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Bubba Johnston Snaps Shawn Balluzzo’s win Streak in the Modified Division on St. Leo Night

Shawn Balluzzo wins race number eight in 2018. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Hampton, VA ­– Shawn Balluzzo, who has been undefeated so far this year in the Larry King Law Modified division, earned yet another pole award earlier in the afternoon with a 16.425-second lap (86.575 MPH). Oddly enough, the ten lap scuff session and two-lap qualifying session was the first time Balluzzo’s car had been up to speed all day as he was at home tending to his daughter. Matt Carter, Bubba Johnston, Danny Harrell, and Bobby Gery were the fastest five starters. Derek Roberts was the only car not able to make the feature as he experienced engine issues during qualifying.

Just as the sun was starting to set behind the turn three tree line the first of two thirty lap features got underway. Balluzzo and Carter – arguably the two fastest cars this season – immediately got to work battling for the top spot. Balluzzo was able to lead the first five circuits around Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway before Carter would get around him. Behind them things were hot and heavy; Bobby Gery, DJ Valente, and Danny Harrell all scratching and clawing for position. Balluzzo was able to get back around Carter on lap fourteen and built over a half second lead to capture win number eight on the season. Carter, Fortin, Harrell, and Valente.

Per usual, the top eight cars from race number one were inverted to comply with the NASCAR rulebook. This allowed Bobby Gery the ability to lead the field down into turn one yet again for race number two. Bubba Johnston, Jon Largena, DJ Valente, Danny Harrell rounded out the starting five cars for the second race. Matt Carter and Shawn Balluzzo were slated to start in row number four, however, Balluzzo elected to once again start from the rear to gain maximum national points – which may have had a lot to do with the outcome of the second feature as it went caution free.

It did not take long for things to get a little interesting when Mr. Starter, Shane Snider, dropped the green flag. Once again, Gery had trouble getting up to speed, this would stack everyone up behind him. Jon Largena, who started right behind the pole sitter, had to go down to almost the grass in turn one to avoid any contact. Bubba Johnston took advantage of the mishap and jumped out to the lead and never looked back. Balluzzo would get back up to and around Matt Carter early on in the race and the two pretty much worked in tandem passing cars and climbing through the field. However, with just thirty laps and some of the “slower” traffic fighting for their position on the racing surface Balluzzo was not able to collapse the lead that Johnston built and Langley Speedway would finally crown a new winner in its tier two division. Shawn Balluzzo, Matt Carter, Andrew Fortin, and DJ Valente rounded out the top five finishers for the final race of the evening.

Landon Abbott won the pole for the Old Skool Video Games Super Streets over Dale Parro, Randy Akers, Sean Calway, and Jason Michaud. After being slowed by just one caution period between the No. 12 of Calway and No. 46 of Michaud, Abbott would go on to dominate the 40-lap feature and UNOFFICIALLY score his second victory of the season. Dale Parro, Randy Akers, Sean Calway and Bill Eaker are currently holding onto the top five as results were not made official at the time of this release.

However, as of late Monday evening and completion of post race tech, Landon Abbott’s car was found to be outside of the rule book and was disqualified. That would hand the race win and points that go with it to the first car found legal. In most cases this would be your runner-up finisher. Dale Parro would fail to comply with tear down procedures therefore he too was disqualified handing the win over to Randy Akers. Sean Calway, Bill Eaker, Gordon Weeks, and Danny Harrell were your OFFICIAL top five finishers.

In other divisions, Gary Osbourne picked up another victory in the ERA Realtors HRKC Wing Champ Kart division. Michael Waters was able to get around pole sitter Colby Vance early to win the Carrolls Automotive UCAR feature and Adam Florian remained undefeated in the Riverside Paper Pro Six series.

Next up for Langley Speedway will be the 10th annual Hampton Heat 200 where someone will leave $10,000 richer and we will have a better picture of how the Virginia Triple crown series will look going into Martinsville.

