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Layne Riggs Scores Victory in Labor Day Classic

Layne Riggs celebrates in victory lane after winning the 4th Annual Solid Rock Carriers Labor Day Classic at Carteret County Speedway. (Andy Marquis/Carteret County Speedway photo)

SWANSBORO, NC – Layne Riggs picked up his second career Carteret County Speedway victory on Sunday night, surviving a late race shootout to score the win in the Solid Rock Carriers Labor Day Classic.

Riggs took the lead on lap 64, getting around Jason York just moments after York had passed Michael Tilley to inherit the top spot.  Riggs then had to hold off a challenge from Mason Diaz.  However, Diaz would be eliminated in a melee on lap 104 that swept up most of the field – including Tilley and York.  From there, Riggs never looked back as he went on to pick up the victory.

“At the beginning of the race, I didn’t even think we had near the best car,” Riggs said.  “I was just holding on for dear life for my position.  After the break, our tires cooled down, got a full heat cycle on them.  Restarted the race and it was like a brand new racecar.  It was on a rail.  I was just riding at the end, making sure I didn’t make any mistakes or do anything stupid to take me out of the race.”

Riggs previously won the Solid Rock Carriers 150, which was run on July 7th, leading wire-to-wire in the event.  This time, the win did not come in as dominant of a performance as it had in July.

“It was a tough race tonight,” Riggs elaborated.  “It was a lot tougher than last time.  There was a lot more competition.  Carteret County stepped their competition up.  You bring money like that to the table and people are going to come.  It’s proven to be true.”

Chris Burns managed to make his way through the carnage of the lap 104 crash and, in the final laps, raced his way from fourth up to second.

“At lap 60, I came over the radio and me and dad were talking about parking it,” Burns stated.  “It was in bad shape for the first 100 laps for some reason.  I don’t know if we have a rear end problem or a shock busted or what.  We sat there for 10-20 minutes and it seemed like it really helped the car.  We didn’t have anything for Layne but, even with it ill-handling, we saved our stuff and I think that helped with our drive off situation.”

Burns felt he got lucky and said he would have been happy being the last car on the lead lap.

One of the cars Burns was able to pass late was Langley Speedway regular Connor Hall.  Hall is a multi-time Carteret County Speedway winner.  He came with expectations of winning but came away with a third place finish.

“We do have a racecar that we can work on making faster and not work on fixing,” Hall remarked.  “It’s pretty cool to say this is my worst finish at Carteret.  I’m definitely bummed but I can’t be too upset with anybody but myself because I didn’t get it behind the wheel today.”

Brandon Clements ended up finishing in fourth while Clay Jones rounded out the top-five.

Tilley dominated the first half of the race but ended up with a ninth place finish to his credit after being taken out in the big one.  The lap 104 big one swept up six cars in total and was the only significant incident in the Limited Late Model portion of the Labor Day Classic.

While Burns came up one position short in the Limited Late Model race, he was able to finish atop the podium in Street Stock competition.

Burns started on the pole but was involved in an incident in the middle stages of the race with a lapped car while trying to hold off Ricky Locklair, Jr.  Burns quickly raced his way back through the field to score the victory.

“Things happen and I hate it for Locklair,” Burns said.  “Jimmy [Horner] and James David [Horner] really had the car handling well.  I appreciate them letting me drive it.”

Chris Connor finished in second while Billy Slater, Dennis Woehrle and John Sharp rounded out the top-five.

Will Bristle dominated much of the 40 lap Legends race, but Mason Diaz got past him in the closing stages of the race.  Diaz looked like he would cruise to victory, but a late race caution set up a three lap shootout.  Coming to the white flag, Bristle was able to get around Diaz to take the lead and the win.

“This win was by far the toughest,” Bristle said.  “I got to thank Mason for driving me as clean as he could.  That was such a blast, being able to race with teammates that close and put on such a good show for the fans.  We’ve put a lot of work in our cars this year and it’s really showing off.”

Diaz was ecstatic after finishing in second.

