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Tommy Sweeney and Mark Frye Split Wins in Physical Grand Stock Twins

Hampton, VA – The Pepsi Grand Stocks had twin 33’s on tap for the night at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway. Mark Frye was the class of the field in qualifying running a 18.165 second time in the single car qualifying.

Frye started the race off strong clearing Rodney Boyd off the start and leaving him to battle for his second position. Boyd fell to third on the second lap after Tommy Sweeney slid be and it was soon a three way battle for second with Paul Lubno also getting in close. On lap-5 Boyd used the nose of his machine to get Sweeney loose and it sent Sweeney all the way back to fifth as Tim Wilson also was able to get by him. With Frye cruising out front with only an error happening on the halfway mark of the race when he got loose out of four.

The first caution of the race came on lap-23 for Jonathan White spinning out into the entrance of pit road, he wound up parking the car for the race while the caution was out. With the cone out Sweeney decided to go high on Frye and Boyd stayed low. On the restart Sweeney was able to run high but eventually fell in line once he was able to clear Boyd to keep second. A little farther back in the field Lubno and Wilson were racing side by side and Lubno took the position and Shawn Scovel also snuck through. With five laps to go Sweeney was chasing down Frye and caught him on the final lap. Going into turn-1 they make contact for the second caution in the race, Frye got a flat tire and had to go down pit road to replace it.

A green, white, checkered finish was set up with Sweeney down low and Lubno takes the outside route. Sweeney drove too hard into the corner and Boyd was able to get by him on the inside and Tommy quickly recovered. They make contact into turn-3 and Boyd gets sideways and almost saves it but is too damaged to continue. With cars all over the place Sweeney is able to catch the checkers for the win before Lubno. After the race the drivers involved in the incident exchanged some words but cooler minds eventually prevailed and Sweeney was able to celebrate in victory lane.

thumbnail_Mark Frye Grand Stocks Race #2

Credit: King Charles Photography

With it being a twin night the grand stocks get the same invert treatment as everyone else this year under the NASCAR rules. Kevin Morgan would lead the field to the green flag with Boyd to his outside. However, Boyd took a lot of damage in that first race so he elected to fall to the rear. His new position put him right behind Sweeney on the start.

Frye started on the outside and took over the lead on the first lap from Morgan who started falling back through the field. Four laps in and Sweeney was up to second and the leaders were getting ready to lap Boyd. Frye and Sweeney were able to get by Boyd with no incident and Rodney brought it down pit road and parked it as his car was clearly down on speed.

Paul Lubno worked his way into third place by lap-8 and at the same time Sweeney was on the bumper of Frye looking to grab the lead. Three laps later and Lubno caught the top two cars and on the next lap Sweeney tried for the lead but couldn’t complete the move. Lubno ended up giving Tommy a little nudge to take second place from him but it didn’t last long. Sweeney went inside of Lubno but Paul didn’t give up easily giving him a little contact to try and keep him close down the straight, Tommy was able to keep the spot.

Coming to the checkers Mark Frye had over a second on Sweeney for the win. Lubno and Scovel made some decent contact into the final two turns but Lubno held on for a fourth place finish with Wilson finishing ahead of him.

Race 1 Results

  1.  Tommy Sweeney
  2. Paul Lubno
  3. ShawnScovel
  4. Tim Wilson
  5. Mark Frye
  6. Michael Waters
  7. Rodney Boyd -1
  8. Kevin Morgan -4
  9. Jonathan White -12

Race 2 Results

  1. Mark Frye
  2. Tommy Sweeney
  3. Tim Wilson
  4. Paul Lubno
  5. Shawn Scovel
  6. Michael Waters
  7. Kevin Morgan -1
  8. Jonathan White -13
  9. Rodney Boyd -29

Chris Dodson Back to Victory Lane After Leading Wire to Wire at Southside Speedway

Dodson WinMidlothian, VA – Heading up towards the capital city of Virginia for some Friday Night action under the lights. Southside Speedway hosted six divisions of racing as they near the end of their 2016 campaign. Eddie Johnson was the fastest car in qualifying as the sun set over turn four. However, its not always the fastest car that wins the race at the end of the night. This is especially true in the heat of the summer and at a track that inverts up to the top six.

