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Young Driver Garrett Marchant Stops by to Share His Story

ProfileI would like to start this weeks story off with a HUGE thank you to Garrett for getting back to me in such a short notice! We lost contact with one of the drivers from the west coast that we were going to feature this week, we had reached out to Garrett to get him on the schedule anyhow, so thanks for such the quick response we have filled the spot and will not have to change the entire schedule around. Thank you so much for that young sir! With out you guys and even gals this entire series would fall by the way side! Again I ask if you are a driver reading this or a fan and know a driver that would be interested please send us an email to info@theweeklyracer.com and we will work on getting in touch!

In the studio this week we have a young driver who has proven to me he like many other young drivers that he has an addiction… an addiction to stock car racing! Along with that addiction is the drive to do what ever he can in his power to fund this addiction. Garrett Marchant is a 17-year-old rising senior from the small town of LaGrange, North Carolina! Growing up Marchant told me he enjoyed playing baseball and was pretty good at it, but from the moment he sat in a race car baseball was put on the back burner!

Garrett is actually a third generation driver from the Marchant stables, both father and grand father raced in the past and are still actively involved within the racing community as a matter of fact. Marchant started his journey through the motor sports community in the year of 2010 at the age of 14, one could argue that is a little bit late of a start for kids these days, but one can also argue putting your child in motor sports any earlier is not safe. Good thing that is not my job to decide on any of that! I will stand up and applaud this young man for trying everything in his power to fund his race car!
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