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JRM Driver Josh Berry Wins UNOFFICIAL ValleyStar Credit Union 300 Pole and $5,000

Ridgeway, VA– More than sixty Late Models Stock Cars converged on the half-mile paper clip known as Martinsville Speedway for the largest and richest paying Late Model race of the year.  For some we call it Christmas for others, we simply call it Martinsville.

Single car qualifying was on tap Friday night to set the top twenty cars for Saturday night’s 200-lap feature. A change in the format from recent years where only the top two cars were locked in on speed and everyone else went into three 25-lap heat races and a Last Chance Qualifier.  JRM Late Model driver Josh Berry made a statement Friday night that he has returned to Martinsville Speedway with vengeance on his mind after how last year played out.

Laying down a 19.927 (90.330 MPH) Berry not only claimed the track record but the ability to lead the field to the green flag tomorrow night and not put an extra 50 laps on his tires. Fellow CARS Tour competitors Layne Riggs and Bobby McCarty rounded out the podium. Former NWAAS Late Model National Champions Peyton Sellers and Lee Pulliam rounded out the fastest five. He and fifteen other drivers have locked themselves into the show while the remainder of the competitors will be split into two 50-lap races where the top ten in each will advance.

“Ever since qualifying at night the cars have gotten faster,” Berry said in the media center. “We are always working on our cars making them better. Winning this race would big and something for us. [Dale} Jr. wants to be here and we want to get the win for him. We brought our car out here pretty much in race trim last week in the test session and felt really good.”

The first of two 50-lap qualifying races is set to roll off the grid at 3:00 PM EDT. Everything else will follow as time permits. The green flag for the 2019 ValleyStar Credit Union 300 is set for 7:00 PM EDT. Of course, The Weekly Racer will have you covered starting in the afternoon starting at noon!  Stay tuned for the link.


UNOFFICIAL ValleyStar Credit Union 300 Qualifying Results

            Pos. Car # Name Lap


Josh Berry 19.927
2 99 Layne Riggs 19.959
3 22 Bobby McCarty 20.011
4 26 Peyton Sellers 20.040
5 5P Lee Pulliam 20.060
6 88R Dustin Rumley 20.079
7 98 Bubba Pollard 20.083
8 2 Trevor Noles 20.100
9 27 Tommy Lemons, Jr. 20.111
10 57 Justin T. Carroll 20.116
11 16M Chad McCumbee 20.118
12 9 Trey Crews 20.120
13 21 Travis Swaim 20.145
14 12P Timothy Peters 20.146
15 17 Taylor Gray 20.146
16 18Y Jason York 20.159
17 5 Dexter Canipe, Jr. 20.163
18 12W Ryan Wilson 20.166
19 1 Craig Moore 20.171
20 40 CE Falk, III 20.188
21 2M Matt Leicht 20.202
22 30 Brendan Poole 20.206
23 15 Kres VanDyke 20.213
24 4F Jonathan Findley 20.217
25 01C Jake Crum 20.219
26 11O Jeff Oakley 20.222
27 87 Mike Looney 20.227
28 12S Sammy Smith 20.233
29 3 Brenden Queen 20.239
30 35 Steve Zacharias 20.239
31 24 Colin Garrett 20.247
32 25 Derrick Lancaster 20.258
33 41 Jamey Caudill 20.266
34 6 Davin Scties 20.266
35 6 Mike Darne 20.269
36 17P Stacy Puryear 20.277
37 73 Bruce Anderson 20.278
38 25L Kevin Leicht 20.280
39 2W Matt Waltz 20.292
40 12T Austin Thaxton 20.305
41 17B Brandon Clements 20.340
42 2P Brandon Pierce 20.358
43 11 Lucas Williams 20.373
44 77 Trevor Ward 20.382
45 95 Jacob Heafner 20.384
46 32 Nik Williams 20.387
47 6M BJ Mackey 20.392
48 63T Tyler Matthews 20.440
49 4D Kyle Dudley 20.445
50 01G Camden Guille 20.446
51 81 Zack Clifton 20.457
52 7 Chase Dixon 20.469
53 61H Justin Hicks 20.482
54 22C Grayson Cullather 20.495
55 21W Jimmy Wallace 20.519
56 28 Jason Barnes 20.526
57 12 Annabeth Barnes-Crum 20.550
58 1 GR Waldrop 20.629
59 36 Owen Smith 20.668
60 22E Eric Winslow 20.688
61 92 Kyle Southern 20.689
62 7 Dylan Ward 20.754
63 1S James Sweeney 20.878
64 18G Bobby Gillispie 21.210
65 4va Mack Tatum 21.547
66 2L Amber Lynn 21.913
67 15M Ryan Millington DNQ
68 1C Daryn Cockram DNQ