“That was a blast,” Diaz exclaimed.  “I haven’t had that much fun in a Legend Car in, I couldn’t tell you how long.  Really good teammate.  He raced me clean.  I tried to get to him in that last corner but he was just too far away.”

Rafe Slate finished in third while Eric Courtney and Cody Hall rounded out the top-five in the 23 car field.  The Legends race, which was sponsored by Riverside Dodge, featured the largest field of cars to take the green flag for a feature race in Carteret County Speedway history.

Adam Resnick won in U-CAR over Andrew Jackson, Steve Sullivan, Abby Jolly and Neil Mason while Justin Thompson prevailed over Sean Wales, BJ Thompson, Brad Anderson and JR Taylor in Champ Kart competition.

Carteret County Speedway will race next on Saturday, September 15th when the Mid-Atlantic Street Stock Championship Series and USAC Eastern Midgets headline the racing program.

Labor Day Classic Results

Champ Kart

  1. Justin Thompson
  2. Sean Wales
  3. BJ Thompson
  4. Brad Anderson
  5. JR Taylor
  6. Cory Dimauro
  7. Bill Owens
  8. Lee Ottaway
  9. Scott Benford

Street Stock

  1. Chris Burns
  2. Chris Connor
  3. Billy Slater
  4. Dennis Woehrle
  5. John Sharp
  6. Ricky Locklair, Jr.
  7. Roy Combs


  1. Adam Resnick
  2. Andrew Jackson
  3. Steve Sullivan
  4. Abby Jolly
  5. Neil Mason
  6. Jonathan Payne
  7. Duane Walker


  1. Will Bristle
  2. Mason Diaz
  3. Rafe Slate
  4. Eric Courtney
  5. Cody Hall
  6. Zack Brown
  7. Emily Day
  8. Chris Hammett
  9. Cale Hall
  10. Matthew Linker
  11. Cameron Murray
  12. Shane Irving
  13. Conner Jones
  14. Rodney Tharp
  15. Walker Yates
  16. Ashton Whitner
  17. Tucker Jones
  18. Brian Sullivan
  19. Aaron Crumpler
  20. Brenton Irving
  21. Ryan Matthew
  22. Josh Spence
  23. Brian McElearney


  1. AJ Sanders
  2. Patrick Arch
  3. James Stroud
  4. Lynn Waller
  5. Stephen Sanders
  6. Travisw Miller
  7. Kris Hetu
  8. Zac Reimer
  9. Jesse Jones
  10. Randy Hewett
  11. Justin Owens
  12. Tim Giesen
  13. Andrew Deal
  14. Chad Sykes
  15. John Hladik, Jr.

Limited Late Model

  1. Layne Riggs
  2. Chris Burns
  3. Connor Hall
  4. Brandon Clements
  5. Clay Jones
  6. Jamie York
  7. Chris Phipps
  8. Mason Diaz
  9. Michael Tilley
  10. Jason York
  11. TJ Barron
  12. Eric Winslow
  13. Tim Allensworth
  14. Travis Roberson

For more information about Carteret County Speedway, visit the track’s official website at www.carteretspeedway.com, “like” Carteret County Speedway on Facebook or follow @carteretcoswy on Twitter.

Davis Lipscombe Scores Victory Lap Pro Late Model Victory at Virginia Motor Speedway; Matt Quade Crowned 2018 Champion

Jamaica, VA – After what has been a tough season for Davis Lipscombe of Mechanicsville, VA he was able to end the season on a high note with a dominating win in the Victory Lap Pro Late Model feature on Northern Neck Chevrolet championship Night. Lipscombe and Dustin Ferguson of Appomattox, VA battled side by side for much of the first 11 laps before Lipscombe muscled his way to the lead on lap 12 and then drove away for the field for the win.

“The car has been fast all year long, but the driver has not always been at his best. This win gives us a lot of confidence going into the FASTRAK World Championship weekend,” commented Lipscombe in WhosYourDriver.org victory lane.

Rounding out the top five were Corey Almond, Dustin Ferguson, Matt Quade and Brad Rigdon.

Matt Quade of Mechanicsville, MD was crowned the 2018 Victory Lap Pro Late Model Champion after wheeling his ride to a fourth place finish.

