValleyStar Credit Union 300 is one of the richest races of the year and also brings some of the largest car counts any track has seen. It was also this time last year just about everyone in the media center had their stories ready to go… Jeff Oakley and Deac McCaskill Start on the Front Row Under the Lights… or something along those lines. However, that was all thrown out the window when both cars, something that is a little unheard of in these big races, were found to be illegal post qualifying, handing the front row over to Jake Crum and Stacy Puryear. This year, however, was not the case.

Fast forward a year later and Puryear has found himself once again on the front row, this time it was solely based on his time, and one position better. Seventy-two cars took to the speedway in groups of five, grouped from slowest to fastest, for five timed laps under the lights. Puryear went out for his five timed laps about midway through the session and laid down a 20.100 (89.552 MPH), Tommy Lemons Jr. clocked in right behind him, the two are locked into the front row and will not have to run any of the heat races tomorrow afternoon.

“Last year we learned that the dew fell and the track got slicker,” Puryear said. “We thrashed on that thing and didn’t put tires on it at the end of practice last year. We learned a lot last year when the sun went down and took that with us tonight.”

Tommy Lemons pretty much echoed his comments verbatim.

“I honestly did not think I would be coming in here tonight,” Lemons explained. “I was hoping for a top ten or something. The car felt really good though off the truck, I told the guys not to really touch a whole lot.”

Official qualifying results were not made available to us at the time this article was posted as cars are still working through tech. Keep an eye out here and our social media pages and we will post them as they are confirmed to us.

Things will get started tomorrow morning at 10 AM when the garage opens. Fan gates will open at 1:00 PM same time the on-track autograph session kicks off. Heat races will roll off approx. 3:00 PM with a target green flag of 8:00 PM for 200-laps.


**This is an unofficial posting of the qualifying order from today, will update when positions are finalized**

Heat Race Set for First ValleyStar Credit Union 300 Race Under the Lights at Martinsville Speedway

No. 81 Jared Fryer & No. 14 Ryan Repko work down the backstretch during final practice Friday afternoon at Martinsville Speedway. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Ridgeway, VA – After one of the most interesting pole days in recent ValleyStar Credit Union 300 history, the fastest two drivers had their times disallowed. Jeff Oakley, who calls Dominion Raceway home, though he was the first driver to win a pole award at Martinsville Speedway under the new permanent LED lights. However, after a spacer plate was found on Oakley’s carb and an altered squitter on McCaskill’s car during post-qualifying technical inspection, both drivers had their times thrown out. McCaskill will start at the tail end of heat race number one while Oakley will start at the end of race number three.

You can find your favorite driver below and who they will line up with during their twenty-five lap heat race. The top ten finishers from each heat race will line up for the 200-lap feature much like how NASCAR scores the Gatorade Duels. The winner of heat one will start third while the second place finisher will start sixth. The remaining drivers, who can answer the call, will race a twenty-five lap, last chance qualifier, where the top ten cars will make up the rest of the field.

General Admission gates will open Saturday afternoon at 2:00 PM with an on-track autograph session scheduled from 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM. Heat races will go green at 4:00 PM with the 200-lap feature starting at 8:00 PM. If you can’t make it out to the track remember MRN will be broadcasting this race on local affiliates, make sure to also check out their app and website. The Weekly Racer will also have you covered with LIVE lap-by-lap coverage on our Twitter feed (@theweeklyracer).


Heat Race 1


Row 1 #27 Tommy Lemons Jr. #2 Trevor Noles
Row 2 #12 Timothy Peters #2A Denis Holdren
Row 3 #88 Josh Berry #21 Mike Darne
Row 4 #50 Jamey Caudil #15 Kres VanDyke
Row 5 #77 Trevor Ward #18A Jason York
Row 6 #61 Justin Hicks #06 Davin Scites
Row 7 #33 Macey Causey #4A Timmy Phipps
Row 8 #82 Barry Beggarly #57B Jimmy Mullins
Row 9 #1B Jamie Sweeney #12C Ryan Wilson
Row 10 #81 Jared Fryer #92 Casey Wyatt
Row 11 #91 Justin Carroll #22C Scott Lancaster
Row 12 #4B John Moore #36 Owen Smith
Row 13 #33D Jimmy Wallace #07C Kevin Neal
Row 14 #78 Ricky Gillespie #08 Deac McCaskil