Josh Berry Finds Redemption in Myrtle Beach Speedway Victory Lane

Josh Berry shakes the monkey off his back and parks it in victory lane after winning the 2017 Myrtle Beach 400 after coming up one position short the year before. (Charlie Alexander/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – This time a year ago Jr. Motorsports driver Josh Berry had a different feeling and set of emotions running through his mind, body, and sole if you will.

For those that don’t remember Berry, along with JRM teammate Christian Eckes, were racing hard side-by-side in the closing laps of the Myrtle Beach 400 where Eckes made contact with Berry as the pair powered off turn four. The contact sent Berry into the wall and ended his shot at the victory. The 2017 edition of the race proved to have the same undertones, however, Berry was on the good end of the deal.

The Late Model Stock portion of the Myrtle Beach 400 dual weekends has never failed to produce some of the best racing of the year, in TheWeeklyRacer.com very humble opinion. This race easily stacks up as a candidate for Race of the Year, if that was something that we handed out at the end of the year – maybe that is something we should look into doing this year.

With just a little bit different format this year, fifty-seven cars took to the speedway earlier in the afternoon for single-car qualifying where NASCAR officials introduced a little bit of a twist for drivers and teams. Each car would get two laps. If the team felt like they left something on the table they could let officials know they would like to spin the roulette wheel so to speak. The team would have 45-seconds to make adjustments to the car and then go back out for one lap and that one lap was your time.

Josh Berry was also the man of the hour during the qualifying session earlier in the afternoon laying down a 20.400-second lap around the just over half-mile oval. Berry was the only driver the lay down a sub .500-second lap. Timothy Peters, Tyler Hughes, Jake Crum – who both would eventually retire early from the feature – and Justin Milliken rounded out the fastest five starters and were among the top sixteen drivers to be locked into the feature. Current track and national champion, Lee Pulliam, was forced to essentially spin the roulette wheel after an issue during qualifying. The one lap he was able to put down was good enough for ninth quick.

Things did not take long to heat up on the racing surface as some of the best in the business went to war per se on the worn out asphalt of Myrtle Beach. Several drivers from Jake Crum, Lee Pulliam, Timothy Peters, David Roberts, and eventually Josh Berry all had their hand in the cookie jar for the lead.

However, after what some would call interesting and others would argue exciting, final one hundred laps, it was the No. 88 of Josh Berry who took the checkered flag, the gigantic trophy, and check for $10,000 back to his race shop. Oh, yea, not to mention Berry won a fishing trip for himself and his crew along with a brand new chainsaw.

“The first half of the race we just to manage it and see what we had,” Berry said in victory lane. “Our goal was run the first half and make the car better for the second half and if hopefully if things fell our way we would be up front. We were a little bit too loose the first half, made some good adjustments at the break and I think I was able to conserve my tires better than the first part of the race. It ended up coming down to me and Timothy [Peters] at the end of the race and I was better than him.”

It was certainly no cakewalk for Berry, ended up beating Peters – who had just flown in from Miami where he raced in the truck series season finale the night before – on a late race restart where he ended up spinning his tires and allowing Berry to jump out to the lead.

“We took off and he was kind of able to clear Chad [McCumbee] but I could tell a couple of runs before that he was starting to get a little loose up off the corner,” Berry said. “I thought it was going to come down to him [Peters], Lee and us but Lee ended up going to the back with his issue so it just came down to Timothy and me. I really felt like we were able to save a little more than him and we were able to get away from him there the last couple of laps.”

