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Austin Yarbrough Caps Off Almost Perfect Weekend With Big $3,000 Victory

Austin Yarbruough Pro Clone Heavy Win

Austin Yarbrough in victory lane Saturday night with promotors Dave & Amy McGraw after winning the marquee Pro Clone Heavy feature. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com

The checks have been signed, the trophies handed out and the dust has settled – well actually the dust and the dirt have been hauled away and the Senator Bob Martin Agricultural Center has been turned back over to its original state. Another year in the books for what I am learning is one of the biggest spectacles in dirt kart racing in the region and Austin Yarbrough is able to etch his name into the record books beating out some of the best in the business if you will.

I Came, I Saw, I Conquered – should be motto over at Austin Yarbrough racing after the young man won four of the five races during the Saturday night portion of the Indoor Dirt Kart Championships in Williamston, North Carolina – taking trophies home in three more events the night before – winning seven of the eight races over the weekend he competed in. Qualifying third for the feature out of 45 karts (only 20 made it into the show) with a time of 9.733 seconds. The pole however set by Colby Horner just six hundreds of a second faster at 9.670. Now if my sources are correct in telling me the track was a 1/10th mile oval that pole speed was an average of 37.229 MPH. If you were there and saw the track you would know that was flat hauling the mail.

Pro Clone Heavy Starting 5;
1. #15x Colby Horner | 9.67
2. #154 Cody Sieber |9.714
3. #811 Austin Yarbrough | 9.733
4. #20 Adam Beville | 9.786
5. #100 J.L Furrow | 9.805

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