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Lauren Edgerton Finds Victory Lane in Modified Season Finale at Southside; Kyle Wood Holds Off Mike Rudy For Series Championship

Midlothian, VA. – A new winner was crowned this past Friday at Southside Speedway in the Modified division after Lauren Edgerton capitalized on the four-car invert to lead flag to flag to end her 2017 campaign on top. Kyle Wood, of Richmond, Virginia, entered the weekend with just a single point lead over Mike Rudy in the standings. He would later help his case for promotion to Track Champion by laying down the fastest time of the day in qualifying with 14.844 seconds lap to not only earn him the pole but one extra bonus point. Rudy would clock in just .008 seconds slower missing a chance to tie the points up by no more than a couple inches. Michael Johnson, Matt Morgan, and Lauren Edgerton would round out the fastest five starters.

Due to Southside’s rulebook, Mike Rudy was forced to start the 30-lap feature from the very back of the field due to winning the previous two features back to back. Kyle, on the other hand, would draw a number four out of the infamous pill draw bag forcing a top-four invert for the race. Once the line-up was adjusted this handed the front row over to Edgerton and Yorktown’s own Matt Morgan – who was racing for Rookie of the Year honors.

When the green flag was displayed to the field Edgerton and Morgan completed a high-speed pace lap door to door with Edgerton. Lauren, however, was able to exit turn four just a little better than Morgan on the bottom and took the lead, from there she never looked back. Morgan would try his luck with the top groove to hold off the field but it just was not enough to keep Michael Johnson at bay, who ultimately took the position in just a few laps. Kyle Wood and Mike Rudy followed suit not long after.

Michael Johnson made every attempt possible to take the lead from Edgerton as he stayed glued to her back bumper, even giving her a couple taps in the closing laps but it was not enough to move the No. 7 car off the bottom of the speedway and she was able to hang onto it for the win. The battle for the third position saw plenty of action the caution free race as Mike Rudy applied heavy pressure to the rear bumper of Wood hoping to force a mistake. At one point towards the end, Rudy sent Wood into turn three about three cars deeper than was used to causing the car to step out on him. Thankfully, Rudy backed out of the throttle and let Kyle gather things back up before going back racing and finishing third and fourth respectively. The podium finish was enough to secure his first Modified championship – something his father Rusty Wood did back in 2002.


Grand Stocks

Austin Dodge would take the victory in the Grand Stock feature after starting from the third position. Dodge would actually qualify in the second position just .002 seconds behind Dan Rogers who set quick time with a 16.291-second lap. A top-four invert handed the top spot over to the No. 21 of Shannon Smith who did an admiral job at showing the way for the first eleven circuits. However, as it has been all season, Austin Dodge has just been in a league of his own it seems. Working his way up from the fourth position he was able to take the lead from Smith on lap twelve and hang on to the end. The victory was also enough to secure the track championship as well. Rogers, T. Ruggles, Simpson, and Smith would round out the top five.


Modified OFFICIAL Results

  1. #7 Lauren Edgerton; 30
  2. #38 Michael Johnson; 30
  3. #19 Kyle Wood; 30
  4. #8 Mike Rudy; 30
  5. #98 Matt Morgan; 30
  6. #00 Tyler Davis; 30
  7. #2 Eric Fowlkes; 30
  8. #5 Tony Fowler; 30


Grand Stock OFFICIAL Results

  1. #07 Austin Dodge; 30
  2. #33 Dan Rogers; 30
  3. #40 Todd Ruggles; 30
  4. #36 Mark Simpson; 30
  5. #21 Shannon Smith; 30
  6. #88 Mike Lowe; 30
  7. #69 Ethan Ayers; 30
  8. #89 Cameron Ruggles; 30
  9. #15 Bobby Curtis; 8

Kyle Wood and Mike Rudy Split a Wild Night of Twin Modified Racing at Southside Speedway – Austin Dodge From Worst to First in Grand Stock Race

Kyle Wood (#19w) wins the first 25-lap feature at Southside Speedway August 4, 2017. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Midlothian, VA – To help make up some of the lost races due to rainouts, Southside Officials made this weekends IMCA style asphalt modified race into twin 25-lap features. Michael Johnson took the bonus point earlier in the afternoon setting the fastest time in group qualifying with a 14.845-second (80.827 MPH) lap. He would later pull a number five pill, essentially inverting half of the field. This would put rookies Adam Medek and Matt Morgan on the front row while Johnson and Mike Rudy would start fourth and fifth.

