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Corey Almond Passes Jarred Powell On Late Race Restart to Claim Season Opening Pro Late Model Victory

Corey Almond celebrates in WhosYourDriver.com victory lane Saturday, April 27, 2019, at Virginia Motor Speedway. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Jamaica, VA– Twenty-eight Pro Late Models converged on the half-mile clay oval known as Virginia Motor Speedway this past Saturday from as far north as Maryland and all over North Carolina to kick off the 2019 weekly racing series. Luckily, as storms rolled through the region Friday evening track crews were able to get the track in a race-able condition with only a few minor electrical issues that were ironed out as the day went on.

Concord, Virginia’s Justin Williams was the fastest man in town for both Hot Laps and Hot Lap Qualifying setting Quick Time by over two tenths of a second (18.536) – for those that may be new to dirt “Hot Laps” would be their practice session and “Hot Lap Qualifying” would be very similar to group qualifying. Williams, however, would have to give that position up after earning his bonus points and roll off the grid for their 35-lap feature in the fourth position thank to the redraw. Corey Almond, Jared Powell, Same Archer, Matt Glanden rounded out the fastest five drivers.

Jared Powell from Charlottesville, Virginia jumped out to the early lead over Archer and Almond using that outside groove to his advantage. An early caution involving multiple cars two laps into the feature set up the first of only five single file restarts. Almond took full advantage of the restart zone and took second place with ease, setting his sights on race leader Jared Powell. The two were almost in a league of their own all night separating themselves from the rest of the field and putting on a heck of a show for the fans in the stands. Lapped traffic seemed to play in the favor of Powell for most of the night stalling multiple runs from Almond.

Almonds big break came on the restart following a lap twenty-nine caution when Nicolas Love (No. 38) and Darrell Dow (No. 5J) made contact with each other right in front of the leaders as all four were working through turn four. On the ensuing restart, Almond mirrored the actions of Powell “To a T” and was able to pull up even to his door down the backstretch. Leaning on each other a bit Corey Almond came sailing out of turn four as the new leader.

After spending more than three-quarters of the race battling for the lead Almond had one more major task to accomplish; keeping Powell at bay on the final restart of the evening after two cars made contact with each other in turns three and four. When the green was displayed Powell jumped back to the gas to force the issue into one that he wanted the lead back. Almond did a phenomenal job of keeping Powell behind him. Once the two created some separation from the pack Almond continued to create that separation from Powell and would eventually take the first checkered flag of the 2019 season, Powell would hang onto second. Matt Glanden, who spent most of the feature in an amazing battle with Davis Lipscombe, who finished fourth, Billy Hubbard rounded out the top five.

Chad Champion and Cory Bradley put on a show in the Collision One Limited Stock Car twenty-five lap feature leading the eighteen-car field to green. Bradley, hailing from Hopewell, VA jumped out to the early lead at the line. James Givens, who rolled off the grid in fourth, muscled his way by Champion for second on the following lap and set his sights on Bradley. By lap four Givens began working the back bumper of Bradley taking the lead by lap five. Bradley would hang out in the tire tracks of Givens over the next dozen laps not allowing him to get too far out of sight. With less than ten laps to go Bradley found his second win and got back around Givens for the lead and never looked back. James Givens, Jay Seward, Raymond Harper, and Ryan Hutchens rounded out the top five.


Victory Lap Pro Late Models OFFICIAL Results;

  1. #7A Corey Almond
  2. #2* Jared Powell
  3. #01 Matt Glanden
  4. #71 Davis Lipscombe
  5. #28B Billy Hubbard
  6. #14C Chuck Bowie
  7. #80 Ray Love Jr
  8. #36 Sam Archer
  9. #2W Justin Williams
  10. #17 John Testerman
  11. #71T Tyler Hoy
  12. #09 Brad Rigdon
  13. #69 Cecil Cash Jr
  14. #2 Austin Bussler
  15. #41 James Snead
  16. #38 Nicolas Love
  17. #28 Carl Vaughan
  18. #77 Brian Hankins
  19. #46 Tyler Emory
  20. #5J Darrell Dow
  21. #55 Jimmy Duncan
  22. #12 Cody Cubbage
  23. #3 Bill Coada
  24. #11C Trevor Collins
  25. #40 Brent Bordeaux
  26. #01C Petie Coffey
  27. #47 Matt Quade
  28. #18 Matt Marshall

Logan Roberson Wins 15th Annual FASTRAK Pro Late Model World Championships

Jamaica, VA – Logan Roberson has won just about everything under the sun the last two years collecting over fifty career wins in a crate late model. Roberson came into the weekend having never won a FASTRAK Touring event. He has been the Mark Martin, so to speak in the Pro Late Models, scoring eight runner-up finishes. However, this weekend, young Logan Roberson was not going to be denied, and should leave this weekend with career win number sixty!