Larry King Law Modifieds Race 1 OFFICIAL Results;

  1. #48 Shawn Balluzzo; 30
  2. #78 Matt Carter; 30
  3. #5 Andrew Fortin; 30
  4. #95 Danny Harrell; 30
  5. #18 DJ Valente; 30
  6. #4 Jon Largena; 30
  7. #51 Bubba Johnston; 30
  8. #60 Bobby Gery; 30
  9. #28 Jamie Smaple; 30
  10. #98 Matt Morgan; 30
  11. #49 Todd Whitesell; 30
  12. #47 Rick Gdovic; 30

Larry King Law Modifieds Race 2 OFFICIAL Results;

  1. #51 Bubba Johnston; 30
  2. #48 Shawn Balluzzo; 30
  3. #78 Matt carter; 30
  4. #5 Andrew Fortin; 30
  5. #18 DJ Valente; 30
  6. #95 Danny Harrell; 30
  7. #4 Jon Largena; 30
  8. #28 Jamie Sample; 30
  9. #60 Bobby Gery; 30
  10. #47 Rick Gdovic; 30
  11. #98 Matt Morgan; 30
  12. #49 Todd Whitesell; 29

Landon Abbott Holds on for Super Street Title and Shawn Balluzzo Captures 9th Mod Championship

Hampton, VA – Landon Abbott came in to the final race of the season in the Old Skoll Video Games Super Streets with a one point lead over Randy Akers and 40 laps to decide the champion. In qualifying Akers was able to grab the pole running a 19.049 second lap, beating out Abbott by .075 of second. Sammy Gaita, who still had a shot because of the big car count, was .002 second behind Abbott.

On the start Akers cleared Abbott off of turn-2 and Sean Calway made a big move going from fifth to second. Abbott had a dreadful start falling all the way back to eighth by the time the lap was finished. It took him about ten laps to get back into a good groove and start his way through the field.

At the front of the field Gaita was tired of running third and started letting Calway know he was the faster car of the two. Twenty-one laps in and he gives Calway a lot of bumper and claims the second place spot. Eight laps later the caution comes out for Chris Hott spun around on the back stretch and the spread out field would be brought together now.

With the race restarting Abbott made it three wide into turn-1 and the rest of the field was pretty aggressive too. Just one lap was complete as Gordon Weeks ended up in the grass and the caution flew again, but not before Sammy Gaita took the lead from Akers.

Abbott took the high side on the next restart putting himself in position to win the title. Landon got the position on the restart but not before some bumping from Akers and Bill Eaker, leading to another caution with Eaker sustaining some damage. On the final restart they went three wide for third place and Akers fell way back with just a few laps to go. Sammy Gaita grabs the checkers by almost a second and Landon Abbott grabs the championship by just a couple points.

Sammy Gaita wins in the Super Street Finale
Photo by John Long

Larry King Law Modifieds

Shawn Balluzzo wins his 9th race of the year and 9th modified championship
Photo by John Long

Before the race started Shawn Balluzzo had an insurmountable lead in the points over Bobby Gery, but that didn’t change how Shawn would race at all in the ‘Year of the Buttercup’.

Matt Carter kept up his fast qualifying efforts running a 16.766 second lap to sit on the pole. Balluzzo grabbed second by running a 16.927.

Early on Carter held a big lead over Balluzzo but Shawn closes the gap quickly once they start hitting slower cars nine laps in and this allowed Balluzzo to make his move for the lead. Behind them Andrew Fortin was the fastest car on the track and moved into third place after getting by Danny Harrell.

The race would fly by without incident and it looked like Balluzzo checked out on Carter but in the closing laps he made a valiant effort to try and catch the leader. Slower cars break up his momentum and Balluzzo holds on for his 9th win of the season and his 9th Modified track championship.


Shawn Balluzzo and Matt Slye Split Wins in Modifieds While Renno Sweeps Super Streets

Hampton, VA – Shawn Balluzzo earned the poll for the first time this season running a 16.888 second lap around the 4/10th mile Langley Speedway. No other driver’s could get into the same bracket but Bubba Johnston, Matt Carter, and Matt Slye all qualified within six hundredths of each other for second through fourth.