Things got interesting, for the lack of better terms, from the drop of the green flag when a shifter rod broke on the racing machine of Matt Morgan semi stacking the field up into one. Luckily Morgan was able to get the car to the topside and allow the field to get around him. He would limp that car back around to the pits where his crew tried to make the fix and get him back out. Ultimately, he was only able to complete four laps.

Medek would lead the first four circuits around Southside Speedway before Kyle Wood could stick a nose under his #29 modified and take the lead off turn two just five laps into the twenty-five lap event. Medek would get hung up to dry on the outside and have to settle for fifth. The race would be slowed by three cautions, one of which saw Lauren Edgerton slowly barrel roll once on the backstretch with the help of Salomone. The two made contact coming down the backstretch after it looked like Medek had to check up and chase his car out of two. Tyler Davis and Warren Lipford also got a piece of the action; Davis was the only one to be able to continue.

Mike Rudy’s bad luck train continued to roll right on down the tracks at full steam when a right front tire started going down with just five laps to go in the race. Luckily for him and his crew, the night’s second caution flew allowing him to come down pit road and change tires. No one appeared to have anything for Kyle Wood in the first race as he went on to win by just under a half second over Michael Johnson. Tyler Davis would bounce back and finish third while Rudy would have to settle for fourth. Adam Medek finished out the field as the last car running in fifth.

The top three finishers would invert for the start of the second and final race of the evening in the Modified’s. This handed the front row over to Tyler Davis and Michael Johnson who didn’t wait long to get a little physical. Turn four of the opening lap the two make contact sending Davis around. Race control would call for a complete restart with the two involved in the yellow to the rear.

That was just what Wood and Rudy wanted to see as it set them up for a front row restart and the opportunity for Rudy to use that top groove to take the lead. Rudy would have his work cut out for him, though, having to hold off the field on three different cone restarts from some pretty physical racing.

Rudy, however, was able to leave Wood, Johnson, and Morgan in his rearview for most of the race to battle for position behind him to finally earn a trip to victory lane. Rookie Matt Morgan was able to power his way through the hornet’s nest into the second position, his best finish of the year. Michael Johnson eventually found his way around the likes of Kyle Wood and Tyler Davis to earn himself a third place finish. Race one winner, Kyle Wood, would have to settle for fourth while Tyler Davis crossed the stripe in the fifth position.

We caught up with Mike Rudy after the races to talk about finally getting in victory lane and plans for the rest of this year and next.

“It feels real good,” Rudy said about finally getting the win. “The crew has really been working hard. We made a motor switch this last week. Came over here and practiced. This motor is actually our out of town, our big track motor, it’s probably got 550 horsepower or better. Too much for this track but I used it to get in front of Kyle there.”

Rudy was very thankful and appreciative of his crew for giving him the car to win and his family for letting him do something he loves.

“I had a great car thanks to my crew chief Jerry and all my crew, my wife, and son,” Rudy said. “They couldn’t be here for that second race because they went home to get ready to go to Dover tomorrow because I also drive for the Rusty Wallace Experience. Every time I win my son is not able to see it so I am really hoping we can get that done. I like coming here and running, it’s a fun little short track.”


Austin Dodge had to start the 30-lap feature at the rear of the field after qualifying on the pole due to Southside “Two Win Rule.” Dodge would also pull a five after qualifying, which would invert the fastest five drivers and handing the front row over to Mike Lowe (#88) and Todd Ruggles (#40).The invert would prove to play in Ruggles favor has he took the lead early and appeared to never look back. Teammate, Austin Dodge (#07) seemed to have different plans on how he wanted the race to end, working his way up to the second position by lap twenty-three of the thirty lap feature. Dan Rogers (#33), who has found his way into victory lane a couple times this year, tried to make things difficult on Dodge as he worked his way up through the field but appeared to burn the tires off his machine and bring out the races final caution after spinning in turn four.