Tyler Shipp of Mechanicsville, VA took the lead on the opening lap of the Truckin Thunder Sportsman feature and went on to score his second win of the season in dominating fashion. With Shipp controlling the top spot Mark Gonzales and Matt Meads battle for the entire 30 lap feature for the runner up spot with Gonzales taking it for the final time on lap 21. Rounding out the top five were Gonzales, Meads, Tim Shelton and Joe Weiss.

Tim Shelton of Fredericksburg, VA was crowned the 2018 Truckin Thunder Sportsman Champion with his fourth place finish.

In the Budweiser Modified feature James Sparks of Hollywood, MD jumped out to the lead on the drop of the green flag and paced the field until lap 8 when he hit the front stretch wall and came to a stop with a flat left rear tire. That handed the lead over to Joey Polevoy who went on to a full straight win with Chase Butler, Lance Grady, J.D. Eversole and Ryan Toole rounding out the top five.

Division point leader Hunter McClendon of Williamsburg, VA had to park his car on lap 3 with a broken rear end and it looked as if his chances of a championship where over but his lead heading into the night was just enough to be crowned the 2018 Budweiser Modified Champion by two points over rookie Chase Butler of Mechanicsville, VA.

James Givens of Henrico, VA has been dominant all year long in the Collision One Limited Stock Car division. In tonight’s feature it took him 15 laps to works his way to the front from his eighth place starting position and take the lead from Chad Champion. Over the final 10 laps Givens had to hold off multiple challenges from Trent Clemans for the lead. Coming to the white the two were side-by-side for the lead. On the final lap Clemans car pushed in turn 2 and that was all Givens needed to record his sixth win of the season and take home the 2018 Collision One Limited Stock Car Championship. Rounding out the top five Clemans, Cory Bradley, Mark Schools and Randy Hutchens.

The Speedway will take next week off and will return to racing Friday and Saturday September 14 & 15 for the FASTRAK World Championship weekend. Friday September 14 the speedway will host a $5000 to win FASTRAK members only event and then on Saturday September 15th for the $20,000 to win FASTRAK World Championship that is open to any crate late model competitor. FASTRAK rules will apply.  For more information visit www.fastracing.com or www.vamotorspeedway.com.

Race fans can go to www.vamotorspeedway.comto view the complete schedule Virginia Motor Speedway’s 2018 season, find detailed event information, get the latest news, and get complete ticket and camping information. In addition, fans can get social with Virginia Motor Speedway by following @vamotorspeedway on Twitter, clicking “Like” at www.facebook.com/VaMotorSpeedway and on www.youtube.com/VaMotorSpeedway.


MEDIA CONTACT: DAVE SEAY (804) 758-1867OR (804) 357-7223




Victory Lap Pro Late Models (35 Laps): 1. 71-Davis Lipscombe, [4]; 2. 7A-Corey Almond, [5]; 3. 1-Dustin Ferguson, [2]; 4. 47-Matt Quade, [8]; 5. 09-Brad Rigdon, [3]; 6. 66X-Matthew Tarbox, [1]; 7. 14C-Chuck Bowie, [7]; 8. 74-Mike Franklin, [9]; 9. 38-Nicolas Love, [12]; 10. 11-James Miller, [11]; 11. 2*-Jared Powell, [6]; 12. 08-Tyler Detter, [10]; 13. 40-Brent Bordeaux, [15]; 14. 28-Carl Vaughan, [14]; 15. 77-Brian Hankins, [13]


Fast Qualifier: Corey Almond – 18.716 seconds


Truckin Thunder Sportsman (30 laps): 1. 25-Tyler Shipp, [2]; 2. 51-Mark Gonzales, [6]; 3. 23-Matt Meads, [4]; 4. 55-Tim Shelton, [8]; 5. 0C-Joe Weiss, [3]; 6. 9-Steve Causey, [10]; 7. 98-Troy Doggett, [1]; 8. 0-Chase Burrow, [11]; 9. 92-Kacey Gordon, [13]; 10. 1-Chad Beahr, [14]; 11. 01-Tommy Upshaw, [21]; 12. 22-Michael Hayes, [18]; 13. 56-John Morgan, [20]; 14. 16-Brett Adkins, [5]; 15. 00-Hunter Shelton, [12]; 16. 6-Macy Causey, [17]; 17. 91-James Snead, [16]; 18. 2-Wesley Givens, [9]; 19. 71-John Nickens, [15]; 20. 14-Ryan Hutchens, [19]; 21. 17NC-Joshua Burnham, [7]