Johnson would earn the bonus point for setting the quickest time but would pull a number three pill out of the bag putting seven-time track champion Chris Dodson on the pole. Mason Bailey, making just his second start in a Late Model, just about snagged the pole position but would have to settle for the outside pole – even after the invert. Steve Zuskin and Bugs Hairfield would round out the starting five. Zuskin would be forced to start shotgun on the field after failing post qualifying technical inspection.

Dodson wasted no time when the green flag was displayed, using the invert to his advantage; he opened up a pretty commanding lead early. Eddie Johnson was also able to get around Bailey early to take over the second position leaving Mason Bailey, who had already run a 30-lap feature in the Modified division, to deal with veteran driver Bugs Hairfield. Bailey did a great job holding off the #04 of Hairfield for quite some time.

The races first and only caution came just past lap twenty-nine when the car of David Stevens goes around in turn two. Did not see if Stevens had any help going around as we watched other battles on the speedway. Certainly not what Dodson wanted to see but it was the break that Eddie Johnson needed.

In one of the more bizarre restarts I have seen since tracks adopted the cone rule, the two veteran drivers lead the field of sixteen to the green with just eleven laps of racing to go. Dodson elected to restart on the bottom with Johnson going topside. Throw in a row of lapped cars – we learned after the evening it is the tracks rule that they do not put lapped cars to the rear until it is less than ten to go – then it was the combo of Mason Bailey and Bugs Hairfield.

Once back under green flag conditions Dodson jumped back out front with Johnson trying to stay hot in his tracks. Bailey, who had done such a great job running in the top five had huge problems shortly after the restart as something sounded to go incrediably south in the motor. He would be forced to pull of the racing surface and end his night early. This allowed Hairfiled to take the third spot once again.

One thing the yellow did was set up one hell of a three-way battle for the fourth spot. Daniel Thomas, who the previous week had the entire side of his car ripped off, was back in full form trying to hold off Greg Fernandez and Steve Zuskin for a top five finishing position. Fernandez would eventually get under and around the 99 of Thomas to grab the fourth position. Zuskin, as we mentioned above, was able to drive back from starting shotgun on the field to a sixth place finish.

Dodson in victory lane couldn’t have been more pleased with his car, his crew and the new Billy Banks power plant under the hood. Dodson also made mention that the car was just a little more of a handful than usual with all the power under the hood. He also thanked Eddie Johnson for running him clean there at the end saying he wouldn’t have wanted to have anyone elese there at the end of the race than Eddie because he knew he would race him hard but clean. With Dodson’s win and Zuskin finishing outside the top, Dodson would leave the night with sole possession of the points lead.


Late Model Results:

P1. #0 Chris Dodson; 40
P2. #43 Eddie Johnson; 40
P3. #04 Bugs Hairfield; 40
P4. #02 Greg Fernandez; 40
P5. #99 Daniel Thomas; 40
P6. #71 Steve Zuskin; 40
P7. #50 Raymond Pittman III; 40
P8. #42 Mike Payne; 39
P9. #22 Grayson Cullather; 39
P10. #4 Chris Sylvester; 39
P11. #55 Howie DiSavino; 39
P12. #1 Doug Mundy; 39
P13. #21 David Stevens; 38
P14. #20 Mason Bailey; #31
P15. #18 Brad Davis; 20
P16. #11 Woody Ellington; 13
P14. #67 Cole Walker




Lane Janosik, who has been so dominate this year in the Grandstock division over came the invert again Friday night to land him self in victory lane. This time the fastest car in the day did win the race. Janosik was the fastest car in qualifying earlier in the after noon but pulled the five pill – inverting the top five cars on the start.

