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Driver Series S02E25: Richard Quinn Capps Off Championship Season With Big Day of Destruction Win

Richard Quinn
July 15 1982
Norfolk, VA
Hometown: Norfolk, VA
Home Track: Langley Speedway
Occupation: Automotive Technician
Education: Associates Degree in Automotive Technology

Sponsors: Wards Corner Shell – Currently seeking additional partnerships.


You know that saying, “Going out with a bang?” Well we here at The Weekly Racer wanted to do nothing less for the 2015 edition of The Driver Series. Yes its about that time of year again when we start to wind down and give the drivers and our staff a bit of a break from all the grueling questions. However we wanted to go out on top this season by bringing you, the readers, a champion. A driver who fought tooth and nail all season to finish above the rest. Not only did this driver win the Enduro Championship this year at Langley Speedway, he also backed that up by winning the largest Enduro race of the year at Langley Speedway during the Day of Destruction.

Richard Quinn, a 33-year old auto mechanic from Norfolk, discovered his interest in the racing world in a bit of an unorthodox method – street racing. Wait, scratch that, lets be real, I am willing to bet that 80% of the male teenage to young adult community at some point in their life has participated in some kind of street race, am I right. When racing is in your blood you kind of take it where you can get it. “[I] grew up around cars,” Quinn said. “Dad was a mechanic and I just stuck with it.”

The street racing is ultimately what led Quinn into even wanting to get into closed course or “track racing.” Lets be honest, for one this time of racing was legal, it was safer, and plus you had a much larger audience to see you win! For now the Enduro series at Langley Speedway is all that Richard has competed in for now after being introduced to the series back in the late 90’s by Tim Sparrow, whom he used to help pit crew for.

For Quinn, 2015 has to go down as one of the best, if not most memorable years in his racing career so far. After earning just one win, which he inherited after a season finale DQ, Quinn wrapped up the Bojangles Enduro Championship with an impressive 41 point advantage over Ronald Klein, adding just another stat to his growing resume. Having earned a total of eight wins in the past five years of racing, being able to win the championship just makes things that much better. “Winning the Enduro race this year at the Day of Destruction was exciting surviving through such a large field,” Quinn tells us about his accomplishments in the sport. “It also capped off a great championship season”

“I am going to try and come back to defend my championship,” says Quinn about the 2016 season at Langley. “Looking to try and run a partial Super Truck season also. DQM, Richards race team Dick Quinn Motorsports, will be expanding to 3 cars next season as well. Good friend Mike Kanary Sr. will be running his first full season and son Casey Quinn will be running a partial season. Of course none of this would be possible without the help of the all important sponsors. The team is currently looking to make new partnerships for the 2016 season that will benefit all who are involved, if interested you can always contact the team through the social media links provided above.


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Driver Series S02E24: While It Was A Unique Way Into The Sport, Scotty Buchanan Enjoys Every Minute In His Enduro

profileScotty Buchanan
July 17, 1974 (41)
Portsmouth, VA
Hometown: Suffolk, VA
Hometrack: Langley Speedway
Occupation: Mechanic – Lipton Tea

Sponsors: Ross Electrical Contractors, Grafik Trendz, Creditmax, and Auto Sales. Of course my demolition derby team DDP.



Everyone has a unique story of how they have ended up where they are now. I actually take pride in being able to bring these stories to you, have to admit, its pretty fun hearing them told. This particular one is no different. Usually we hear how a driver came through the ranks of karts, midgets, their time on dirt, or even converting from racing motocross or something of the sort. This week, I bring you a gentleman by the name of Scotty Buchanan; a father of three: daughters, Courtney and Lindsey, and a son named Zachary.

“When I was a kid my dad was always working on cars on the side,” Buchanan told us. “Me and my middle brother were made to help out. My dad did it all from motor swaps to bodywork and painting cars. Now I make a living working on machinery and my brother is a painter at a local body shop. So I got to give big props to my pops for teaching us at a young age a skill that helped lead to a career.” The interest all started when he started going to the Suffolk Peanut Festival just to spectate. In 1998 the opportunity to compete in one came up and since then Buchanan was hooked.

Okay but this is a “Weekly Racing” website your probably thinking, how in the world does this translate to that, right? Well I am getting there don’t worry! It was in 2006 when Langley Speedway started doing their now annual Day of Destruction – which by the way is tomorrow, perfect timing for this interview if I do say so my self. The following year Buchanan built an enduro car and started competing every year at the Day of Destruction starting in 2007.

A scary moment for Buchanan in 2011 when he broke his foot in one of the derbies after his transmission exploded. One of the inherit risk you take getting behind the wheel in any type of racing, glad to hear it was not more serious than it could have been and he was able to recover. It was actually during that recovery process Buchanan started to get the itch, no not from having his foot in a cast though I am sure there was plenty of that, but the itch to get back to the track.