Balluzzo led the field to the green and Bubba was able to run his outside for the first full lap until Shawn cleared him driving into turn-1. Carter struggled a little early on falling back to fifth place as Jamie Sample got by him six laps in. Ten laps in and there was a three way battle for fourth between Sample, Carter, and Bobby Gery. Eventually Sample would spin out into the grass and bring out the caution.

Johnston tried the high side on the restart but Balluzzo pulled away from him before turn-3. A couple cars back Gery was able to pass Carter for fifth place while Slye started reeling in Johnston with ten laps to go. Pushing his car a little too hard possibly, Slye got loose out of turn-4 and hit the drainage area but kept the car rolling forward. With five to go Gery was up to Danny Harrell for fourth place, but a caution the next lap for Slye bumping Johnston too hard and spinning him out. Shawn controlled the restart well and was able to cruise to another win on the season for the defending champ.

Race Two

Finishing 8th in the first race means Bubba has the pole for race two. Like earlier in the season Balluzzo chose to start at the rear to pick up maximum national NASCAR points in the second division. Bubba had Donnie Holston on his outside coming to the green flag but this didn’t last long as he cleared him before heading down the back stretch. Eight laps in a nd Bubba’s car has a hickup and gets loose off of turn-4 and he would cycle back to fourth place giving the lead to Matt Carter with Matt Slye chasing him down. A few laps later and Shawn was already halfway through the field with twenty-three laps remaining. Balluzzo kept up the fast pace and five laps later he was by Gery for third place and just over three seconds back of the leaders. Slye grabbed the lead on the eighteenth lap. With six laps to go Balluzzo was a second and a half back and two laps later he got around Carter for second. His run would stop there as both drivers got into lapped traffic and Slye was able to hold on to the win.

Old Skool Video Games Super Streets

Renno Marchetti IV ran a 18.863 in single car qualifying to beat out the eleven other cars that took time. Right off the start Dale Parro gets shoved high and cars scatter to keep racing on. Six laps in and Marchetti, Sammy Gaita, Randy Akers, and Landon Abbott were clear of the field by almost 8 car lengths. Back in the field Bill Eaker passed Jason Michaud for 8th place and laid some pressure on Sean Calway. Eaker worked his way past him after some good racing but the caution came out for Gordon Weeks getting in the back grass, Dale Nichols car would break a front suspension piece and hit the inside wall down the front straiht while the cars were slowing down and Dale Parro came down pit road and parked it.

On the restart Abbott chose the high line and was able to lead a lap as the drivers ran side by side for two laps before Renno could clear him. A few laps later and they made it three wide for fifth place and Eaker was the winner of that gamble. Randy Akers set up a pass on Abbott in the closing laps to secure a second place finish behind race winner Renno Marchetti IV.

Photo Credit: King Charles Photography

Race Two

Sean Calway led the field to the green flag in the second race in the Old Skool Video Games Super Streets after an eighth place finish in race one. With it being another hot and humid day in Southeastern Virginia a little bit of rain tried to pop up again during the pace laps but the cars and track vehicles were able to keep th surface in prime racing conditions.

Calway had to defend his position several times just on the first lap. Chris Hott and Sammy Gaita spun out on the first start of the night and then Calway jumped the restart line the next attempt. After the good start Abbott tried to pass Calway on the outside but contact was made, with Landon getting the worse of the incident tearing off the right side of his vehicle and damaging the right rear suspension and flattening the tire. Michaud and Parro also were involved as they had nowhere to go when Abbott stopped, Michaud would park it for the night. Calway made a long stop in the pits but was able to rejoin the action.

With all that going on Eaker was put into the lead for the next restart and Akers went to his outside. Marchetti started behind him and took second place over with Akers not able to make a move on the outside. Six laps in and Renno was giving Eaker the bumper to let him know he was there with Akers and Gaita also waiting nearby. On lap-14 Gaita spun out into the grass on the rear stretch, a common practice for the night it seemed like.

