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C.E. Falk Optimistic For Record Fourth Hampton Heat Victory


C.E. Falk, test day 2014 Hampton Heat. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer)

Mooresville, NC – Charles Edward Falk… better know around the shop as C.E. has proven time and time again he knows how to wheel a stock car around the flat track of Langley Speedway. Shoot, I stand corrected; the man can wheel a car pretty much anywhere you take him. Falk certainly has done a tremendous job making a name for himself in a Late Model Stock Car in the Mid-Atlantic region. Racking up four track championship – three of those were back-to-back-to-back – and winning the prestigious Hampton Heat three out of the seven times!

Falk however has not had the opportunity just yet this year to complete a race at Langley Speedway, they had made the trip up a few weeks back but of course Mother Nature had a different idea. Since then the team has still yet to take laps around the track. That however does not have the driver at all worried, even with new pavement around the corners. “Sounds okay,” Falk said, talking about the new pavement. “It’s good there was at least one race on it last weekend but honestly if Bill Mullis wanted to make half the track a dirt track I would still come up and run for a shot at $10,000.” He did tell me the team would be in town for Thursday nights practice as well as the practice Friday

We also talked about what it means and what it would mean to win for a fourth time. “Felt good [winning last year],” Falk said. “Probably going to have to free the car up a bit this year because of the pavement but we feel we have a really good package. Certainly going to be plenty of time for me to screw it up, it’s going to be tough, we just have to save our stuff.”

A 2015 Hampton Heat win will mark the second time in the events history that Falk wins back to back (’10 & ’11), it will also extend his record as the “winningest” driver of the series. “Winning a fourth would mean a lot to me,” Falk explained. “We have certainly won it a few different ways from starting in the back to dominating the whole race. I certainly know how to win but I also know how to lose.”

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The Weekly Racer & Race22.com Tag Team 8th Annual Hampton Heat 200

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Hampton, VA – It is that time of year again when the best of the best come together on one track, to battle for the prize money and the bragging rights! The 8th Annual Hampton Heat 200 is upon us here in Hampton Roads and let me tell you what; this one is on track to shatter all kinds of records. Rumor around the block is more than 40 cars have registered for the chance to take home $10,000! Names like Lee Pulliam, Tommy Lemons Jr, Greg Edwards, Matt Waltz, C.E Falk, Josh Berry, Phillip Morris ­– I could keep going but I don’t want to ruin the surprise!

In addition, for the second year in a row, yours truly will be partnering with Mark Rogers, Jr & Race22.com to bring you the absolute best coverage possible. We are talking about the type of coverage that will have you glued to your mobile device while you are sitting in your seats at the track! We will have everything covered for you; up to the minute schedule updates, connections with track officials, practice times, birds eye views, pit road reporting, and lap-by-lap coverage of the race! I am telling you folks you are not going to want to miss this race or our coverage. Can’t make it? Make sure to check back later this week to get the link to follow along with us!

A few things have changed this year right off the bat, because of pesky Mother Nature the 2015 Hampton Heat will actually be the first of three races in the VA Triple Crown trilogy. South Boston’s 200-lap race has been rescheduled for August 29th. Second, this year’s race will not be a Langley Speedway points race! Teams will still however be able to earn points to the national points standings. A huge change from last year as the Hampton Heat honestly played a pivotal role in the championship standings.

Who will win the 2015 Hampton Heat 200? Well shoot, your guess is as good as mine! Langley so far this year has seen seven different winners… a few of which do not call Langley their home track. This years event is going to bring big names from some pretty big stables in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Lee Pulliam – who has a victory this year – will be in the running. Josh Berry, driver for JR Motorsports, took home a win in his very first attempt at the track. Greg Edwards, the current points leader, looking to bounce back after rebuilding his primary color. I could honestly go on forever BUT we will save that for a different post later this week with our very carefully and thought out predictions!

Make sure you check back through out the week for more stories and interviews leading up to the 8th annual Hampton Heat 200.



The Weekly Racer Announces 2015 Touring Series Schedule (Pt. 2)

2015 Touring Season Edit1Newport News, VA – Round two of the Touring series will kick of early in July with one of my favorite mini series in Late Model Stock Car racing. Just as the summer starts to really heat up so will the action around the mid-atlantic in all of the divisions of racing! We will continue our touring series at South Boston Speedway for their Independence Day celebration as well as the opening leg of the VA Triple Crown series. Lets take you through the final five race of The Weekly Racers Touring Series…


sobo2July 3
“VA Triple Crown Round #1”
LMSC 200 / LLM 100 / Pure Stock 50

6. We head back down route 58 and on our way to South Boston Speedway to kick off one of them most exciting racing series in the state of Virginia. In a tag team effort between SoBo, Langley, and Martinsville we will kick off round one of three in the Triple Crown series. I am estimating thirty plus late model teams to pack the pits as they all battle to win the 200 lap race. Last year saw some very exciting racing as well as some big names running into trouble early. It will be interesting to see who makes it back and who takes home the trophy!

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Hampton Heat 200 Closure

IMG_8323Hampton, VA – (July 26, 2014) Mother nature tried to play spoiler twice for us here at Langley Speedway this evening. As the largest race on Langley Speedway’s & The Weekly Racer’s schedule saw 37 Late Model Stock Cars headed to Hampton, Virginia. We started this deal around 4:35 with qualifying time trials where local driver Matt Waltz grabbed yet another pole clocking in at 16.071. Deac McCaskill, yes thats right Deac McCaskill, took his machine and grabbed the outside pole with a time of 16.113 for his first official race at the speedway. Brayton Haws, Greg Edwards, and Woody Howard would round out your top five starters

As the race got the green green flag at 11:21 PM Matt Waltz immediately went to work clearing McCaskill on the entry of one. Waltz and McCaskill, two very good drivers, checked out early creating about an eight car lead over third place driver Brayton Haws. Both Greg Edwards and Smith would go to war for the fifth spot while some of your Langley Speedway regulars and out of town drivers waged war deep within the field. Positions six through seventeen were all nose to tail for quite a few laps while leaders started working through some lap traffic.

The race saw its first of ten yellow flags on lap 27 for a flat tire of Tyler Ankrum due to a previous incident where the track bar broke causing the flat tire after contact was made with the wall. Nick Smith andC.E. Falk had no intentions of riding around as they rocketed their machines towards the front row. Well the good ole saying of cautions breed cautions were true in this event as cars started bouncing off each other left and right. The field stayed relatively clean for the remaining laps before the halfway break, a few solo spins here and there but no real damage.
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Things Start to Heat Up in Hampton

Pit RoadHampton, VA – Who ever created the term “Christmas in July” must have known when Langley Speedway officials were going to run this race each year! Since its inspection back in 2008 Langley Speedway’s Hampton Heat 200 – a 200 lap Late Model Stock Car race held in the middle of the summer – has been attracting some of the biggest teams in Late Model racing since then! Well folks, if you have not already caught on it is that time of year again! Time to get the get things rolling one more time for the 7th annual Hampton Heat 200!
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