Fast Qualifier: Mark Gonzales – 22.457 seconds


Budweiser Modifieds (30 laps): 1. 51-Joey Polevoy, [4]; 2. 11-Chase Butler, [1]; 3. 48-Lance Grady, [3]; 4. 98-J.D. Eversole, [6]; 5. 21C-Ryan Toole, [16]; 6. 16-David Kendall, [13]; 7. 99-Charlie Hubbard, [11]; 8. 7+7-Jeff Solinger, [12]; 9. 57-Curtis Barricks, [14]; 10. 1ST-Bret Hamilton, [10]; 11. 26X-James Sparks, [2]; 12. 43-Josh Harris, [7]; 13. 01-Francis Jarelle III, [5]; 14. 33-Hunter McClendon, [8]; 15. 10S-Tim Schulte, [9]; 16. 27-Mark Schools, [15]


Fast Qualifier: Francis Jarrelle – 20.012 seconds


Collision One Limited Stock Cars (25 lap): 1. 8-James Givens, [8]; 2. 01-Trent Clemans, [5]; 3. 41-Cory Bradley, [9]; 4. 12-Mark Schools, [3]; 5. 4-Randy Hutchens, [7]; 6. 08-Chad Champion, [2]; 7. 18-John Hankins Jr, [11]; 8. 23-David Bowler, [14]; 9. 25-Marty Coltrain, [12]; 10. 47-Christian Sherr, [13]; 11. 14D-Paige Vassallo, [15]; 12. 22-Raymond Harper, [1]; 13. 26-Stephanie Johnston, [10]; 14. 88-Jay Seward, [6]; 15. 11-Robbie Kramer Jr, [4]


Fast Qualifier: James Givens – 23.912 seconds



DAVE SEAY | Director of Sales, Ma

2018 CARS Late Model Stock Tour Season Opener Could be Most Talented Field in Series History

Mooresville, NC – The first ever CARS Tour race in 2015 at Southern National featured 36 cars with some of the top names in the region competing. Fast forward to the upcoming Do The Dew 150 on March 10th at Tri-County Motor Speedway, and all indications show that the 2018 season opener could outdo that inaugural event.

Headlining the list of early pre-entries are defending CARS Tour champion Josh Berry driving for JR Motorsports, 2016 CARS Tour champion Deac McCaskill, and making his CARS Tour debut, four-time and defending NASCAR All American champion Lee Pulliam. The Semora, NC driver has never raced at the Hudson, NC track but is looking forward to the challenge and competing on the CARS Tour circuit.

“I’m really excited to be making my CARS Tour debut at Tri-County. The last time I raced a CARS race, was 2013 when it was still the Pro Cup cars, that race was $10,000 to win and I ended up in victory lane so it would be nice to pick up where I left off,” noted Pullium. “I’ve never raced at Tri-County but have watched some videos and I’m really looking forward to getting on track there. It seems to be a place that has multiple grooves, which as a racer you really enjoy because it allows you to move around throughout the race to find speed and fix any handling problems you might have in your car. With a limited schedule this year, I’ve got a lot of emphasis on this race and making it our goal to end up in victory lane at a CARS Tour race.”

Plenty of local flare will be in attendance as well led by Touring 12 driver Charlie Watson from nearby Lenoir, NC. Thomas Beane (Hudson), Dexter Canipe Jr. (Claremont), and part-time NASCAR Truck Series competitor Landon Huffman (Claremont) will look to keep the $10,000 winner’s check close to home. All three drivers have never won a CARS Tour race, but out of all the expected in attendance, these three drivers will have the most experience around the Caldwell County 4/10th mile track.