Renno chose the high line over Bill and took over the lead quickly and Akers was battling hard with Dale Nichols for third place. Just a lap later Nichols got into Calway pretty hard putting him into the wall and bringing out another caution. Renno had a clean restart and with ten laps to go he was out to about a ten car length lead. Abbott started having some smoke from tire rub and cut down a tire on the back stretch for a late race caution. Renno took care of the last restart and was able to ride to a smooth finish for his second win of the night.


Virginia Sprint Series Puts on a Show in First Visit to Langley Speedway

Hampton, VA – The IMCA RaceSaver Virginia Sprint Series rolled into Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway for their first event at the historic 4/10th mile oval. Unlike the sprints you see in the World of Outlaws or other big series these ones run a 305 motor instead of a 410, creating greater reliability and huge cost savings over the big series. Sixteen made the trip with the fastest time in practice going to Bronzie Lawson running a 14.453 second lap.

In the first heat race Michael Keeton was able to out run the other seven cars in 10 lap race to take the win easily over Anthony Linkenhoker. In the second heat race the faster cars in the series with the top-4 running under 15 second laps. Mike Leraas beat Jerald Harris to the checkers by just over a second. Lawson had the fastest time of the night running a 14.011 according to Race Monitor.

For the feature the track cooled down a little and it looked like Jerald Harris nailed the set up early on. He jumped out to a lead fast and quickly ran up on lapped traffic. On lap-8 he ran into trouble though running into a slower car and hitting the wall, ending his night. Tony Harris also suffered a flat tire in the incident so he came down pit road and Jerald was able to get out of his car, take his good tire off, and put it on Tony’s car before the green flag waved again all with his helmet and HANS still on. The crowd loved it.

Leraas took over the lead for the restart with Keeton behind him, the sprints restart in single file. Lawson was sitting in third and make quick work of Keeton with the first pavement slide job I’ve seen on lap-11. Lawson caught Leraas in lapped traffic and was able to use one of the cars as a pick to take the lead halfway through the feature. With ten to go Tony’s car dumped a good bit of fluid on the track but it was all on the apron and looked like it was water so racing wasn’t stopped for long.

Mike Leraas would get a good restart but Lawson was just too quick and cruised to the win over the final two laps. In victory lane Lawson said that on Thursday there was just a frame and a steering box, what a way to get a first win in the series!

 Credit – King Charles Photography

Super Streets

Renno Marchetti IV grabbed the pole over Randy Akers for their 40 lap race by just over a tenth. Once the green flag flew Renno jumped out quickly from the field but the action behind him was non-stop. On the third lap Abbott and Michaud came together sliding Landon back a few cars and Dale Parro tried a cross over move on Chris Hott but got really loose and had to gather it up. On lap-20 the caution came out for Michaud turned around in turn-2. Under caution Parro parked his overheating car with the nose pushed in on it.

A few more cautions and restarts down the road and Landon was back up front to challenge Reno for the win. They go side by side down the back stretch with one to go. Going into the final turns of the race Abbott was able to get a little of his nose on to Renno’s bumper but it wasn’t enough to keep Marchetti out of victory lane.

Virginia Sprint Series Results
1. Bronzie Lawson 30
2. Mike Leraas 30
3. Michael Keeton 30
4. Tom Humphries 30
5. Anthony Linkenhoker 30
6. Bill Rice 30
7. Glenn Worrell 30
8. Chris Ware 30
9. Josh Perreault -2
10. Ron Myers -5
11. Neil Sandridge -6
12. Jack Rice -8
13. Tony Harris -10
14. Charlie Ware -17
15. Jerald Harris -22
16. Daren Bolac -23

Super Street Results 
1. Renno Marchetti IV 41
2. Landon Abbott 41
3. Randy Akers 41
4. Sammy Gaita 41
5. Bill Eaker 41
6. Sean Calway 41
7. Dale Nichols 41
8. Jason Michaud 41
9. Gordon Weeks 41
10. Josh Perry 41
11. Billy Newman 41
12. Chriss Hott -1
13. Dale Parro -21

Greg Edwards and Matt Waltz Grab the Checkers in Twin 66-lap Features

Greg Edwards picked up right where he left off two weeks ago in the season opener. Recording the fastest lap in qualifying to earn the pole in race one. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Hampton, VA – After taking a week off at Langley Speedway the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series late models returned to action at the 4/10th-mile track for their second and third races of the year. To celebrate the 66th year of operation at the historic track they will run twin 66 lap races throughout the year.