The invert would prove to play in Ruggles favor has he took the lead early and appeared to never look back. Teammate, Austin Dodge (#07) seemed to have different plans on how he wanted the race to end, working his way up to the second position by lap twenty-three of the thirty lap feature. Dan Rogers (#33), who has found his way into victory lane a couple times this year, tried to make things difficult on Dodge as he worked his way up through the field but appeared to burn the tires off his machine and bring out the races final caution after spinning in turn four.The restart would set up an epic race between Dodge and Todd Ruggles, which saw the two door-to-door coming to the white flag. A small hiccup from the 40

The restart would set up an epic race between Dodge and Todd Ruggles, which saw the two door-to-door coming to the white flag. A small hiccup from the 40 car out of two would end his hopes of stealing a victory in 2017 with just a handful of races left. Mike Lowe, Bobby Curtis, and Shannon Smith would round of the top five.



Modified Race 2 OFFICIAL Results;

  1. #19w Kyle Wood; 25
  2. #38 Michael Johnson; 25
  3. #00 Tyler Davis; 25
  4. #8 Mike Rudy; 25
  5. #29 Adam Medek; 25
  6. #02 Rip Salomone; 21
  7. #7 Lauren Edgerton; 21
  8. #43 Warren Lipford; 21
  9. #98 Matt Morgan; 4


Modified Race 2 OFFICIAL Results;

  1. #8 Mike Rudy; 25
  2. #98 Matt Morgan; 25
  3. #38 Michael Johnson; 25
  4. #19w Kyle Wood; 25
  5. #00 Tyler Davis; 25
  6. #29 Adam Medek; 25
  7. #43 Warren Lipford; 1
  8. #02 Rip Salomone; DNS



Grand Stock OFFICIAL Results;

  1. #07 Austin Dodge; 30
  2. #40 Todd Ruggles; 30
  3. #88 Mike Lowe; 30
  4. #15 Bobby Curtis; 30
  5. #21 Shannon Smith; 30
  6. #33 Dan Rogers; 30
  7. #36 Mark Simpson; 29
  8. #39 Tony Hull; 29
  9. #41 Cameron Ruggles; 23

Michael Johnson beats out Kyle Wood in the Modifieds and UCARs Split the Twins

Midlothian, VA – The modifieds had a few less show up than the previous race but they still put on a heck of a show. Michael Johnson ran a 15.102 in practifying. He drew a four on the invert putting Lauren Edgerton on the pole, Kyle Wood in second, and Mike Rudy in third.

Kyle Wood wasted no time getting by Lauren and she ended up three wide for second place. By the third lap Johnson was into second and looking at the big lead Wood had already established. Farther on back Rudy and Morgan ran side by side for fourth place and Mike took the position and next up was Edgerton for him. He pulled up to her and made a pass on the outside on lap thirteen. At the halfway mark Johnson was starting to pull right up to Wood’s bumper going into the corner but Wood would pull away on exit. On lap-16 Adam Medek was battling a loose car and it didn’t help when Tyler Davis gave him a bump sending him around.

Coming to the restart Johnson chose the high side on the cone and Wood had possibly the slowest creep to the start I’ve ever seen. On the next lap, Johnson led the race by a nerf bar and would eventually complete the pass. One of the old sayings is that cautions breed cautions, so without fail the yellow flag flew for the second time. Medek was trying to pass Rip Salomone when he went in too hard and spun them both out.

Wood tried the high side this time over Johnson and the whole field ended up running side by side for an entire lap. Wood went to his inside once it was clear and the caution came out for the third time with Salomone and Harvey Thomas spinning out down the back stretch. Wood tried the high side again on the restart running side by side with Johnson as they came to the white flag. On the final lap he fell in behind him to try and get a nerf bar to his rear but Johnson was able to hold on for the win. Behind them, Rudy got sideways from Davis but was able to keep his third place finish.

UCAR Twins

Scott Willingham got the pole point in the UCAR division running a 16.977-second lap in the practifiying session. The always fast Michael Chapman missed out by just two-thousandths of a second of beating out Willingham. Scott pulled a 5 out of the invert bag which put Korey Lawson up front to take the green flag.

