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S02E11 – 2018 Season and Series Previews from the Mid Atlantic

The guys get back together for the first time in 2018 to talk about the recent races in the national series, ARCA, as well as the K&N Pro Series East season opener in Florida. We also take a look at six different tracks schedules throughout the Mid-Atlantic region along with the CARS Tour. Jesse announces he will be spotting full-time for #TeamRacingVirginia driver Grayson Cullather in the CARS Tour LMSC program.

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Colin Garrett and Nick Leitz Pick Up Their First Late Model Wins at Dominion Raceway

Colin Garrett celebrates a win in the Sportsman class at South Boston Speedway earlier in 2017. (Photo: Trisha Westfall)

Thornburg, VA – For the second year in a row Dominion Raceway and Entertainment held two special events for Late Model racers. Opening the entry blank to those who have yet to pick up a win at Dominion Raceway in 2017 and a second feature open to drivers who have yet to earn a Late Model Stock win in their career. Colin Garrett, 17 yo from South Boston, Virginia, earned the pole for the 75-lap 2017 first time winners race posting a time of 15.527-seconds. Nick Leitz, 21 from Chesapeake clocked a time just .007 seconds slower to earn the second starting position in the fourteen car field.

The top five cars would invert after the pill pull from Garrett handing the front row over to Chris Johnson and Owen Smith. Chris Johnson would show the way for the first ten circuits as Garrett worked his way through the pack. Garrett would take the race lead on lap eleven and never look back. Attrition and restarts appeared to be the storyline this weekend from the high banks of Dominion as a handful of caution periods claimed several cars – Chris Johnson was one of them later in the race.

Garrett flexed his muscles on every restart jumping ahead of Nick Leitz to reclaim his spot at the front of the field. The final twenty-seven laps went caution free as half of the field wrecked out and Garrett cruised to the checkered flag picking up his first Dominion Raceway win of the year. Nick Leitz, Logan Jones, Jimmy Duncan, Chandler Sherman rounded out the top five finishers.

In the second and final Late Model feature of the night – this race open to all of those who have yet to earn a Late Model Stock feature win – the starting lineup for the 25-lap feature was set by the way the field finished in the first race. Nick Leitz lead the six-car field to the green flag and to the checkered picking up his first career Late Model Stock win leading all 25-laps.

Nick Leitz celebrates in victory lane at Dominion Raceway on October 21, 2017 winning his first Late Model Stock Car feature. (Photo: Short Track Central)

LMSC 2017 First Time Winners UNNOFICIAL

  1. #24 Colin Garrett; 75
  2. #14 Nick Leitz; 75
  3. #77 Logan Jones; 75
  4. #55d Jimmy Duncan; 75
  5. #18 Chandler Sherman; 70
  6. #10 Maddy Mulligan; 62
  7. #36 Owen Smith; 59
  8. #82g Mike Ganoe; 42
  9. #9 Alex Brock; 42
  10. #24c Chris Johnson; 36
  11. #13 Reid Murphy; 31
  12. #89 Matt Ashworth; 31
  13. #55 Chris Flowers; 27



LMSC First Time Winners Race UNOFFICIAL

  1. #14 Nick Leitz; 25
  2. #9 Alex Brock; 25
  3. #18 Chandler Sherman; 25
  4. #36 Owen Smith; 25
  5. #10 Maddy Mulligan; 25
  6. #55d Jimmy Duncan; 1

Chris Humblet Dominates Modified Opener at Dominion; E.J. Kinney Back in Victory Lane in UCAR Feature

Thornburg, VA – Eric Fowlkes was the fastest car in group qualifying this past weekend at Dominion Raceway as the IMCA style modifieds took to the high-banked, .400-mile oval for the second to last time in 2017. Fowlkes earned the pole by laying down a 15.819 (91.03 mph) second lap. He would, however, take the green flag in the third position after inverting the top three on the grid. Handing the front row over to defending track champion Chris Humblet. Adam Medek would keep his second-place qualifying position while points leader Jimmy Humblet started fourth and Tony Fowler rounding out the fastest five qualifiers.

The invert seemed to be just what the doctor ordered for Chris, who wasted zero time jumping out to the lead, commanding the pace of the race. An early caution slowed the pace of Chris Humblet, giving pole winner Fowlkes another shot to get around the defending champ but could not do so. He and Jimmy Humblet would settle in line clicking off laps.

The field would be slowed two more times due to the yellow flag. The third and final time after the entire front stretch was blocked and multiple cars received damage. Things got wild when Adam Medek got loose off turn four in front of half the field with fewer than ten laps to go. Ends up over correcting and heading back towards the outside wall when mayhem ensued. Mike Bedner, Bubba Johnston, Tony Fowler, and Ryan Pritt all got a piece of the action that brought out the red flag. Medek was the only one not able to rejoin the field.