At one point during qualifying, Roberson was looking to set the pole speed and earn the right to start on the pole for the first of four heat races. Though he did not earn that honor he was able to start up front and win his heat race, which earned him the ability to start on the outside pole. Roberson would line up to the outside of fast qualifier and heat race one winner, Jenson Ford.

When it came time to get down and dirty, Roberson looked more than ready to answer the call. So much so he powered around Ford on the outside of turns one and two and down the backstretch before the start of the race was called back. No, there was no issue with the start from the front row it was actually quite the opposite. A handful of cars got to wrecking near the rear of the field, which caused FASTRAK officials to throw the yellow and make a second attempt at a start.

It did not matter how many starts or restarts Roberson had to tackle his car was lighting quick coming up to speed. Though take two was not as good as the first go around Roberson was able to take the top spot back in no time and immediately started to set a pace that was hardly matched by anyone. Granted, if I make an observation, Roberson’s cars looked to be so strong on the restarts and short runs there could have been fifty restarts and I think Roberson would have won all of them.

The sixty-lap, $20,000 to win feature was slowed a total of seven times. Allowing the rest of the field to catch back up and take a shot at the lead, keyword, take a shot. The closest thing we had to a lead change was right around halfway when Roberson and Brown caught some pretty heavy lap traffic. However, Roberson stayed up on the wheel, passed the slower cars where they came and took advantage of some timely cautions to keep a stranglehold on the lead as well as the race win.

Roberson was both excited and at a loss for words when we climbed from his No. 17 machine in victory lane.

“Oh man, I don’t know what to say,” Roberson said in victory lane. “My Dad and I work our butts off in the shop to come here and do this. To get my first win against some of these guys; man I’m crying like a baby but I am just excited for my team, my dad. We got her done tonight.”

Roberson was also asked what was going through his mind later on in the race when Michael Brown really turned up the wick and challenged for the lead. Simply put; he was tired of not driving into victory lane.

“I was tired of second place finishes,” Roberson said. “He [Brown] got beside me with about five or six to go and I was just thinking ‘we are going to have to step up our game a little bit.’ I drove her back up past him and he raced me clean and I can’t thank him [Michael Brown] and Tyler [Bare] enough. We ran side-by-side numerous times and they gave me room, with $20,000 to win, that’s respectful right there.”

Logan then went on to thank all of his family, crew, and sponsors for helping him get him to where he is today.

“I just want to thank all my family, my crew, Robert, Doug, my Dad, and my Mom, they are back home watching with my grandma; she got sick and couldn’t come. This one is for you!”

FASTRAK World Championship Pro Late Model UNOFFICIAL Resutlsl

  1. #17 Logan Roberson
  2. #79 Michael Brown
  3. #30 Tyler Bare
  4. #87B Ross Bailes
  5. #55 Matt Long
  6. #21H Benji Hicks
  7. #69 Justin Williams
  8. #75 Brett Hamm
  9. #01P Travis Pennington
  10. #88 Trent Ivey
  11. #00 Carson Ferguson
  12. #2F Dennis Franklin
  13. #4 Matthew Nance
  14. #7A Corey Almond
  15. #184 Kyle Lukon
  16. #92 Nick Davis
  17. #0F Troy Frazier
  18. #6 Chris Blackwell
  19. #K1 Kerry King
  20. #71 Davis Lipscombe
  21. #21B Billy Beachler
  22. #9C Chess Chester
  23. #87A Walker Arthur
  24. #03 Stephen Childress
  25. #47 Matt Quade
  26. #21 Andrew Durham
  27. #12U Brandon Umberger
  28. #3 Kenny Peeples
  29. #6D Dillon Brown
  30. #83 Jenson Ford

Mason Diaz Dominates Pro Late Model Feature for New Smyrna Victory

Mason Diaz celebrates in victory lane after winning the 100 lap Pro Late Model race at New Smyrna Speedway on Friday night.(Photo by Cassie Fambro/Short Track Scene)

Mason Diaz dominated Friday night’s 100-lap Pro Late Model feature at New Smyrna Speedway in New Smyrna Beach, Florida to score the victory, his first of the season.