With just how tight the field was running from first all the way back to fortieth you would have to think that in the back of your brain that you would be thinking about all the happened one year ago. We ask Berry what was going through his mind in the closing laps as he tried yet again to seal the deal at Myrtle Beach.

“Yea, it’s weird. The second half of the race just has a tendency to thin out. It was a little like last year and it came down to just me and Timothy and it was just like that last year really,” Berry went on to say. “I just ended up on the wrong side of it then. Either way, hats off to all of these guys at Jr. Motorsports. They work their butts off building racecars. It means a lot to get them into victory lane. It has turned into a pretty big day for those guys and tomorrow [Sunday] is going to be a pretty big day for Dale too so it means a lot to be able to bring him a Myrtle Beach 400 win.”


Myrtle Beach 400 Late Model Stock UNOFFICIAL Results

Pos. Car Name Laps
1 #88 Josh Berry 225
2 #12P Timothy Peters 225
3 #16M Chad McCumbee 225
4 #03 Brenden Queen 225
5 #41 Sam Mayer 225
6 #27 Tommy Lemons Jr. 225
7 #2S Myatt Snider 225
8 #02 Justin Milliken 225
9 #00 Shane Lee 225
10 #18G Ty Gibbs 225
11 #15 Ryan Millington 225
12 #97 Greg Edwards 225
13 #12G Trey Gibson 225
14 #7 Justin Crider 225
15 #26 Peyton Sellers 225
16 #44 Justin Johnson 225
17 #18R David Roberts 225
18 #25 Kevin Leicht 225
19 #61 Justin Hicks 225
20 #30 Brian Vause 225
21 #60B RA Brown II 225
22 #1 Michael Faulk 225
23 #36 Neil Meredith 225
24 #70 Stuart Ricks 225
25 #16H Colby Howard 224
26 #23 Dexter Canipe Jr. 224
27 #11W Lucas Williams 224
28 #24B Blaise Brinkley 224
29 #88P Charles Powell III 223
30 #51C Matt Cox 215
31 #46 Thad Moffit 212
32 #51 Blair Addis 203
33 #5G Cole Glasson 202
34 #2P Brandon Pierce 202
35 #01 Jake Crum 201
36 #5P Lee Pulliam 201
37 #17B Bryant Barnhill 200
38 #98 Stefan Parsons 183
39 #8A Anthony Alfredo 130
40 #99 Layne Riggs 125
41 #63 Chris Throckmorton 68
42 #8H Tyler Hughes 59
43 #83 Jeremy McDowell 14

Christian Eckes Edges Out JRM Teammate Josh Berry for Myrtle Beach Victory

16 year old Christian Eckes celebrates in victory lane after a thrilling pass on the final lap. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

16 year old Christian Eckes celebrates in victory lane after a thrilling pass on the final lap. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Myrtle Beach, SC – It was truly a race for the record books as 43 cars took the green flag Saturday night in the 2016 edition of the Myrtle Beach 400. The finale race of the Myrtle Beach Speedway season bring some of the best late model drivers from the east coast together to go to war not only for the check and the trophy but for the bragging rights.

Christian Eckes, 16 of Middletown, New York, was impressive early in the afternoon when he qualified in the third position, locking himself into the feature and saving twenty-five laps on his tires, a major key to success at Myrtle Beach. Eckes proved to be impressive from the drop of the green flag never falling outside of the top ten.

The 225 lap race was split into two segments the first being a 125-lap stent followed by a ten minute break where teams could make typical pit stop adjustments, add fuel and change up to four tires. Eckes did a great job saving his equipment and tires all while competing for spots within the top ten all night long.

After the intermission per se, Eckes started to turn the whick up and mounted a couple charges for the race lead. Using the top side to his advantage Christian was able to lead a few laps early but would be over taken by the likes of Lemons – before his motor expired going into three – Pulliam, Snider, and teammate Josh Berry.

