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Eyes in the Sky | Jesse Vaughan Introduces A New Series To The Page

SpotterTower2A few weeks ago I started getting this idea of what it was like to spot for some hot shot race team. Every so often I will find myself watching a race and saying what I think their spotter is or should be telling them. This past weekend while at Richmond the final laps had me really questioning what it was like to be a spotter! The final six or so laps the top four were either side-by-side, nose to tail or so worried about making their cars extremely wide all while going 120+ mph working their way around a three-quarter mile racetrack. I could only imagine what radio traffic was like. Spotters are a special kind a person to a race team. These guys or girls are responsible for watching everything that goes on around you and I feel that in a local racing series these guys don’t get the credit in which I feel they deserve. 

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