The best action, other than Janosik working his way to the front, actually came from the battle for the seventh position. Todd Ruggles, third in points, and Ethan Ayers, seventh in points and leading the Rookie of the Year race, spent a good portion of the feature battling door to door. If they were not side-by-side they were exchanging a little bit of paint with the bumpers or crossing each other up. Ayers would ultimately gain the advantage and the spot from Ruggles.

It took most of the 30-lap feature for Janosik to get up to the front. The battle for the lead was on with 10 laps to go. It looked like Dan Rogers was going to be able to hold Janosik off by making his car really wide. It was a small slip off turn four that did it in for him. Janosik was able to get by and steal the win. Janosik was able to extend his already dominate point lead over James Neely as the season comes to a close.


Grandstock Results:

P1. #79 Lane Janosik; 30
P2. #33 Dan Rogers; 30
P3. #77 James Neely; 30
P4. #4 David Blankenship; 30
P5. #25 Michael Sutphin; 30
P6. #69 Ethan Ayers; 30
P7. #40 Todd Ruggles; 30
P8. #88 Mike Lowe; 30
P9. #84 David Fontaine; 27
P10. #61Ervin Dickerson; 23
P11. Landon Abbott; 2

Abbott Gets First Grand Stock Win; Dodge Leaves the Madness Behind in UCAR


Photo: Shawn Dulin/ TheWeeklyRacer.com

Midloathian, VA – Lane Janosik set fast time at Southside Speedway with a 16.410 second lap during their practifying, a spin on euro qualifying. Due to Janosik’s domination he would have to start at the rear of the eleven car field. A four car invert was pulled putting Landon Abbott on the pole.

Abbott and Dan Rogers raced side by side for the opening lap with Rogers eventually falling back in line. Coming to lap five Janosik was already up to 6th place in the field and the caution flag would fly for James Neely helping Rogers spin around out of turn four.

Landon got a great restart coming to the green, he had them locked down tonight, and would leave the battling for the cars behind him. Todd Ruggles came under fire from Janosik who is now up to third place after starting 11th.

Another caution would come out and Janosik would drop to fourth before getting around rookie grand stock driver Ethen Ayers for third and once again chasing down Ruggles for second. Janosik got by and the yellow lights came on for David Blankenship getting turned around.

On the restart Abbott would stay low and Janosik went high. Landon would jump out allowing Janosik to get single file and the entire top four would run bumper to bumper for a lap before Abbott, Janosik, and Rogers would separate from the field. Rogers peaked under Janosik getting a piece of him as well but Lane kept it going straight.

After a quick caution Abbott and Janosik battled side by side trading a couple of laps led. Janosik would fall into line. Coming out of turn 4 Janosik gave one last nudge to Abbott but Landon would hang on for his first win at Southside.


Over in the UCAR division Beejay Anderson benefited from a six car invert to start on the pole. Off the start the field couldn’t separate before the first caution out on lap 2.

On the restart Anderson went backwards falling to fifth place and Michelle Willingham would start to battle Chip Husband for the lead. Willingham was the next driver to fall back allowing Austin Dodge, who passed almost everyone on the high line, started working on the leader. Dodge took the lead on lap 11 and on the fifteenth lap caution would come out for debris on the track.

After taking the green Dodge, Husband, and Michael Chapman would clear the field and complete mayhem would start for fourth through ninth place. Anderson took 4th place from Josh Blankenship after a huge hit into him getting him sideways but the front wheel drive powered car stayed straight. Blankenship would get Cameron Ruggles completely sideways and get by him. Everyone was going three wide, running the apron, beating and banging.

Austin Dodge cruised to a 2+ second victory, able to run free while the havoc went on behind him.


