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The Plot Thickens In South Carolina

Greenville Score BoardThe cat is finally out of the bag in the terms of Late Model Stock Car racing in the mid atlantic region. Recently our friend over at Race22 have started to uncover some pretty interesting facts about what is really going on in this “National points race,” if thats what you can call it!

Anthony Anders has been your National points leader since NASCAR officially released the standings after about the fifth week of competition this season. Lee Pulliam – the two-time defending National champion who started this season running in the K&N Pro Series East division – only sits thirteen points behind Anders in what I am calling a farce of a title run.

If you remember a story I posted closer to the beginning of the year stating the changes NASCAR made to the points system (NASCAR Makes Changes to Whelen Series) you will recall how I said this is going to cause some issues this season, and here they are finally coming out of the wood work. First off let me say I am all for an athlete coming right up front and being honest in hunting a national title. That’s great, and shows you mean business, which is exactly what Anders did at the start of this year.

What is going on down there in Greenville to make this happens is what make it almost embarrassing to say that I am a fan of the Whelen All-American Series. All of this really started becoming relevant when a few weeks ago Lee Pulliam and Travis Kiker decided to load their hauler up and take the competition right into Anders back yard. Mind you Anders running most of his races this year at Greenville, while Pulliam has been on the road just a little bit more.
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