Business really started picking up in the top ten as the laps counted down. Nose to tail and door-to-door, sometimes even up to three wide. Eckes really started to put the moves on the field with just under about ten laps to go. Working to get around Lee Pulliam to take the second position away, Eckes had to make things happen in a hurry to catch teammate Josh Berry who had opened up about a five to six car lead.

The five-car advantage that Berry had built was quickly lost in just under five laps. Eckes was clearly better on corner entry. The pass for the lead was on has the two went into turn three coming to two laps to go. Eckes was able to get under the #88 of Berry. Eckes tried to clear Berry out of two but couldn’t make it happen. The two would come off turn four even and take the white flag locked door to door. Berry making the outside line work to his advantage was giving it everything the car could handle. Eckes sailed the car off into three some how made it stick and came off turn four even up with Berry. The two would touch, Berry would be pinched up in the outside wall, just enough to stall his momentum and Christian Eckes would grab the checkered flag by maybe a foot or two.

“This is absolutely crazy,” Eckes said in victory lane. “We have finished second to him [Josh] so many times. Its good to finally be able to beat him its unbelievable it really is. To pass Lee Pulliam and get to Josh its just a huge confidence booster.”

“The last couple of laps were just insane,” Eckes explained. “We got to Lee and he raced us real clean, I really applaud him for that. We had a pretty good car there and we got to Josh fairly quick. I had a really good run coming out of four and I kind of got clear of him coming off two but I messed up a little bit and he got back up to me.”

“He [Josh] gave me plenty of room in three and four,” Christian told The Weekly Racer. “I knew I had to get everything I could coming to the line. I ran him into the wall a little bit there, which I kind of feel bad about but it’s the Myrtle Beach 400, its defiantly worth it I guess you could say. I am just really happy for this whole team.”



1.#1 Christian Eckes
2. #88 Josh Berry
3. #5 Lee Pullaim
4. #02 Justin Milliken
5. #2 Myatt Snider
6. #41 Trey Gibson
7. #03 Brenden Queen
8. #95 Chad McCumbee
9. #51 Kason Plott
10. #8 Tyler Hughes
11. #36 Anthony Anders
12. #60 Neil Meredith
13. #36 Neil Meredith
14. #12 Auston McDaniel
15. #32 Jerry Miracle
16. #87 Mike Looney
17. #97 Greg Edwards
18. #18 Jason York
19. #15 Dexter Canipe Jr.
20. #18 David Roberts
21. #26 Danny Edwards Jr.
22. #20 Sam Yarbrough
23. #51 Devin O’Connell
24. #17 Ryan Millington
25. #1 Blair Addis
26. #51 Matt Cox
27. #44 Justin Johnson
28. #4 Dylan Hall
29. #7 Michael Hardin
30. #94 Jamie Weatherford
31. #3 Willie Grainger
32. #00 Shane Lee
33. #27 Tommy Lemons Jr
34. #4 Annabeth Barnes-Crum
35. #30 Brian Vause
36. #5 Tyler English
37. #2 Kevin Leight
38. #11 Lucas Williams
39. #33 Macey Causey
40. #16 RD Smith
41. #34 Dylan Smith
42. #83 Matt Bowling
43. #5 Anthony Alfredo

Berry Grabs Victory For JR Motorsports & Danny Edwards Jr. Returns To Victory Lane At Langley Speedway

Berry Win Race 1Hampton, VA – While the Hampton Heat 200 is still six weeks away, the on-track action at Langley Speedway can’t get much hotter — and the drivers proved it again on Saturday night.

Preparations for the $10,000 to win Late Model Stock race brought talent from as far as California to the four-tenths mile bullring, all with hopes to get dialed in for the big race at the end of July. JR Motorsports drivers Josh Berry and William Byron made debuts at Langley along with Rev Racing’s Natalie Decker and Collin Cabre, as well as Lee Pulliam Performance pilot Dalton Sargeant.

Tyler Hughes grabbed the pole after leading the way in one of the practice sessions. With track temperatures reaching 130 degrees, the track was tough to grasp during practice and qualifying. On top of that, isolated downpours washed out the rubber on the track, meaning that as the sun went down, tempers quickly began to flare.

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