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Layne Riggs Scores Victory in Labor Day Classic

Layne Riggs celebrates in victory lane after winning the 4th Annual Solid Rock Carriers Labor Day Classic at Carteret County Speedway. (Andy Marquis/Carteret County Speedway photo)

SWANSBORO, NC – Layne Riggs picked up his second career Carteret County Speedway victory on Sunday night, surviving a late race shootout to score the win in the Solid Rock Carriers Labor Day Classic.

Riggs took the lead on lap 64, getting around Jason York just moments after York had passed Michael Tilley to inherit the top spot.  Riggs then had to hold off a challenge from Mason Diaz.  However, Diaz would be eliminated in a melee on lap 104 that swept up most of the field – including Tilley and York.  From there, Riggs never looked back as he went on to pick up the victory.

“At the beginning of the race, I didn’t even think we had near the best car,” Riggs said.  “I was just holding on for dear life for my position.  After the break, our tires cooled down, got a full heat cycle on them.  Restarted the race and it was like a brand new racecar.  It was on a rail.  I was just riding at the end, making sure I didn’t make any mistakes or do anything stupid to take me out of the race.”

Riggs previously won the Solid Rock Carriers 150, which was run on July 7th, leading wire-to-wire in the event.  This time, the win did not come in as dominant of a performance as it had in July.

“It was a tough race tonight,” Riggs elaborated.  “It was a lot tougher than last time.  There was a lot more competition.  Carteret County stepped their competition up.  You bring money like that to the table and people are going to come.  It’s proven to be true.”

Chris Burns managed to make his way through the carnage of the lap 104 crash and, in the final laps, raced his way from fourth up to second.

“At lap 60, I came over the radio and me and dad were talking about parking it,” Burns stated.  “It was in bad shape for the first 100 laps for some reason.  I don’t know if we have a rear end problem or a shock busted or what.  We sat there for 10-20 minutes and it seemed like it really helped the car.  We didn’t have anything for Layne but, even with it ill-handling, we saved our stuff and I think that helped with our drive off situation.”

Burns felt he got lucky and said he would have been happy being the last car on the lead lap.

One of the cars Burns was able to pass late was Langley Speedway regular Connor Hall.  Hall is a multi-time Carteret County Speedway winner.  He came with expectations of winning but came away with a third place finish.

“We do have a racecar that we can work on making faster and not work on fixing,” Hall remarked.  “It’s pretty cool to say this is my worst finish at Carteret.  I’m definitely bummed but I can’t be too upset with anybody but myself because I didn’t get it behind the wheel today.”

Brandon Clements ended up finishing in fourth while Clay Jones rounded out the top-five.

Tilley dominated the first half of the race but ended up with a ninth place finish to his credit after being taken out in the big one.  The lap 104 big one swept up six cars in total and was the only significant incident in the Limited Late Model portion of the Labor Day Classic.

While Burns came up one position short in the Limited Late Model race, he was able to finish atop the podium in Street Stock competition.

Burns started on the pole but was involved in an incident in the middle stages of the race with a lapped car while trying to hold off Ricky Locklair, Jr.  Burns quickly raced his way back through the field to score the victory.

“Things happen and I hate it for Locklair,” Burns said.  “Jimmy [Horner] and James David [Horner] really had the car handling well.  I appreciate them letting me drive it.”

Chris Connor finished in second while Billy Slater, Dennis Woehrle and John Sharp rounded out the top-five.

Will Bristle dominated much of the 40 lap Legends race, but Mason Diaz got past him in the closing stages of the race.  Diaz looked like he would cruise to victory, but a late race caution set up a three lap shootout.  Coming to the white flag, Bristle was able to get around Diaz to take the lead and the win.

“This win was by far the toughest,” Bristle said.  “I got to thank Mason for driving me as clean as he could.  That was such a blast, being able to race with teammates that close and put on such a good show for the fans.  We’ve put a lot of work in our cars this year and it’s really showing off.”

Diaz was ecstatic after finishing in second.