Diaz set the fastest time in qualifying but had to start fourth after an invert. By lap 14, Diaz had rocketed to the lead and pulled away from the competition. However, Diaz had to survive a series of late-race restarts and a challenge from veteran racer Mike Skinner.

“Fury Racecars and Mike Darne Racing gave me a great racecar today,” Diaz said in victory lane. “They non-stop worked on this thing. We unloaded from the trailer and was fast but they kept working on it, thrashing on it and it showed tonight. One more tomorrow, Super Late Model race, hopefully, we can get the win in that.”

On the race’s final restart with 12 laps remaining, Skinner drew even and the two drivers traded paint, but Diaz fended off the challenge and drove away from the competition.

“I wasn’t sure what he was doing, to be honest with you,” Diaz remarked. “He had to do what he had to do to win the race but it just wasn’t enough to beat us today.”

The victory is Diaz’s first of the 2018 season and his second career Pro Late Model victory. Last season, Diaz scored a Pro Late Model win at Southern National Motorsports Park in Lucama, North Carolina, the same track he won the NASCAR track championship in a Late Model Stock Car.

Diaz will now set his sights on the Super Late Model race on Saturday night. The race will be broadcast live on FansChoice.TV. NASCAR Home Tracks and Speed51.com will provide updates throughout the night as well.

Diaz’s efforts on Friday were supported by Solid Rock Carriers, The Sign Shop, Fury Race Cars and Mike Darne Racing.

To learn more about Mason Diaz Racing, check out his website at http://www.masondiaz24.com, “like” Mason Diaz Racing on Facebook or follow @masondiazracing on Twitter.

Justin Williams Back-to-Back Winner in the Victory Lap Pro Late Models at Virginia Motor Speedway – Tyler Shipp Earns First Sportsman Win

Justin Williams (#2) sails through turn one at Virginia Motor Speedway. Williams picked up his fourth Late Model victory August 5th. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Jamaica, VA – Justin Williams, defending and current points leader, was the fastest man in town this evening during hot lap qualifying, with a time of 18.427 (97.680 MPH), netting himself five championship points. When Williams rolled over the scales, post qualifying, the Concord, VA driver pulled the number six pill inverting the top six drivers. This handed the front row over to the 7A of Corey Almond and 17 of Camden Testerman. Davis Lipscombe, Matt Quade, and Jarred Powel – who would all be players – made up the rest of the fastest six cars on the grid.

Took us three try’s to get the 35-lap feature underway at Bill Sawyer’s Virginia Motor Speedway. Attempt number one was waived off by race control as they felt the front row got on the throttle before the flag said they could. Attempts two and three saw some major contact between multiple cars with the third being the most catastrophic – Corey Almond went around out of four and collected the likes of Lipscombe, Miller and causing just the slightest damage to the 2* of Jarred Powell.

Once the field was able to work the kinks out and get some green flag racing in, Camden Testerman showed the way from the outside front row for the first five laps of the total thirty-five. Justin Williams would waist no time in working his way through the field and set up the pass for the lead going into turn three, the position would be his as they roared out of turn four. Williams would immediately open a huge gap between him and the rest of the field as he would go on to lead the remaining twenty-nine laps of the feature.

Corey Almond, Camden Testerman, and Matt Quade would put on a decent show for the fans behind the race leader in the closing laps battling for position two through five. Mechanical trouble would strike for Almond late in the race, however, causing him to lose several positions. If we were left to guess in the press box it sounded like the car was dropping a cylinder. Almond would be able to hang onto a sixth place finish.

Quade would use what would be the final restart of the night to power his way into second and set his eyes on the leader with a little more than ten laps to go. Even with lap traffic playing nicely, it just wasn’t enough to track down the two of Williams, Matt Quade would have to settle for second. Testerman would take advantage of Almond’s mechanical failure and finish the night’s feature in third while Jarred Powell and John McClellan round out the top five finishers.

“I can’ thank my crew enough for giving me such a good car, I just tried to stay out of trouble there at the beginning until we could get separated,” commented Williams in WhosyourDriver.org victory lane.


