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Rodney Boyd Bounces Back for Twin Wins

Hampton, VA – After a couple tough outings for Rodney Boyd bounced back on Saturday claiming the pole for the first twin race of the night in the Pepsi Grand Stock divison. He ran a 18.177 second lap to beat out Tommy Sweeney’s 18.316 who was looking for his fourth in a row.

Right off the bat Sweeney’s night started rough getting stuck on the high line and fell to fourth within a couple laps. Meanwhile Boyd ran out to a second lead over Mark Frye. With nine laps to go Frye started reeling in Boyd while in turn-3 Tim Wilson spins out, but he was able to get it rolling again with no caution thrown.

With five laps to go Frye caught Boyd and made contact with the leader and was sent to the rear of the field with the call from the tower saying he was driving too agressively, Boyd also went to the rear for being involved. On the restart Paul Lubno went low as the leader and Sweeney went high but it didn’t work out for him. Boyd wasted no time getting back up front and under Lubno for the lead. With Boyd coming to the checkers Shawn Scovel and Wilson spun out down the back stretch.

Race Two

After the invert Kevin Morgan started on the pole with Frye’s substitute driver Brandon Hinson to his outside. Two laps in and they were three wide down the back stretch as the faster cars started coming through the field. A lap later Wilson body slams against Boyd to take over fourth place. Caution would fly with a scary incident involving Sweeney, his driveshaft came apart and at first it looked like it may have come through his floor board. Fortunately it had just hit the floor har enough to dislodge the onboard extinguisher which shot into his arm, leaving the driver sore but no broken bones.

On the restart Lubno kept the lead as Wilson fell to second place and started to come under pressure from Boyd. Boyd got by quickly and started going after Lubno with eleven laps to go in the race. Boyd made the pass on the inside for the lead with Hinson not wasting any time to get by Lubno for second. With under five laps to go Hinson ran out of time to try and take the checkers and Boyd got his second win of the night and his fifth of the season. With the updated points he sit backs nine points from Sweeney who is in the lead.


Race 1 Results

  1. Rodney Boyd
  2. Paul Lubno
  3. Tommy Sweeney
  4. Tim Wilson
  5. Shawn Scovel
  6. Jonathan White -1
  7. Mark Frye -2
  8. Kevin Morgan -7

Race 2 Results

  1. Rodney Boyd
  2. Brandon Hinson
  3. Paul Lubno
  4. Kevin Morgan
  5. Shawn Scovel
  6. Jonathan White -5
  7. Tim Wilson -8
  8. Tommy Sweeney -14


Victory Lane Photo Credit – King Charles Photography

Langley Speedway: Back In The Saddle Again On Twitter – @theweeklyracer


Hampton, VA – We’re back!!! After an eventful three weeks with rain, and couch crippling illnesses, car accidents and a few other things to say the least – I swear this summer my family just needs to go into a bubble – we have found our way back to the race track along with the IMCA style mods, Grandstocks, Super Streets & Legends! The last time these machines hit the pavement was a little more than a month ago, June 6th to be exact, where Jimmy Humblet found himself in the box (victory lane that is) after making the pass for the lead with just eight circuits to go.

Current points leader Shawn Balluzzo will not be behind the wheel tonight after a work accident left him with a broken wrist and some bruised ribs. “I was going to still attempt to get in the race car this weekend,” Balluzzo said. “But it does not appear that will happen at least according to the doctors for a couple of months. Besides the pain in the wrist and the ribs Balluzzo did let everyone know on Facebook earlier this week that for the most part he is okay and things will go on somewhat normal for the sign business. Never want to hear a driver get injured but luckily all things will heal, get better soon Shawn, all of your racing family is supporting you.

This unfortunate event will certainly shake things up in the points standings as #4 John Largena sit just 11 points out of first place, a solid finish and good car counts could just hand him over the points lead tonight. He will have two shots to climb closer to the top as they go center stage in the second race and second to last race of the evening.

Though the Mods are the higher division according to NASCAR these guys are not the only main event of the night. Every year Langley Speedway extends the race for on of the most interesting divisions to watch hands down. The annual 65-lap Pepsi Grandstock feature rolls off tonight – a battle that will not only take patients from a driver, but perseverance from a crew chief. For those who have never seen this race you may think, “well jeez it’s just an extra 25 laps…” An extra 25 laps given to the guys who give it 120% every lap. You think these cars were slipping and sliding around lap 30, you’re in for a treat tonight.

Mark Frye & Tommy Sweeney enter the night in one of the tightest points battles of the year at Langley Speedway. Both drivers have proven they can win, both drivers have had their fair share of mix ups on the 4/10 flat speedway. The Pepsi Grandstocks are set to roll off fifth tonight. For a full schedule of this evenings racing action, take a peak bellow.

You can follow us LIVE on Twitter (@theweeklyracer) starting at 4:30 PM EDT

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