“That was a blast,” Diaz exclaimed.  “I haven’t had that much fun in a Legend Car in, I couldn’t tell you how long.  Really good teammate.  He raced me clean.  I tried to get to him in that last corner but he was just too far away.”

Rafe Slate finished in third while Eric Courtney and Cody Hall rounded out the top-five in the 23 car field.  The Legends race, which was sponsored by Riverside Dodge, featured the largest field of cars to take the green flag for a feature race in Carteret County Speedway history.

Adam Resnick won in U-CAR over Andrew Jackson, Steve Sullivan, Abby Jolly and Neil Mason while Justin Thompson prevailed over Sean Wales, BJ Thompson, Brad Anderson and JR Taylor in Champ Kart competition.

Carteret County Speedway will race next on Saturday, September 15th when the Mid-Atlantic Street Stock Championship Series and USAC Eastern Midgets headline the racing program.

Labor Day Classic Results

Champ Kart

  1. Justin Thompson
  2. Sean Wales
  3. BJ Thompson
  4. Brad Anderson
  5. JR Taylor
  6. Cory Dimauro
  7. Bill Owens
  8. Lee Ottaway
  9. Scott Benford

Street Stock

  1. Chris Burns
  2. Chris Connor
  3. Billy Slater
  4. Dennis Woehrle
  5. John Sharp
  6. Ricky Locklair, Jr.
  7. Roy Combs


  1. Adam Resnick
  2. Andrew Jackson
  3. Steve Sullivan
  4. Abby Jolly
  5. Neil Mason
  6. Jonathan Payne
  7. Duane Walker


  1. Will Bristle
  2. Mason Diaz
  3. Rafe Slate
  4. Eric Courtney
  5. Cody Hall
  6. Zack Brown
  7. Emily Day
  8. Chris Hammett
  9. Cale Hall
  10. Matthew Linker
  11. Cameron Murray
  12. Shane Irving
  13. Conner Jones
  14. Rodney Tharp
  15. Walker Yates
  16. Ashton Whitner
  17. Tucker Jones
  18. Brian Sullivan
  19. Aaron Crumpler
  20. Brenton Irving
  21. Ryan Matthew
  22. Josh Spence
  23. Brian McElearney


  1. AJ Sanders
  2. Patrick Arch
  3. James Stroud
  4. Lynn Waller
  5. Stephen Sanders
  6. Travisw Miller
  7. Kris Hetu
  8. Zac Reimer
  9. Jesse Jones
  10. Randy Hewett
  11. Justin Owens
  12. Tim Giesen
  13. Andrew Deal
  14. Chad Sykes
  15. John Hladik, Jr.

Limited Late Model

  1. Layne Riggs
  2. Chris Burns
  3. Connor Hall
  4. Brandon Clements
  5. Clay Jones
  6. Jamie York
  7. Chris Phipps
  8. Mason Diaz
  9. Michael Tilley
  10. Jason York
  11. TJ Barron
  12. Eric Winslow
  13. Tim Allensworth
  14. Travis Roberson

For more information about Carteret County Speedway, visit the track’s official website at www.carteretspeedway.com, “like” Carteret County Speedway on Facebook or follow @carteretcoswy on Twitter.

Tommy Jackson Jr. & Layton Harrison Continue Winning Streaks in INEX Division’s at Langley Speedway

Tommy Jackson Jr. powers off turn two Saturday afternoon during second practice at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Hampton, VA – Tommy Jackson Jr., of Poquoson, Virginia, picked up win number three over the weekend at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway in the INEX Legends divisions. Jackson would start the 25-lap feature on the outside pole after Spencer Saunders laid down an impressive 17.873-second lap. Daniel Sylvestri, Jamie Price, and Ryan Center completed the fastest five during time trial qualifying.

Saunders got off to a great start when flagman Shayne Snider displayed the green. He was able to clear the field out of turn number two and try to get his rhythm going. Jackson spent a couple of laps working to get clear of the third-place machine of Sylvestri and when he did he brought Jamie Price – who ultimately had mechanical issues that took him out of the race – with him setting his sights on the lead.

