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East Carolina Motor Speedway Announces Changes for 2015

east carolinaRobersonville, NCEast Carolina Motor Speedway (ECMS) & The Weekly Racer (TWR) had a lot of things in common throughout the2014 racing season. Both were rookies under the ranks of the NASCAR banner, we had our ups where readers and car counts were high and we of course had our downs where we just wanted to pull our hair out. We have crossed paths with countless new faces and made friendships with those faces. Most importantly though, in my opinion, we have both learned a vast amount and are growing!

Of course all of my statements above are strictly of my own view and do not necessarily reflect those of ECMS management, however, it is my honest and brief synopsis of our 2014 journey. That is neither hear nor there because as we look forward, ECMS & THW are thrilled to kick off their sophomore seasons. Bellow you will find a picture of the 2015 ECMS schedule and you should notice something very different, very quick….

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New pages coming soon!

Well guys and gals! Tomorrow is the release of another new driver to The Driver series. I really like this weeks post. It will certainly be an eye opener in more ways than one. This driver will break more than just one milestone for the blog. Just working on some final touches, looking to have it posted by noon tomorrow!

I also wanted to announce a mini story to the blog! Working on some details but I really want to right a short story around the racing community. Once I get more details ironed out I will be sure to post them. The way I will work this out is every so often, possibly the weeks between the driver series, a new chapter of the story.

This is also something new to me. I have written small stories for personal use and then of course educational purposes! I’m in the process of laying characters, plots and all that jazz. PLEASE if you have any constructive criticism or things you like to see out of a blog let me know. I would love the input! Always welcome to leave a comment bellow!