Ronald Hill, Craig Moore, Justin Johnson, Ty Gibbs, and 2017 CARS LMSC Tour points runner-up Layne Riggs, are just a handful of the Touring 12 drivers that will kick off their attempt at putting their name on the Bob Brooks Memorial championship trophy at season’s end. Fresh-faced Touring 12 drivers Brandon Pierce, Grayson Cullather, Cody Haskins, Bradley McCaskill, and Sam Meyer will also be a welcome sight to the series this season. The five drivers have just fifteen combined CARS Tour starts among them when they roll through the tunnel at Tri-County.

In addition to the Late Model Stock race, a 75 lap Limited Late Model race is expected to draw a large field as well. The race will pay $13,100 in prize money with $2,500 going to the winner. Limited teams wanting to compete in the event can enter online in advance via the CARS Tour website http://www.carsracingtour.com. Entry fee for the LLM race is $100 if submitted online by 4pm on March 6th. An additional late fee of $50 will be added to all entries past the pre-entry deadline period.

The event schedule and tickets are on sale now at http://www.carsracingtour.com. Fans planning on attending the event need to bring their Mtn Dew products to the gate the day of the race for $3 off general admission tickets. Additional discounts on general admission tickets, Mtn Dew four packs (4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 tickets: $60), and Pepsi Park It (2 tickets, 1 parking spot: $45) trackside parking spots are also available online only.


For additional information on the CARS Late Model Stock Tour and the CARS Super Late Model Tour visit http://www.carsracingtour.com. Be sure to stay active and social with the tour by liking “CARS Tour” on Facebook, following @CARSTour on Twitter, and scrolling through photos on Instagram cars_tour. Additional series information can be obtained by calling the CARS Tour series office, located in Mooresville, NC, at 704.662.9212.

Truckin Thunder Scout Night and 6thAnnual Dirtwood Nationals Pinewood Derby Saturday May 6th at Virginia Motor Speedway

Photo: Al Goulder

Jamaica, VA – If you have ever been involved in a pinewood derby you know how exciting it is not only for the kids but for the adults. Saturday, May 6th Bill Sawyer’s Virginia Motor Speedway will bring that excitement and fun back to the speedway as it hosts the 6th Annual Dirtwood Nationals Pinewood Derby as part of Truckin Thunder Scout Night.

“We are extremely excited to once again host this event and to help raise money and awareness for ChildHelp. We have to thank Tom and Judy Brooks of Truckin Thunder for the amount of effort they put into this event and for being such a great sponsor,” commented General Manager Clarke Sawyer.

Gates will open at 5 pm with registration with the Dirtwood National Pinewood Derby starting at 5:15 pm.

After the Dirtwood Nationals all Scouts (Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Girl Scouts) if wearing their uniform, will get free admission to enjoy a night of full sized dirt car racing. During the evening’s festivities, the Speedway will also help in raising money and awareness for the charity ChildHelp®.

“I can’t wait for this year’s Dirtwood Nationals event on May 6th. Every year the event seems to get bigger. Pairing a pinewood derby event with a full-scale racing night at Virginia Motor Speedway is a natural.  Participants from the local Scouting Community and Virginia Motor Speedway’s racing family will make for a fun-filled evening that also will raise money for one of my favorite charities, ChildHelp®.  I feel fortunate to have one of the ChildHelp Villages here in Virginia.  Helping them with their work of rehabilitating and caring for severely abused and neglected children is very important to me,” commented Truckin Thunder owner Tom Brooks.

There will be two divisions for the Dirtwood Nationals, Scouts, and fans. A champion will be crowned in each division and then there will be a run-off to see who will be the overall Dirtwood Nationals Pinewood Derby Champion. Standard Scouting pinewood derby rules will govern the races. For anyone wanting to participate but not having a pinewood derby car, a limited quantity will be available for rent for a $10 donation to ChildHelp.

Competitor gates for Saturday, May 6th will open at 4 pm with spectator gates opening at 5 pm. On track, activities will begin at 6:30 pm for hot laps.