The battle was on by lap three and complete by lap four when Saunders made just a little bobble out of turn two. The slip was all Jackson needed to get his nose under the No. 7 machine and complete the pass out of turn four. It was lights out from that point on, Jackson ended up building at least a fifteen or more car length advantage over Saunders.

Daniel Sylvestri would remain locked in the third position essentially all race while Devon Courtney ended up getting around Ryan Center in the closing to break into the top five. That is when Price would have his mechanical failure allowing both Courtney and Center to move up one spot on the leaderboards.


Layton Harrison (43) & Autumn Weaver (18) dial their cars in during final practice on May 5th, 2018. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Layton Harrison continued to dominate the Casey Cycle City Bandolero division this past Saturday night winning yet another pole aware and ultimately the race. The battle was on behind him, however, between Autumn Weaver, Ryley Music – grandson to Langley Speedway Late Model legend Phil Warren – Wyatt Philyaw, and Logan Clark. Autumn Weaver found herself on the better side of that battle as she finished second over Music, Philyaw, and Clark.


Cycle City Corp Legends OFFICIAL Results;

  1. #87 Tommy Jackson Jr; 25
  2. #7 Spencer Saunders; 25
  3. #97 Daniel Sylvestri; 25
  4. #17 Devon Courtney; 25
  5. #88 Ryan Center; 25
  6. #5 Whit Seay; 25
  7. #8 Mike Weddell; 24
  8. #4 Chris Hayes; 24
  9. #14T Tucker Jones; 22
  10. #08 Jamie Price; 16


Cycle City Corp Bando OFFICIAL Results;

  1. #43 Layton Harrison; 15
  2. #18 Autumn Weaver; 15
  3. #47 Ryley Music; 15
  4. #22 Wyatt Philyaw; 15
  5. #15 Logan Clark; 15
  6. #12 Bradan Andrecs; 15
  7. #48 Wesley Newell; 15
  8. #4 Alek Andrecs; 15
  9. #8D Jacob Derrick; 15
  10. #8W Connor Weddell; 15
  11. #9 Ayden Millette; 15
  12. #87 Kenton Case; 15

Saunders Fourth Place Finish Good Enough for Second INEX Legends Title at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway.

Hampton, VA – Spencer Saunders, of Carrollton, Virginia, entered the final night of the season at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway as the Cycle City Corp Legends points leader by just three points over Newport News native, Brian May. Cody Carlton, Zach Lightfoot, and Colby Flowers found themselves in the top five but just too far out of reach with just one race to go. Every position in the final 25-lap feature of the year was going to be critical for both.

Tommy Jackson Jr., who started the 2017 campaign on the wrong side of the bad luck bar, turned things around mid-summer as he collected the win in the INEX National Qualifier during the 9th Annual Hampton Heat sat on the pole with a sub eighteen-second lap. Carlton would qualify second followed by Brian May and Spencer Saunders. Carlton would take the lead away from Jackson for a few laps but Jackson was not going to be denied on this night. He would go on to pick up the win. Running a conservative race and crossing the line in fourth was enough for Saunders to clinch his second division championship.

We caught up with Spencer this past week to talk with him about his season and his second championship of his Legends career. 2017 was no cakewalk by any means either. With the speedway opening back up the Legends field saw a massive increase in competitors from previous years, making the win that much sweeter for Saunders.

“I think we average all the races out and the average car count was about fourteen cars,” Saunders told The Weekly Racer. “It means a lot to me because I didn’t just beat one or two other cars for the title. I mean we had four or five guys who could easily win week in and week and out. It means a lot to us to say that this year, we were the cream of the crop.”

The success this season, however, did not come easy for Saunders and his family. In fact, the last race they ran at Langley before the season opened this year was back in 2014 – a race he won as a matter of fact. With car counts dwindling in the Legend series, Saunders was faced with the tough decision to run at other tracks.