In qualifying Greg Edwards sat on the pole after putting down a 15.950-second lap, Matt Waltz ran a 15.975 to set on the outside of the first row. The top eight cars all qualified within a tenth of a second of each other.

Greg Edwards picked up where his team left off on the opener and had the dominant car the entire first race. Early on he was able to jump out to a big lead and held on to it through to the checkers. Nick Smith tried to catch him but could never ever close the gap. Connor Hall started seventh and was able to spend most of the race up in the third position until Justin T. Carroll out of Hickory, NC got by him in the closing laps of the race. Danny Edwards Jr finished fifth with Terry Carroll pressuring him on the last lap for a good finish.

Going into the second race the fans of Langley got their first experience with the new NASCAR rule, making a mandatory invert for any divisions that are part of the national and state point systems. The NWAAS late models are in Division-1 so they have to do at least an eight car invert. Race Director Shayne Laws said that Langley will only do the eight cars for the twin races, other tracks may use a higher invert though.

Brenden Queen lead the field to the green flag since he finished in 8th for the first race and had Waltz to his outside. The drivers were too eager on the first attempt though and jumped the start. Waltz got around Butterbean on the outside and got out to a quick lead. By lap fifteen, Waltz had a two second lead over the new second place runner Hall and Greg Edwards was up to fifth after starting eighth. Just over halfway through Greg was up to third place and the best racing on the track was happening between Terry Carroll, Maddie Crane, and Macy Causey who were all battling for sixth through eighth with the Rev Racing teammates slipping by him.

Just a few laps later and the caution came out for Macy getting around in turn three and coming to a stop on the track. For the restart, Greg decides to try the high line and it paid off for one position to get him into second. Mark Wertz who struggled in the first race made some good changes and worked his way up to fifth as a late caution set up a sprint to the finish. Wertz went high and cemented a second place finish running the high line as Matt Waltz went on to his win.


Super Streets

Over in the always entertaining Super Street division, Landon Abbott looked like he would make it two wins in a row after sitting on the pole for the forty lap race. Abbott jumped out to a quick lead until lap thirty-two when he started burning fluids, by lap thirty-six he was black flagged as his entire cockpit was filled with thick smoke and the caution came out to check for fluids and to get him safely to pit road. Randy Akers inherited the lead for the restart with Bill Eaker falling in behind him and Sammy Gaita taking the cone for the outside lane. They go three wide into turn-1 with Gaita pulling ahead temporarily. The white flag flies in the air as Akers and Gaita are side by side and Sammy is able to win the race clean on the outside by .016 seconds.

Late Models – Race 1

1.#97 Greg Edwards
2. #12 Nick Smith
3. #57 Justin T. Carroll
4. #77 Connor Hall
5. #26 Danny Edwards Jr
6. #90 Terry Carroll
7. #2 Matt Waltz
8. #03 Brenden Queen
9. #33 Macy Causey
10. #78 Maddie Crane
11. #55 Mark Wertz
12. #19 Cameron Bowen
13. #92 Casey Wyatt
14. #25 Craig Eastep
15. #91 Justin S. Carroll
16. #88 Thomas Marks

Late Models – Race 2

1.#2 Matt Waltz
2. #55 Mark Wertz
3. #77 Connor Hall
4. #97 Greg Edwards
5. #57 Justin T. Carroll
6. #78 Maddie Crane
7. #19 Cameron Bowen
8. #92 Casey Wyatt
9. #91 Justin S. Carroll
10. #33 Macy Causey
11. #90 Terry Carroll
12. #25 Craig Eastep
13. #03 Brenden Queen
14. #12 Nick Smith
15. #26 Danny Edwards Jr

Victory Lane Photo Credit – John Long

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