Current Truckin Thunder Sportsman points leader Tim Shelton (#55) set quick time in hot lap qualifying early in the afternoon with a 20.491 second (87.840 mph) lap and looked poised to collect his fifth win in a row. Shelton would start no better than eighth, however, in his feature due to the tracks win rule. By virtue of the invert, Tyler Shipp (#25) and Steve Causey (#9) would lead the field to the green flag for their 30-lap feature.Causey would use the top groove and cushion to his advantage and take the lead early. Six laps, and a couple cautions periods, were all Shelton needed to work his way through the field and take the lead and open up a gigantic lead over the field. A fast car and late race caution helped Tyler Shipp close the gap on Shelton and eventually work his way around the point’s leader as the two rocketed off turn two. That was all Shipp needed to open his own full straightaway lead enroute to his first career Sportsman win at Virginia Motor Speedway. Shelton, who just looked to run out of tire, would finish second while Brett Adkins, Joe Weiss and Steve Causey rounded out the top five.

Tyler Shipp starts from the pole August 5th at VMS after invert to win first career Trucking Thunder Sportsman feature. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Causey would use the top groove and cushion to his advantage and take the lead early. Six laps and a couple cautions periods were all Shelton needed to work his way through the field and take the lead and open up a gigantic lead over the field. A fast car and late race caution helped Tyler Shipp close the gap on Shelton and eventually work his way around the point’s leader as the two rocketed off turn two. That was all Shipp needed to open his own full straightaway lead en route to his first career Sportsman win at Virginia Motor Speedway. Shelton, who just looked to run out of tire, would finish second while Brett Adkins, Joe Weiss and Steve Causey rounded out the top five.



Victory Lap Pro Lap Model Results; [Starting Position]

  1. #2 Justin Williams [6]
  2. #47 Matt Quade [4]
  3. #17 Camden Testerman [2]
  4. #2* Jared Powell [5]
  5. #23M John McClellan [12]
  6. #7A Corey Almond [1]
  7. #71 Davis Lipscombe [3]
  8. #1 Dustin Ferguson [8]
  9. #66X Matthew Tarbox [7]
  10. #5J Darrell Dow [13]
  11. #40 Brent Bordeaux [10]
  12. #38 Nicolas Love [11]
  13. #28 Carl Vaughan [14]
  14. #11 James Miller [9]


Truckin Thunder Sportsman;

  1. #25 Tyler Shipp [1]
  2. #55 Tim Shelton [8]
  3. #16 Brett Adkins [3]
  4. #43J Joe Weiss [7]
  5. #9 Steve Causey [2]
  6. #1 Chad Beahr [4]
  7. #92 Kacey Gordon [11]
  8. #11 Chase Butler [10]
  9. #06 Gary Wheaton III [12]
  10. #22 Michael Hayes [5]
  11. #01 Tommy Upshaw [9]
  12. #8C Bill Coada [6]
  13. #7 Kevin Beahr [16]
  14. #91 James Snead [13]
  15. #80 Alan Morgan [15]
  16. #0 Chase Burrow [14]

Southern National Motorsports Park Releases 2016 Schedule Over the Weekend

LUCAMA, NC – Southern National Motorsports Park has released its 2016 schedule, which features 22 events. The 2016 season will get underway on Saturday, April 2nd with the Championship Auto Racing Series (CARS) Tour Late Model Stock Car and Super Late Model races. The regular season will begin the following Saturday night, April 9th with twin races for the Late Model Stock Car division as well as racing in the Charger, U-CAR, Legends and Bandolero divisions and the return of the Southern Ground Pounders Vintage Racing Club.

The Late Models, Chargers, U-CARs, Legends and Bandoleros will also make up the card for races held on April 30th, May 7th, May 28th, June 18th, June 25th, July 2nd, July 23rd, August 20th and September 10th.

The LFR Chassis Pro Late Model division will makes its debut on Saturday, April 23rd for the first of their seven races. Other races for the Pro Late Models will be run on May 14th, June 4th, July 2nd, July 16th, August 6th and September 24th. All of the LFR Chassis Pro Late Model races will be on Saturday nights. The Pro Late Models will be joined by a varying schedule of support classes which includes the Legends, Chargers , U-CARs and Bandoleros. More details about the LFR Chassis Pro Late Model division will be announced shortly.

After the success of last year’s Monsters in the Park show held in August, the show is being held again as a two day show on Saturday, August 13th and Sunday, August 14th. The Saturday portion will include racing for the Legends and USAC Midgets. The Sunday portion will include races for the U-CARs, Bandoleros and a Powder Puff feature.

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