“We traveled a bunch to places like Shenandoah and Kenly in 2015,” Saunders explained. “Langley just didn’t have the car we were looking to run against. In 2016 we ran at Shenandoah and went to Nationals in Connecticut and got wrecked up there but nothing full time by any means. After that, we bought a brand new car and brand new everything. I told everyone at the start of the year, everything about this car is brand new besides the seat and the driver. I was hoping to myself that we didn’t need a new one of those.”

Saunders went on to tell The Weekly Racer that taking that time off last year really took the pressure off of him and team. They came into 2017 completely stress-free and not even planning to run for points, just glad to be back home. That all changed when he picked up his first win of the season.

“Things changed when we got that win,” Saunders went on to say. “I think that win put us in a tie with Brian May for the lead. After that happened Dad and I basically agreed that somebody was going to have to take it from us if they wanted it more than we did.”

With the 2017 season coming to a close Saunders might look towards Kenly, North Carolina for one final race this season at the annual Thanksgiving Classic with a couple of random races in-between as long as things plan out, however, nothing is set in stone just yet for them.


2017 Final INEX Legends Points:

1 Spencer Saunders 7 242
2 Brian May 22 240
3 Cody Carlton 94 222
4 Zach Lightfoot (R) 7L 204
5 Tommy Jackson, Jr. 87 187
6 Colby Flowers 33 182
7 Jaime Price 8 179
8 Ryan Center 88 170
9 Devon Courtney 17 153
10 David Brandt 31 153
11 Chris Hayes 4 147
12 Lane McKee 21 133
13 Ryan Matthews 51 76
14 Matt Dail 07 68
15 Woody Howard 14 67
16 Whitt Seay 5 64
17 Matt Kurz 2 56
18 Dillon Spain 72 37
19 Carter Wood 31w 33
20 Brandon Johnson 76 31
21 Clayton Parrish 19 29
22 Sparky West 99 26
23 Mason Diaz 24 25
24 Daniel Sylvestri 97 21
25 Pat Squillante 65 16
26 Josh Kirks 63 14
27 Zack Wells 66 12

Tommy Jackson Jr and Bradley Kilby Pick up INEX Wins

Hampton, VA – Tommy Jackson Jr. has returned to his winning ways after a rough start to the season, wrecking two cars on two different opening nights. He qualified on the pole for the 25 lap feature running a 18.134 to beat out Spencer Saunders. Through the race the two battled nose to tail the entire 25 laps with Saunders able to apply some nudges to Jackson in the closing laps but not able to get by the fast 87 car. The win is his second in a row at Langley Speedway. Down in victory lane Tommy talked about the tight racing with Saunders, “Me and Spencer were team mates a couple years ago so its a lot of fun running really competitive with him like that, he’s had great cars. I was a little loose during the race but it was good enough and it was really good in the long runs.”

Bradley Kilby in Victory Lane – Credit: John Long

In the Bandoleros, Autumn Weaver ran fastest time in group qualifying with a 21.696 to beat out the other seven cars in the session. After taking the green she went three wide with Bradley Kilby going down low and Cole Bruce on her high side. Kilby and Weaver win out on the exchange and Bruce falls back to Jacob Putnam. The top-6 from this point ran side by side for the opening three laps with Kilby edging Weaver to the line and after fifth and sixth sorted their positions the top-4 ran side by side for another five laps. Bradley defended the bottom line well with Weaver closing in with just a few laps left and is able to hold on to the win.

Tommy Jackson, Jr. Breaks the String of Bad Luck with INEX National Qualifier Win; Cole Bruce Take Home the Win in Bandos

Photo: Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com

Hampton, VA – With the 9th Annual Hampton Heat upon Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway this weekend, it was announced late last week that the INEX Legends and Bandolero features would both be national qualifiers. Thirteen Legends drivers made the trip out in the insane July heat here in Hampton Roads. Interesting enough, only one new driver made the trip this weekend after the qualifier was announced and that was the #51 of Ryan Matthews, a series winner up at Southside Speedway so far in 2017.