Heat Race 2


Row 1 #83 Matt Bowling #01A Philip Morris
Row 2 #26 Peyton Sellers #57 Eddie Johnson
Row 3 #14 Ryan Repko #22A Robert Powell
Row 4 #34 Justin Snow #24 Mason Diaz
Row 5 #77D Blake Stallings #55 Mark Wertz
Row 6 #2B Myatt Snider #57A Justin T. Carroll
Row 7 #25 Derrick Lancaster #73 Bruce Anderson
Row 8 #2C Brandon Pierce #12A Austin Thaxton
Row 9 #7 Jamie Byrd #51 Chris Chapman
Row 10 #9 Brad Kurth #07 Dean Ward
Row 11 #95 Jacob Heafner #50D Haley Moody
Row 12 #19 Cameron Bowen #28 Jason Barnes
Row 13 #18B Bobby Gillespie #12D Ryan Gray
Row 14 #04 Larry Barrett



Heat Race 3


Row 1 #5 Lee Pulliam #22B Bobby McCarty
Row 2 #02 CE Falk #44 Justin Johnson
Row 3 #03 Brenden Queen #87 Mike Looney
Row 4 #22 Grayson Cullather #21A Travis Swaim
Row 5 #18 Ty Gibbs #16 RD Smtih
Row 6 #26C Danny Edwards #5B Ronnie McCarty
Row 7 #4 Annabeth Barnes #63 Tyler Matthews
Row 8 #17C Bryan Reedy #12B Nick Smith
Row 9 #7A Justin Crider #90 Terry Carroll
Row 10 #8 Thomas Scott #27C Cory Beard
Row 11 #24C Colin Garrett #2D Matt Leicht
Row 12 #37 Adam Gray #05 Mason Bailey
Row 13 #21B Tommy Neal # 25C Craig Eastep
Row 14 #11 Jeff Oakley

Jake Crum and Stacy Puryear Will Start 2017 ValleyStar Credit Union on Front Row in Interesting Fashion

Jake Crum wheels through turn four during final practice at Martinsville Speedway. (Photo by Dinah M Thompson)

Jake Crum wheels through turn four during final practice at Martinsville Speedway. (Photo by Dinah M Thompson)

Ridgeway, Virginia – It was an interesting night under the lights at Martinsville Speedway as 84 cars hit the speedway for qualifying time trials under the new permanent LED lights. Jeff Oakley, who at the completion of qualifying was the fastest car on the scoreboard, had his time disallowed after failing post-qualifying technical inspection due to a spacer plate found under the carburetor. To shake things up, even more, second place qualifier, Deac McCaskill had his time thrown out as well due to altered squitter’s in his carburetor. This ultimately handed the front row over to the pair of Jake Crum and Stacy Puryear – allowing the two competitors to skip the heat races.


“It means a lot,” Crum said about officially winning the first pole under the lights at Martinsville. “I think it means a lot to all the fans, media, and everyone who has put a lot of work into this. It is just an honor to be the first ones under the lights here. Hopefully, we can bring it home with a win.”


With both drivers on the front row having their times thrown out, it essentially moved both rows up one spot, unlike what you typically see when just one car is sent to the rear. This moved South Boston Speedway regular Stacy Puryear up from his fourth starting position to second.


“It is pretty amazing and exciting,” Puryear said in the media center. ”It just shows I serve a big God. We were excited to qualify fourth and to be on the front row now and not have to run a heat race, I am pretty excited.”


Puryear will now not only have a second-place starting position in the 2017 ValleyStar Credit Union 300 but will now have a huge advantage going into the final leg of the Virginia Triple Crown. With 25-laps less on his tires and at the front of the field, Puryear will be the highest starting triple crown driver come Saturday night.