“I was just getting back walking good and still out of work when Derrick Boggess asked me if I could I come pit for him,” Buchanan tells us. “I was coming to [enduro] races, hanging out in the pits with everyone and the bug really got to me to want to try it. So Derrick had hooked much up with Mr Enduro series himself Larry Drommerhausen and he offered me a car to drive in 2013 and thus my racing career I guess you say took off at Langley.” Which ended up being a pretty decent year for the rookie driver. Buchanan would finish 9th in points, yes these drivers race for the fun and for the points, and ultimately lock up the Rookie of the Year award.

Fast-forward a couple years to 2015 Buchanan, sporting car number 73 in the Bojangels Enduro Division, came into the season with one goal, to get his first win. That he did which he tells us he owes a great deal to Derrick Boggess. “Derrick has helped me step my game up a whole lot these past two year. We rented the track a couple times and made it to numerous Thursday practice sessions,” said Buchanan. “I tell you what man our last 2 race couldn’t have ended up more perfect. The race before his last I got my first win and he finish second and the next race he won and I finished second. Couldn’t ask for a better ending to our last putting in the enduros together.”

Next year there are still a few things up in the air for Buchanan, with Boggess moving up into the Super Truck division next year at Langley Speedway, he really wants to try to make the move along with him. However, he did tell us that he plans on helping his son make his introduction to the Enduro Series. Just like always though we had to send Scotty through the ringer, sat him down in the hot seat, hit him with the rapid fire. I must admit he handled himself admirably. Come on in and meet one of the front running Enduro drivers out at Langley Speedway.


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Driver Series: S02E23 Champ Kart Driver Vaughan Crittenden On The Move Both On And Off The Track

profileVaughan Crittenden
July 9th, 1991
Deltaville VA
Hometown: Deltaville VA
Hometrack: Langley Speedway
Education: James Madison University
Occupation: Videographer/ Langley Speedway Director of Communications

Sponsors: J&W Seafood

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“My racing passion started long before I ever knew what NASCAR was,” Crittenden told The Weekly Racer. “When I was just 2 year olds I spent my weekend trips to my grandparents in Maryland riding a toy truck down their steep driveway trying to go down it as fast as I could.” Few years down the road Vaughan later stumbled upon a little event called NASCAR one Sunday afternoon and slowly started getting more into the sport. It wasn’t until 2002 when Vaughan went to Richmond for the first time with his father from then on he was hooked!

Watching racing, however, was not enough for Vaughan; he knew he had to get behind the wheel! “With help from a friend of my sister, Curtis Hughes, who now races in the Modifieds and works along side me, I started racing in the HRKC (Hampton Roads Kart Club) in 2004 at 12 years old.” Crittenden proved that jumping behind the wheel of a go-kart wasn’t the worst idea in the world either! Winning his first race in May of 2007 in the Jr. Restricted division. The following year Crittenden would earn the honors of most improved Sr. driver in the club by finishing third in the Stock Lite division.

Continuing down the path of success Vaughan would have his best points finish of his career, finishing second to Travis Wall. In 2010 he would move up to the division he races in now, the Pro Wing Champ karts, winning Rookie of the Year by finishing fourth in the points standings. Crittenden enters this weekend with two wins on the season and is looking to secure a runner up position in this years points race.

“This year I found myself in the best position to run a full season in the Pro Wing Champ Karts since 2012,” Crittenden told us. “After the first three races of the season I was shocked to see I was leading points and had my first win since 2010. I kept that point lead by not finishing out of the top 6 for most of the summer.” Crittenden would later be disqualified and his points taken away due to a violation of a long standing rule within the Kart Club that mathematically took him out of the hunt this season. “While I’m disappointed with the overall ending of the season, it has been a blast being in contention for a championship after spending years racing at the back of the pack.”

Next year is still up in the air for the 2014 James Madison University graduate. Spending this year not only battling for a championship, and running the tracks website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, Crittenden has been actively searching for a career. With most scenarios taking him away from the Hampton Roads area, it looks like Crittenden days of running full seasons might be coming to an end. “While I’m not saying I’ll be gone from the track for good,” Crittenden told us. “I will only be racing part time for now on. But when I do race in 2016, I will be a threat for the win.”

We also had some time to sit back, relax, and get to know some of the things Vaughan enjoys away from the speedway. He was nice enough to invite us in and subject him to some of the most difficult questions in motorsports history! Okay, well that’s probably not true, however, they are some of the most fun questions in motorsports history!