Divisions scheduled to race on Saturday: Victory Lap Pro Late Models (35 Laps); Budweiser Modifieds (30 laps); Truckin Thunder Sportsman (30 laps) and the Collision One Limited Stock Cars (25 laps). All divisions will run Hot Lap Time Trials and Features.

Admission price for Adults $12, seniors (60+) $10; military (active/retired w/ proper I.D.) $8, students 11 – 17 years old $6 and children 10 and under admitted free. Pit passes will be $20.

All scouts (Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Girl Scout) and well as pack leaders will be admitted FREE while in uniform. Class B uniforms are acceptable.

For more information on the 6th Annual Dirtwood Nationals and Scout Night call the track at (804) 758-1867.


About Childhelp®:

Founded in 1959 by Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson, Childhelp® is a leading national non-profit organization dedicated to helping victims of child abuse and neglect. Childhelp’s approach focuses on prevention, intervention, and treatment. The Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline, 1-800-4-A-CHILD®, operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and receives calls from throughout the United States, Canada, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Guam. Childhelp’s programs and services also include residential treatment services (villages); children’s advocacy centers; therapeutic foster care; group homes; child abuse prevention, education, and training; and the National Day of Hope®, part of National Child Abuse Prevention Month every April. Several of Childhelp’s programs were firsts, and continue to be studied by professionals worldwide as “models that work.” Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson continue to actively lead the organization and provide its vision, serving as Chairman/CEO and President, respectively.


Bill Sawyer’s Virginia Motor Speedway is a ½ mile dirt oval track is located on U.S. Route 17, eight miles north of Saluda, VA and 25 miles south of Tappahannock, VA in Jamaica, VA. The speedway is just a short drive from Richmond, Fredericksburg, Southern Maryland and the Hampton Roads area.


For more information about Virginia Motor Speedway or the 2017 events visit www.vamotorspeedway.com or call (804) 758-1867. In addition, fans can get social with Virginia Motor Speedway by following @vamotorspeedway on Twitter, clicking “Like” at www.facebook.com/VaMotorSpeedway and on www.youtube.com/VaMotorSpeedway.


MEDIA CONTACT: DAVE SEAY (804) 758-1867 OR (804) 357-7223

CARS Tour Announces New Ticket Program to Encourage Fan Growth

CARS_SLMMooresville, NC – The third season of the CARS Tour kicks off on March 11, and the series has announced a new offer on tickets in hopes of bringing in more families to the young series.

During the 2016 season, tickets for any children between 7 and 12 years old could cost up to $10, while any child under 6 years old could receive free admission. For the 2017 season, any child 12 years old or younger will be able to get into several CARS Tour races free, starting with the season-opening Circle Track Warehouse 200. The U.S. Nationals at Bristol — along with the first race at Hickory and South Boston — will have a different ticket policy that will be announced later.

The series also announced that flex ticket packages can be purchased by fans. These packages consists of 11 CARS Tour events at a price of $195, which would save the average season-ticket holder $25, and can be used at any race with the exception of Bristol. Additional promotional events, including family four-packs, will also be announced before each race.

“The CARS Tour already provides a family-friendly, entertaining show from the drop of the green flag to the last checker in under three hours,” said Jack McNelly, owner of the CARS Tour.  “We are very excited about the future of our series and the fan-friendly initiatives the CARS Tour will be bringing to the 2017 season.”

Concord Speedway has been with the CARS Tour since its inception, but 2017 marks the first time the historic racetrack has opened the season for the series. Built in 1982, the track has hosted the defunct ASA National Tour, Whelen Southern Modified Tour and 16 races for the predecessor to the CARS Tour — the Hooters Pro Cup Series. Canadian Raphael Lessard took home the checkered flag in the Super Late Model Tour in 2016, while Josh Berry scored his sixth career Late Model Stock Car Tour victory at the track last season.For more information on the CARS Late Model Stock Tour and the CARS Super Late Model Tour, visit

For more information on the CARS Late Model Stock Tour and the CARS Super Late Model Tour, visitwww.carsracingtour.com. Be sure to stay active and social with the tour by liking “CARS Tour” on Facebook, following @CARSTour on Twitter, and scrolling through photos on Instagram @car_tour. Additional series information can be obtained by calling the CARS Tour series office, located in Mooresville, N.C., at 704.662.9212.

