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Driver Series: Frank Riegel Tells Us More

ProfileLast weekend we meet Frank Riegel, a truck driver by day and a race car driver by night! What I want to do is take you behind the scenes and let you get to meet Mr. Riegel on a more personal level! I do want to thank Frank for opening up to us, allowing old and new fans a like to learn more about him. It was pretty funny when we got through with our interview he told me, “I’ve never been interviewed for anything other than a job so I hope this is okay! Not only was I happy with the time-table he got all this done but the content was amazing. Hope all of you enjoy, and maybe find your self at a dirt track rooting for the 10 car.

Frank came to North Carolina at the good ole age of one! “I was born in Kansas and my family moved to NC when I was one. We landed in Newport and ended up in Ayden, [right] next to Grifton. Riegel was introduced to the racing community at a very young age. His father raced just about everything on wheels out west, from flat track Harley Davidsons to Sprints and Super Modifieds! You know how people will say ‘I grew up at that place’ and what they mean is they have been going so long? Well Frank literally grew up in the pits on some of these dirt tacks on the east coast. “I literally grew up in the pits of dirt tracks all over the east coast but mostly Wilson County Speedway,” Riegel tells us. “My mom has a picture of me playing in the mud in [the] Wilson pits. I was maybe 3, guess you could say its the normal place for me.”

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NASCAR Driver Josh Wise Stops by The Weekly Racer

JoshWise2So I have to admit, I’ve been just a little nervous every time I have tried to write this story.  Part of me worries the story will not be a good read, or suck for the lack of better terms, part of me thinks the popularity of the guest has something to do with it. So I decided to do something different. Instead of getting into a comfortable position in my make shift “home office,” I got some temperature appropriate clothes on, woke my dog up, got some of her things together, grabbed my iPad and cell phone and headed out to the park. I realized something the other night about my stories, when I sit down and try real real hard I tend to over think things. I want to focus on the main reason I started this blog, to break away from the “formal” news outlets and write you guys stories.

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The Weekly Racer welcomes Late Model Stock driver Meagan Creech!

CreechPost_Race22(Newport News, Va) Okay guys and gals, get ready for another guest in The Weekly Racer Driver Series. Joining us from Richmond Virginia, please help me welcome Meagan Creech [<– click here to go directly to her personal interview] to the blog! I first want to take a second, hopefully Meagan will not mind, and thank everyone who stopped by and checked out both Spencer and Molly’s page in the last week. The amount of readers and comments literally made me crazy excited, don’t believe me just ask my wife. Now I know the numbers are not crazy high where WordPress servers are freaking out, HOWEVER, 200+ views in 24 hours means the world to me. Hopefully this means you guys are enjoying the quick read and learning a new side of the drivers you cheer on each week. Please feel free to email me if interested. [theweeklyracer@gmail.com]

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