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Some interesting changes coming to The Weekly Racer.

Some good news and additions here at The Weekly Racer!

I am extremely excited to announce that sooner rather than later, the domain name for the website will belong to me! I have gotten a company to throw some sponsorship dollars my way to help with the financials for the year! Tomorrow I am going to take the steps to own the website and make some appearance changes that come with owning the domain name! With those changes it will include a page with all the sponsors information. I feel they might be able to help you out this summer!

Another addition to the website, I have “employed” a full-time editor to help me out with some things. I am not gonna try to use it as a crutch, but sometimes my ADHD gets the best of me! I have a lot of great ideas for articles, stories and other types of posts but sometimes I will see something out the corner of my eye and focus on that and lose my train of thought. Or a song will come on my iTunes, or I will remember I have to run out and get something, or have to talk to a customer at work. When I come back to the story it normally just doesn’t flow right. Plus it’s always nice to have another pair of eyes on your work.

In other news, I believe we are very very close to having a photographer for the blog! That way during race season I can provide you guys with some awesome photos, showcase what she can do with a camera and help get her name out there as a photographer. I will also have a page on the site with some of her info, showcase her photos and provide y’all with some contact info.

Here in the future I will also be working on a staff page to help thank all those people who are helping out with the blog! Then, once I get everything switched over to the new domain, figure a few things out, I will leave a “this is where everything is” type post. That way you can have an understanding on how to navigate the page, where to find stories, older post and all that jazz.

I will also let you know to pay close attention to the posts in the coming weeks. I have had some interesting offers and opportunities this past week to talk with some people that I truly feel you will enjoy.

Introducing… the “Drivers Series”

Okay everyone, since creating this blog I have been brainstorming ideas of a series to create. All my research told me a good blog site has some kind of series to go along with their post. Something that has a regular release, some thing that beings readers back to my blog. I feel okay about saying this here because if I was able to find that information with no problem then so could my readers… Read more

Welcome to the Weekly Racer

Dear New Readers,

Hello everyone, thank you so much for stopping by my “new” blog. I will be honest, I have had this blog for quite some time now. Little over a year, maybe close to two years. My original plan was to create a sports blog in general, try to interject my opinions into upcoming/past sporting events. I wanted to do this while I was finishing up my degree at Old Dominion. What actually happened is school was stressful, work was even more stressful, then on top of that planning my wedding. Yea, needless to say not a whole lot got done with this site. Read more