Bill Mullis Confirms Purchase of Langley Speedway – Scheduled for Racing April 1st, 2017

Langley PANO

Hampton, VA – The moment drivers, fans, and the City of Hampton has been waiting for. Langley Speedway will officially reopen in 2017. Victory Lane Motorsports operator Bill Mullis announced this afternoon at a press conference with Mayor Tuck at City Hall that a deal has been finalized and Langley Speedway is set to open its doors once again in 2017.

“I would like to thank Mayor Tuck and all of the officials with the City of Hampton through this,” Mullis said in his opening remarks. “I would also like to thank Chesapeake Bank and Hamner Real Estate for making my dreams come true.” Mullis went on to thank those people who have not only stood by his side but has helped him with various aspects of the deal. Mullis had leased and operated the racing facility for several years before the track closed its gates. In what was said to one of the hardest deals of his life to negotiate, Mullis is able to say that he is the sole owner of Langley Speedway.

Mullis also went on to tell more than 500 people viewing the press conference LIVE on the tracks Facebook page that April 1st, 2017 will be when the first green flag will fly for the tracks 66th season. Mullis will be leaving tomorrow, February 18th, to head down to Daytona -where track operators from the NWAAS meet annually – for Speedweeks. He is slated to speak with the folks with NASCAR and has told us they will have more announements this Sunday from New Smyrna Speedway – where the World Series of Asphalt racing as well as the first NASCAR K&N East race of the season is held.

Stay tuned to The Weekly Racer as Langley Speedway officials are set to release their schedule sometime next week. All 11 divisions shall return to the schedule as well as the Hampton Heat 200. More information will be published as it becomes available.


NASCAR Drive for Diversity Announces 2017 Driver Class

NASCAR-D4D-Combine1DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (Jan. 25, 2017) – After a season of milestones for NASCAR Drive for Diversity graduates competing across NASCAR national series, the industry’s flagship development program for multicultural and female drivers has announced that six drivers will join its 2017 class. The drivers were selected after a competitive combine held last October at New Smyrna Speedway and will compete for Rev Racing in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East and NASCAR Whelen All-American Series.

The 2017 class features a former NASCAR PEAK Mexico Series champion, the granddaughter of one of the sport’s female pioneers, and NASCAR Drive for Diversity’s first sibling teammates. The drivers will attempt to follow in the footsteps of program graduates and current national series drivers Kyle Larson, Darrell Wallace Jr., and 2016 NASCAR XFINITY Series champion Daniel Suárez.

“Now more than ever, we’re seeing the impact of NASCAR’s development program in producing drivers who excel at the highest echelons of our sport,” said Jim Cassidy, NASCAR senior vice president of racing operations. “There’s a great deal of talent and potential in this year’s class. With the strong foundation that NASCAR Drive for Diversity provides, these drivers will have the opportunity to develop the skills needed to elevate their racing careers.”

The 2017 class is led by four returning drivers, Collin Cabre, Jay Beasley, Madeline Crane and Rubén García Jr., who first competed in stock car racing in his native Mexico. Collin’s younger brother, Chase Cabre, joins 16-year-old Macy Causey as this year’s NASCAR Drive for Diversity newcomers. Causey’s grandmother, Diane Teel, was the first woman to compete in a NASCAR XFINITY Series race in 1982.

Rev Racing, the operational arm of NASCAR Drive for Diversity, will field four teams in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East and two in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series.


The 2017 NASCAR Drive for Diversity roster features:

Collin Cabre: An impressive second year in the NASCAR Drive for Diversity program was highlighted by four top-five and six top-10 finishes and a sixth-place finish in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East championship standings. After winning the 2015 season finale at Dover International Speedway, Cabre was named to the 2016-2017 NASCAR Next class. The 23-year-old from Tampa, Florida, will compete in his third season in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East with Rev Racing.