Tommy Jackson, Jr. once again looked to be the car to beat during qualification edging out current track points leader Brian May for the pole by seven-hundredth of a second. The 18.229-second lap (78.008 MPH) was good enough for Jackson’s second consecutive pole and eventually proved to be enough to land the Poquoson native in Dale Lemonds Victory Lane for the first time this season. Defending race winner, Spencer Saunders, would start third with Cody Carlton and Jamie Price rounding out the fastest five cars.

When the green flag dropped on the 30-lap feature, Jackson left nothing on the table and took command of the race lead early bringing Saunders along with him leaving May in third. It was almost like Deja Vu as Jackson and Saunders worked in tandem to pull away from the rest of the pack just like a couple weeks ago. Where Saunders hounded the rear nerf bar of Jackson and made a great late race pass coming to the white flag to steal the victory. This time around though, Jackson just looked too strong.

Some good battles would take place throughout the field behind the leaders with David Brandt, Lane McKee, Colby Flowers and Zach Lightfoot as you sprinkled a few cautions throughout the race. A late race caution for the #4 of Chris Hayes – who’s night would end early after a trailing arm bolt broke – and then again quickly there after for McKee and Matthews, would set up a four lap shoot out for the win.

Jackson, however, was not phased by the late restart and he was not going to be denied on this night and drove his #87 to victory lane. Saunders would settle for second place but continue his streak of podium finish while finishing two positions ahead of May – who would eventually lose third to a hard charging Cody Carlton on that late restart – to tighten up the championship points battle heading into the back half of the season.

“Awe man, it feels good in this hot weather,” Jackson said in victory lane after the race. “Yeah, it’s just a lot of hard work, we went through a really bad spell there. We weren’t winning races; mechanical failures that would take us out of it, just gotta thank my crew. Worked some really long nights in the shop to get us here, thank Spencer, we lead all thirty laps and he was right there with us”.


Cole Bruce, of Fredricksburg, Virginia, found himself in Dale Lemonds Victory Lane as well this past weekend at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway after rolling off for his 15-lap feature in fifth place. Bradley Kilby was the fastest in final practice, which set the grid for the eleven-car field but had problems early getting going. This allowed Autumn Weaver to power her way around the outside and take the lead early.

Autumn’s lead would last several laps until Kilby gave her a shot through turn two and allowed Kilby to her under her, the two would make contact and  Weaver wound up spinning through the grass and kicking up water onto the racing surface. The caution flag would be displayed to investigate. Weaver would come down pit road and restart the race towards the rear of the field. This would hand the lead over the Kilby but only for a few moments as he too went for a spin of his own on lap twelve, in turn four, handing the lead over the Bruce.

Cole would have his work cut out for him in the closing laps as Conner Jones mounted an incredible charge but did not have enough laps to make anything happen. “I don’t know what happened over in turn one”, said Bruce. “I thought the axle was bent, I thought the front spindle was bent. I thought we were a junk car after that wreck over there, of course, we worked our way up in qualifying, made some changes. It’s just a great night to get to win”.



Cycle City Corp Legends OFFICIAL Results;


  1. #87 Tommy Jackson Jr; 30
  2. #7 Spencer Saunders; 30
  3. #94 Cody Carlton; 30
  4. #22 Brian May; 30
  5. #7L Zach Lightfoot; 30
  6. #33 Colby Flowers; 30
  7. #08 Jamie Price; 30
  8. #51 Ryan Matthews; 30
  9. #21 Lane McKee; 30
  10. #88 Ryan Center; 30
  11. #31 David Brandt; 30
  12. #17 Devon Courtney; 30
  13. #4 Chris Hayes; 26


Cycle City Corp Bando’s OFFICIAL Results;


  1. #31 Cole Bruce; 15
  2. #14 Connor Jones; 15
  3. #3 Jacob Putman; 15
  4. #18d Emily Day’ 15
  5. #33 Franklin Caricofe; 15
  6. #18 Autumn Weaver; 15
  7. #8 Jacob Derrick; 15
  8. #6 Jake Waltman; 15
  9. #5 Bradley Kilby; 15
  10. #87 Kenton Case; 15

#48 Wesley Newell; 14

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