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Driver Series S02E22: Elysia Potter Racing Towards Her Goal Of Being In NASCAR

ProfileElysia Potter
September 24, 2002 (13)
Newport News, VA
Hometown: Newport News, VA
Hometrack: Langley Speedway
Education: 7th Grader

Sponsors: Champions Against Bullying, Peninsula Town Center, Cains Plumbing, Celano Electric, Kasie Cain Digital Photography, G&G Cycle Works, Greg Merritts Paint, Potters Motorsports, Stillwell Racing, Helping Kids Makes Are Hearts Race, Fiberglass Customs.

Facebook-Logo-Cracked Potter Motorsports FB Logo

Elysia Potter, the seventh grade student during the week – racecar driver by weekend! Elysia, like a good portion of drivers, found their passion for the sport at a young age. Potter fell in love with racing in her back yard, racing against her little brother Dalton and her good friend and fellow Bando competitor Devon Courtney. From their it was like she knew that she had to get behind the wheel of something.

2011 marked the first year of organized competitive racing for young Elysia. Just 9 years old Potter was competing at Langley Speedway in the Hampton Roads Kart Club (HRKC), a club that provides racers young and old alike a place to safely race their karts. Potter was crowned JR Sportsman of the year in 2014 along with coming in second place in the championship standings in JR1 at the Kart Club.

Elysia pulled “double duty” if you will in 2014 running in the Bandolero division on Saturday nights at Langley Speedway in front of thousands of race fans. She would ultimately finish third in the championship standings as well as earning the Hard Charger award after finishing a race after flipping her car.

One of the biggest accomplishments of Potters young career so far is becoming an ambassador for Champions Against Bullying. This young lady takes extreme pride in preaching to fellow students about the dangers of bullying! Her father even told me she has no problem standing up for someone even if she does not know you! Tell you what, we need more kids, scratch that – kid is not a good word, we need more young people with that mentality. She was also part of the 2015 Drive for Diversity class with Rev Racing – where she finished 13th out of 31 other cars this summer down in Charlotte during the Bojangles Summer Shootout. She hopes to return in 2016 to represent Rev Racing again.

Looking forward to 2016 Potter tells me that Langley Speedway will forever be her home track and she takes great pride and joy at racing there. No matter what kind of night from winning to engine issues she always loves racing there. We also learned she is looking to take her racing up a notch and will be visiting more tracks than just Langley Speedway. One thing I can say after our interview with this young lady is that the passion is there and she is an awesome ambassador for everyone – family, friends, and sponsors alike – that are involved in her racing career. If you are looking to get your name out there I am sure they can make room for you and your company on her car. We also had some time to sit and chat and get to know the Elysia Potter away from the track. I was blown away and very impressed by some of her answers. It was certainly an interview that I enjoyed so I know you guys will love it to. Come on in and get to know this young lady who has just as much if not more passion for the game than anyone I know!

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Driver Series: S02E20 – Matt Morgan Looking To Climb The Ranks Of NASCAR

ProfileMatt Morgan
Newport News, VA.
Hometown: Seaford, VA.
Home Track: Langley Speedway
Education: College (So.)
Occupation: Pipe Welder and Fabricator 

Sponsors: Rose Brothers Heat & A/C, Morgan Graphics, Yorktown Transmission, Utopia Eyewear, Carmasters Automotive, My Dad. Always on the search for more!

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A love for the sport spawning from the actions of his father “back in the day” as some of the kids will say. Racing has been apart of Matt’s life well, lets just say since he can remember. Jumping behind the wheel of his very first go-kart at the ripe ole age of 10. Running “flat karts” – as they call them due to their appearance – for the next six years of his life mostly with the Hampton Roads Kart Club out at Langley Speedway. Morgan would also venture away from home running a few dirt tracks throughout Virginia & North Carolina.

Once old enough Matt decided it was time to move up into a full size car and run under the lights with the big boys. The next three years of his racing career were spent behind the wheel of a UCAR. A front wheel drive, four-cylinder machine that, at the time, resembled what some would call grocery getter cars. Morgan picked up his first win in that division on the road at Shenandoah Speedway.

From there Matt moved up to the Legends division having moderate success in a dying class he set his sites higher on the totem pole. One thing lead to another and he found himself piloting a Super Street for Jim Bennett, currently sitting ninth in points and leading the Rookie of the Year race. Morgan citing that engine failures and a few DNF’s are the reason behind the lack luster year in points. Morgan and his crew are looking forward to returning in 2016 to fight for a championship.

2016 will also prove to be an interesting year for the young driver and the guys over at Morgan Motorsports. Not only will he be fighting for a championship in the Super Street division but they will also work towards fielding a car in the Modified division as well. Now that you have meet the “Driver”, come on in and meet the “Man” behind the wheel.

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