Chase Cabre: Cabre, 20, registered 12 race wins in 21 starts in a 600 Mini Sprint Car and is a two-time Fall Brawl Champion at Florida’s Ocala Bullring. In 2016, he averaged a fourth-place finish in races at Hickory Motor Speedway and set two poles during the season. Chase will compete in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East in his rookie season with Rev Racing.

Rubén García Jr.: At age 20, the Mexico City native became the youngest NASCAR PEAK Mexico driver to win the series championship in 2015. García was also part of the NASCAR Next program in both 2015 and 2016. He returns to the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East after finishing 10th in the series last season.

Jay Beasley: Beasley, 24, made history in 2013 by becoming the first African-American driver to win a Super Late Model race at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. In his first season with the NASCAR Drive for Diversity program in 2014, he earned two top-five and five top-10 finishes in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East. He returns to the series for his third season with Rev Racing.

Macy Causey: Causey was honored with the NASCAR Young Racer Award in 2016. The year prior, she won the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Virginia Rookie of the Year Award and earned top rookie honors at Langley Speedway in Hampton, Virginia, where in 1978 her grandmother became the first woman to win a NASCAR-sanctioned race at the track. Causey will compete for Rev Racing in the NASCAR Whelen All American Series.

Madeline Crane: The Georgia native began her career racing Bandoleros at Atlanta Motor Speedway at age 10. Crane, 19, moved into Legend cars, and by the time she was 14 had garnered 59 top-five finishes in 82 starts. Returning for a second season with NASCAR Drive for Diversity, she will compete in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series following two top-five and 12 top-10 finishes in 2016.


NASCAR Drive for Diversity aligns drivers with a team of executives, athletic directors, crew chiefs and mentors tasked with helping them achieve career successes, and thus improving their goal of reaching one of the three NASCAR national series.


Since it began fielding NASCAR Drive for Diversity cars in 2010, Rev Racing has been one of the most consistent teams in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East, registering 17 wins, 65 top-five and 124 top-10 finishes with drivers finishing in the top-10 in points each season.


“Each year the applicant pool and talent level rises and our program continues to evolve and create more opportunities for advancement,” said Max Siegel, CEO and owner of Rev Racing. “NASCAR Drive for Diversity and Rev Racing are proud of the impact that we have had in the sport and we look forward to graduating the next generation of athletes to the national series.”


The 2016 NASCAR season was a historic year for NASCAR Drive for Diversity alumni. Larson, who is Asian-American, became the first program graduate to win a race and reach the playoffs in the sport’s premier series, the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.


With his NASCAR XFINITY Series victory at Michigan International Speedway, Suárez was the first Mexican-born driver to win a national series race, and last November he became the first foreign-born driver to win a national series championship. Suárez will make his debut in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series racing for Joe Gibbs Racing in 2017.


The 2017 NASCAR K&N Pro Series East season opener will take place on Feb. 19 at New Smyrna Speedway, where Rev Racing scored a win with Suárez in 2014.


For more information on NASCAR Drive for Diversity, visit NASCARDiversity.com.



The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, Inc. (NASCAR) is the sanctioning body for the No. 1 form of motorsports in the United States. NASCAR consists of three national series (Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series™, NASCAR XFINITY Series™, and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series™), four regional series, one local grassroots series and three international series. The International Motor Sports Association™ (IMSA®) governs the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship™, the premier U.S. sports car series. Based in Daytona Beach, Fla., with offices in eight cities across North America, NASCAR sanctions more than 1,200 races in more than 30 U.S. states, Canada, Mexico and Europe. For more information visit http://www.NASCAR.comand http://www.IMSA.com, and follow NASCAR on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and Snapchat (‘NASCAR’).


About Rev Racing

Headquartered in Concord, North Carolina, Rev Racing is owned by Max Siegel and operates the NASCAR Drive for Diversity Program, which is the industry’s leading developmental program for ethnic minorities, women drivers, and pit crew members. For more information about Rev Racing visit www.revracing.net and follow us on Twitter @RevRacin.

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