“To give the Late Model Stock guys an extra incentive like the triple crown is, its big for us,” Puryear went on to explain. “Most of the time we race for a thousand to three thousand to win, you know we were going to run those races anyway and to have a shot is amazing. It’s pretty cool what Martinsville, Langley, and South Boston have done. [I’m] just very thankful that those guys do that. It is very much appreciated [by] all drivers.”


Lynn Carroll addressed the issues as well in the media center saying that all carbs were inspected before qualifying and it is up to the teams to read the entry blank on what to do with them afterward. He later went on to say that both Jeff Oakley and Deac McCaskill will either line up at the tail end of one of the heat races or at the end of the last chance qualifier, the final decision has not been made yet.


The gates for the ValleyStar Credit Union 300 will open at 2:00 PM on Saturday, September 23rd. There will be an on-track autograph session from 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM with the first heat race scheduled to roll off at 4:00 PM. The 200-lap feature is scheduled to start at 8:00 PM. The Weekly Racer will have coverage LIVE on our Twitter feed (@theweeklyracer) starting at 3:45 PM.





  1. #01 Jake Crum
  2. #17 Stacy Puryear
  3. #27 Tommy Lemons Jr.
  4. #83 Matt Bowling
  5. #5 Lee Pulliam
  6. #2 Trevor Noles
  7. #01 Philip Morris
  8. #22 Bobby McCarty
  9. #13 Timothy Peters
  10. #26 Peyton Sellers
  11. #02 CE Falk
  12. #2 Dennis Holdren
  13. #57 Eddie Johnson
  14. #44 Justin Johnson
  15. #88 Josh Berry
  16. #14 Ryan Repko
  17. #03 Brenden Queen
  18. #21 Mike Darne
  19. #22 Robert Powell
  20. #87 Mike Looney
  21. #50 Jamey Caudill
  22. #34 Justin Snow
  23. #22 Grayson Cullather
  24. #15 Kres VanDyke
  25. #24 Mason Diaz
  26. #21 Travis Swaim
  27. #77 Trevor Ward
  28. #77 Blake Stallings
  29. #18 Ty Gibbs
  30. #18 Jason York
  31. #55 Mark Wertz
  32. #16 RD Smith
  33. #61 Justin Hicks
  34. #2 Myatt Snider
  35. #26 Danny Edwards Jr.
  36. #06 Davin Scites
  37. #57 Justin T. Carroll
  38. #5 Ronnie McCarty
  39. #33 Macey Causey
  40. #25 Derrick Lancaster
  41. #4 Annabeth Crum
  42. #4 Timmy Phipps
  43. #73 Bruce Anderson
  44. #63 Tyler Matthews
  45. #82 Barry Beggarly
  46. #2 Brandon Pierce
  47. #17 Bryan Reedy
  48. #57 Jimmy Mullins
  49. #12 Austin Thaxton
  50. #12 Nick Smith
  51. #1 Jamie Sweeney
  52. #7 Jamie Byrd
  53. #7 Justin Crider
  54. #12 Ryan Wilson
  55. #51 Chris Chapman
  56. #90 Terry Carroll
  57. #81 Jared Fryar
  58. #9 Brad Kurth
  59. #8 Thomas Scott
  60. #92 Casey Wyatt
  61. #07 Dean Ward
  62. #27 Coy Beard
  63. #91 Justin S. Carroll
  64. #95 Jacob Heafner
  65. #24 Colin Garrett
  66. #22 Scott Lancaster
  67. #50 Haley Moody
  68. #2 Matt Leicht
  69. #4 John Moore
  70. #19 Cameron Bowen
  71. #37 Adam Gray
  72. #36 Owen Smith
  73. #28 Jason Barnes
  74. #05 Mason Bailey
  75. #33 Jimmy Wallace
  76. #18 Bobby Gillespie
  77. #21 Tommy Neal
  78. #07 Kevin Neal
  79. #12 Ryan Gray
  80. #25 Craig Eastep
  81. #78 Ricky Gillespie
  82. #07 Larry Barrett
  83. #11 Jeff Oakley
  84. #08 Deac McCaskill