Grand Stock Results

1.Landon Abbott
2. Lane Janosik
3. Dan Rogers
4. James Neely
5. Todd Ruggles
6. Michael Sutphin
7. Ethan Ayers
8. Shannon Smith
9. Ervin Dickerson
10. David Blankenship
11. Mike Lowe

UCAR Results

1.Austin Dodge
2. Chip Husband
3. Beejay Anderson
4. Michael Chapman
5. Josh Blankenship
6. Michelle Willingham
7. Cameron Ruggles
8. Chris Beazley
9. Zachary Lindsey


Chris Flowers Takes the Checkers at East Carolina in Grandstock Season Opener

IMG_7951We are two weekends into the season now at East Carolina Motor Speedway in Robersonville, NC and two Langley drivers have won races from the pole and lead every lap. Chris Flowers qualified with a 17.025 second lap beating out 2015 Langley Speedway champion Mark Frye by three hundredths of a second. Thomas Marks, Tim Wilson, Shawn Scovel, and Paul Lubno complete the lineup.

On the first lap Flowers almost lost it coming out of turn four causing the field to chec up. Everyone kept their cars going in the right direction. Lap six would be the first caution of the race with Marks getting into the back of Scovel and sending him around.

The field would stay close together and run green flag laps until lap eleven when Lubno gets around coming out of turn four by himself, a tough corner most of the night for the drivers.

On the ensuing restart Frye would get way loose coming out of turn two allowing Marks, Scovel, and Wilson to all get by him. Marks would keep the quick pace up and was able to get up to Flowers bumper on lap 16 and lap 22 but couldn’t hang with the leader’s enough to get under him on the tight 3/8th mile track.

A scary wreck would happen on the next lap with Paul Lubno having a right front go down simultaneously with his thorttle sticking coming through turn three and nailing the armco barrier in turn four. Lubno would put down the driver’s net quickly and was able to get out of the car under his own power. The red flag would come out for 31 minutes while the track officials repaired the damaged barrier. At this point they decided to cut the race five laps short.

Before coming to the green flag Frye and crew would take a chance to hit pit road and make some adjustments to try and make a final push.

The restart would allow Marks to get a decent run on Flowers coming out of turn two but his momentum was squashed by a pinch from Flowers. At this point Chris checked out on the field and left Marks and Scovel to battle for second place. Scovel would work his way by Marks on lap 27 and Marks would pull off a crossover to get second back for the last couple of laps.

In victory lane Flowers said he really enjoyed the track and appreciated East Carolina for hosting the series and said he plans on returning in a couple weeks for the next event.


1. Chris Flowers
2. Thomas Marks
3. Shawn Scovel
4. Tim Wilson
5. Mark Frye
6. Paul Lubno

Twin 65-lap Features Set To Highlight Reinhart/Sky4 Night At Langley Speedway

Race night logoHampton, VA – NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Late Model Stocks return this weekend Langley Speedway for Twin 65-lap feature’s! With just 6 races left in 2015 its getting down to crunch time as the top five drivers (G. Edwards, D. Edwards, Queen, Hughes, and Wertz) all have a mathematical shot at the championship! These next six races could make or break some teams. Danny Edwards, Jr – the most recent winner at Langley Speedway – winning three in a row mind you, had some bad luck a few short weeks ago in the Hampton Heat. Lucky for him however it was a non points race. He sits just three points back on brother Greg Edwards! Brendan Queen, still looking for that ever elusive first victory, sits just 14 points back in third. Two solid finishes tonight could certainly change things.

Four other divisions will highlight the night – Super Streets, Legends, Grandstocks, Karts. We are set to go LIVE with our coverage approx. 4:30 PM on our Twitter (@theweeklyracer) with qualifying – Top 5 from the support divisions & both timed laps from the LMSC.

Another great points battle with just three races left on the season is the Pepsi Grandstock! Mark Frye, your current points leader over Tommy Sweeney by just three points, will look to snap is losing streak tonight. Now when I say losing streak I am not saying he is doing horrible, however finishing second to Sweeney every night will not help his chances at back to back titles!


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