Lawson cleared the field after the first lap easily and the shuffling behind him started. Four laps in the caution flew for Willingham getting sideways with Joshua Thomas. Ending the first race for Thomas. For the restart, Chapman decided to try the high line and made a little contact with Lawson but couldn’t get by him. Hite worked his way back into second by the seventh lap and three laps later he was on the leader’s bumper trying to engineer a pass. On the thirteenth lap, Chapman slowed down on the back straight and came down to pit road to park it. Dillon Devenney and Willingham start racing hard with five to go and Scott was able to grab fourth from him. Dillon wasn’t giving up though and gives him a shot down the front straight making Willingham loose but he was able to save it. The next lap they bump again and get hooked to each other and the caution would come out. Beejay Anderson had nowhere to go and made contact while trying to slow down.

Off the restart, the UCAR drivers went three wide for second place but Hite was once again able to keep the position. With two laps to go Hunter Waldrop’s car made contact with the boiler plate and broke the right side of it. This set up a green-white-checkered finish. Lawson had a good restart but Hite was able to make some contact with him to try and steal the win from Lawson. Lawson was able to keep the spot and roll into victory lane leading every lap in the race.

Thomas led the field to the green flag in the second UCAR race of the night. Devenney was trying to get the third place position from Lawson when he got loose and fell back a spot to fourth. By the sixth lap, Thomas had a big lead but Lawson was coming, gaining almost a tenth a lap on the leader. It wouldn’t be enough though and with no help from cautions Thomas was able to cruise to the checkers with Lawson, Devenney, Ayers, and Frayser rounding out the top-5.

Modified Results

  1. Michael Johnson
  2. Kyle Wood
  3. Mike Rudy
  4. Tyler Davis
  5. Matt Morgan
  6. Adam Medek
  7. Rip Salomone
  8. Lauren Edgerton
  9. Harvey Thomas

UCAR Results Race 1

  1. Korey Lawson
  2. Jamie Hite
  3. Mike Frayser
  4. Alex Ayers
  5. Dillon Devenney
  6. Beejay Anderson
  7. Scott Willingham
  8. Hunter Waldrop -3
  9. Michael Chapman -8
  10. Joshua Thomas -15

UCAR Results Race 2

  1. Joshua Thomas
  2. Korey Lawson
  3. Dillon Devenney
  4. Alex Ayers
  5. Mike Frayser
  6. Beejay Anderson
  7. Scott Willingham
  8. Jamie Hite -9

Tyler Davis Takes the Checkers in Modifieds for First Win; Kyle Wood Victorious the Week Prior

Midlothian, VA – Mike Rudy barely missed the 14-second bracket running a 15.001 to get the extra pole point with one of the larger fields of Modifieds at Southside Speedway this year. Adam Medek who qualified fifth fastest benefited from a big invert on the field. Unfortunately for him, Tyler Davis took the lead from him on the first lap. There were five cautions through the race but Davis was able to handle every restart and ended up winning by over half a second with Michael Johnson who tried the high side every time the cone was put out. This was Tyler’s first win in a modified and victory lane was full of lots of hugs for the winner from family, friends and other drivers.


Kyle Wood’s third place finish comes on the heels a victory the week prior when he took the lead from rookie Matt Morgan on lap five. Wood qualified fourth that evening but would end up taking the green flag in the second position after a two car invert and post-qualifying penalty. Mike Rudy, who has been the fastest car week in and week out but has fallen victim to som very bad luck, looked to have the break he needed. After pulling a number two pill Rudy should have started on the outside pole. However, after being moved to the rear of the field, he would not have enough time to come through the field. In a race slowed only once, Kyle Wood was able to keep the hard charging Mike Rudy at bay and take home the victory. Mike Rudy, Tyler Davis, Michael Johnson and Lauren Edgerton would round out the top five.

Modified Results
1. Tyler Davis 30
2. Michael Johnson 30
3. Kyle Wood 30
4. Mike Rudy 30
5. Matt Morgan 30
6. Lauren Edgerton 30
7. Adam Medek 30
8. Mike Bedner 30
9. Kyle Fowler 30
10. Rip Salomone 30
11. Harvey Thomas 30
12. Chris Hoylman -18

Mike Rudy Wins Modified Thriller at Southside Speedway – Dan Rogers Keeps Win Streak Alive

Mike Rudy and crew celebrate after winning the Modified feature at Southside Speedway on Friday, April 21st, 2017. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Midlothian, VA – Mother Nature tried to ruin the start of the weekend with a brief rain shower over Southside Speedway. Track officials and track crews, however, had better ideas. After about an hour-long rain delay we were able to get back to racing at the “The Toughest Short Track in the South” for a night of racing that proved to be beyond entreating for the fans. The IMCA style Modifieds – a TWR favorite – proved that it’s not always quantity over quality.

