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Kart: Time To Get Down and Dirty, Albemarle Releases 2015 Schedule

IMG_5438Elizabeth City,
NC – Only a few short weeks before the smell of burnt methanol and dust floods the sky of Albemarle Speedway, a little dirt track just inside the boundaries of North Carolina with some big talent. Albemarle Kart Club, run by president Doug Johnson, is a well-groomed dirt kart track nestled within the Dixieland Motor Speedway Complex. Albemarle runs their program on Saturday’s, under the lights, just like the “big shots!” I say that very lightly by the way because some of these young kids flat fly around that track!

Some of you may remember last October I had the pleasure of running a few laps during the year-end ‘Fun Day’ event thanks to Amanda Frye Racing, and honestly fell in love. Take away that it was the first time in over ten years I was behind a legit wheel of any kind of race machine, running dirt was something I had never done before and grew a whole new level of respect for dirt racers. Couple that with the camaraderie between the racers and the amount of talent seen on the track! That made me want to go back every now and then to see a true race.

Now this is not me saying that the weekly series I usually attend and cover is not some great racing, because then I would just be crazy! However it is nice to take a step back and enjoy the race, and the excitement the dirt adds. With that being said I want to branch out and bring some dirt kart racing to this site. These guys and girls deserve just as much attention as the Lee Pulliam’s & Johanna Long’s – mainly because they are the next big thing in racing! I will be adding a Karting section in the menu tab so you can follow along as I do my best to put these young drivers in the spot light they deserve!

Albemarle recently released their 2015 season schedule, which can be found bellow or over on their Facebook page. Sticking with my idea of weekly racing I want to try to cover some of these races throughout the season. Bring everyone back to where they got their start, if they are a racer, as well as shine some light on the sport for those looking to get their kids started behind the wheel!

The season officially will kick off the second weekend in March with the first points race, however there will be plenty of time to for drivers and crews to head down to shake karts, drivers, and mechanics down before the grueling eight month season is in full swing. Weather permitting the track will host two work days at the end of this month with an open practice scheduled March 7 and the first official race March 14th.

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