Eight open wheel cars showed up this past weekend for their scheduled 30-lap feature. Mike Rudy once again was the fastest car on the speedway while Kyle Wood looked to collect his second win in a row. During the final practice session – which if you are not familiar with Southside, the track uses the final practice session as a group qualifying session as well – Mike Rudy posted a fast time of 14.826-seconds which once again earned him the pole. The pill draw would have other ideas forcing the Prince George driver to start fifth on the grid handing the lead over to Michael Johnson.

Took two attempts to get the racing underway in the modified division after Tyler Davis – who was starting on the outside pole – had a bit of a mishap on the initial start and spun in turns one and two. Once things were sorted out and we were green Kyle Wood took things into his own hands and took the lead on the outside. Wood focused on setting a steady pace while a few cars battled for position behind him and Mike Rudy made his way up through the field.

The race was slowed only one more time early in the race when Tyler Davis dropped a heavy dose of water on the track going into turn one. Causing Lauren Edgerton to make a B-line for the outside wall. Rookie modified driver Matt Morgan did a great job as well to keep his car off the wall. Davis, who has not had much luck this season so far looked to be done for the night.

When the race went back green it was a Kyle Wood and Mike Rudy front row. As everyone got into a solid rhythm the top two cars checked on the field. Rip Salomone, who was the third fastest car in qualifying, was right where he started the race in third working his hardest to track down the top two. He was able to do so within the closing five laps on the race when Rudy and Wood started racing hard.

With the laps winding down, Rudy gave a big shot to Wood as they entered turn one with just three laps to go. Kyle Wood’s car went into dirt track mode as Rudy and Salomone backed off the throttle to allow Kyle to gather things back up. By the time the 19 was facing in the right direction again, Rudy had gotten a great run off turn two and made the pass for the lead. Salomone tried to work around Wood for second but he just did not have enough to make it happen and would have to settle for third.Dan Rogers kept the 2017 winning streak alive this past weekend in the Grand Stock division after laying down the second fastest time in qualifying. Austin Dodge was able to beat him out by .011 second to win the pole position. However, Dodge and Rogers would switch spots on the starting grid after the invert was complete.

Dan Rogers kept the 2017 winning streak alive this past weekend in the Grand Stock division after laying down the second fastest time in qualifying. Austin Dodge was able to beat him out by .011 second to win the pole position. However, Dodge and Rogers would switch spots on the starting grid after the invert was complete.

The two would remain nose to tail throughout the entire race, which can be seen on replay over on our Facebook page. Dodge did try to make a pass on Rogers as they approached lap traffic towards the end of the 30-lap feature creating a drag race down the front stretch. Rogers just seemed to get off the corner a little better and grabbed his second win of the season by just .063-seconds at the line.

The Modifieds and Grand Stocks will return to action, along with all of the great divisions, on Friday, May 12th for Scout Night. Head over the tracks Facebook page and website for more details


Modified OFFICIAL Results;

1.#8 Mike Rudy; 30
2. #19 Kyle Wood; 30
3. #02 Rip Salomone; 30
4. #38 Michael Johnson; 30
5. #29 Adam Medek; 30
6. #7 Lauren Edgerton; 30
7. #98 Matt Morgan; 19
8. #00 Tyler Davis; 2


Grand Stocks OFFICIAL Results;

1.#33 Dan Rogers; 30
2. #07 Austin Dodge; 30
3. #01 Landon Abbott; 30
4. #40 Todd Ruggles; 30
5. #88 Mike Lowe; 30
6. #41 Cameron Ruggles; 29
7. #36 Mark Simpson; 29
8. #49 Shannon Smith; 29
9. #49 Robbie Roth; 27
10. #1 Johnny Luck; 20
11. #55 Justin Brown; 19
12. #15 Bobby Curtis; 3

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