Fowlkes looked to capitalize on what would be the final restart. With a solid run off of turn four Fowlkes would lead at least one of the 35-laps before a small hiccup allowed Chris Humblet to take the top spot back. With not enough laps left on the board, Fowkles would be forced to settle with a second place finish over Jimmy Humblet, Bubba Johnston, and Warren Lipford – who by the way was able to replace the motor in his No. 43 modified that he lost earlier in the day.

The Modifieds will be back in action one final time this season on October 21st where a champion will be crowned.


No. 55 E.J. Kenny celebrates his third victory of the 2017 campaign at Dominion Raceway on October 14, 2017. (Photo: Charlie Alexander/King Charles Photography)

E.J. Kenny found his way back to Radley Chevrolet Victory lane this past weekend after starting on the front row in the 25-lap UCAR feature. Kenny was the fastest car in group qualifying over Daniel Thomas, Aaron Donnelly, Alex Ayers, and Kris Kurtz. Kenny and Thomas would simply swap spots on the front row after the invert was determined to be the top two.

Thomas, who was a regular competitor at Southside Speedway this year, proved that he earned his position at the front of the field when the green flag was displayed leading the first twelve circuits. In a race that only witnessed two caution periods, but a ton of action throughout the field, Kenny was able to work his way around the No. 72 of Thomas for the top spot and it was pretty much game over after that. The win was Kenny’s third official victory of the 2017 season. Daniel Thomas was able to hang onto a second place finish in just his third start this season. Don Schumann and Alex Ayers – another Southside Speedway regular –would finish third and fourth respectively. Rounding out the top five finishers was the No. 31 of Aaron Donnelly who clinched the 2017 UCAR track championship with 19 starts, 6 wins, 14 top fives, and 19 top ten finishes.


Modified UNOFFICIAL Results:

  1. #20 Chris Humblet; 35
  2. #2 Eric Fowlkes; 35
  3. #11 Jimmy Humblet; 35
  4. #51 Bubba Johnston; 35
  5. #43 Warren Lipford; 35
  6. #4 Ryan Pritt; 35
  7. #5 Tony Fowler; 33
  8. #29 Adam Medek; 23
  9. #99 Mike Bedner; 23
  10. #88 Harvey Thomas; 23



  1. #55 E.J. Kenny; 25
  2. #72 Daniel Thomas; 25
  3. #11 Don Schumann; 25
  4. #96 Alex Ayers; 25
  5. #31 Aaron Donnelly; 25
  6. #2 Kris Kurtz; 25
  7. #40 Cameron Ruggles; 25
  8. #8 James Johnson; 25
  9. #39 Andrew Lang; 25
  10. #77j Jack Johnston; 25
  11. #15 Mark Marshall; 25
  12. #68 Brandon Coates; 24
  13. #1 Michael Frayser; 24
  14. #3 Ed Johnson; 24
  15. #13 BeeJay Anderson; 13
  16. #16 Derek Hoak; 4
  17. #71 Jon Pritt; 1
  18. #12 Ryan Pritt; 1

Peyton Sellers Earns Fourth Win and $5,000 in Dominion Raceway’s The Big One

Peyton Sellers leads the field Saturday night in route to his 4th victory in 7 starts at Dominion Raceway on October 14th, 2017. (Charlie Alexander/King Charles Photography)

Thornburg, VA – It was a familiar name in a familiar place this past Saturday night at Dominion Raceway in Thornburg, Virginia. Peyton Sellers took home the cash and trophy as the Speedway put a cap on their 2017 NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Late Model Stock Car series. With $5,000 going to the race winner and NASCAR national points wrapped up we saw quite a few drivers from all over the region come out to play.

Sellers, who actually qualified on the pole and was forced to start from the fifth position after the invert, was up battling for the lead in under ten laps. With three wins under his belt in just six starts the Danville, Virginia driver was able to take the lead from points leader and eventual track champion, Doug Barnes, by lap thirteen and focus on setting his own pace at the front of the field.

“Barnes put enough pressure on me to be able to make me run a good straight race,” Sellers said in victory lane. “I was having to run a good conservative pace. I knew I could fire off anytime I wanted to and be okay but I didn’t know what these tires were going to do. Sometimes you would feel a little tight and then you start thinking in the back of your mind if the tires are gone.”

The 150-lap feature only saw three caution periods for Eddie Johnson, Dustin Storm, and Chandler Sherman looping their machines. Eddie Johnson, the 2017 Southside Speedway track champion, did not have luck on his side as he was involved in the evening’s first caution – granted race control felt he had some help from the No. 8 of Hughes. His misfortune continued a handful of laps later when Dustin Storm went around off of Johnson’s nose to bring out the second yellow.

Sellers made quick work of the twenty-one-car field on every restart to secure his position at the front of the field and dictate the pace.

“Honestly the car was pretty well balanced,” Sellers said when asked about getting out front and saving tires. “We were on the free side all night and I knew it was going to be a good thing as far as saving tires. If we had a lot of positive wheel into it then it was going to scrub the tire and it was not. It was pretty neutral getting in and neutral from center off.“

Coming fresh off a third-place finish in the ValleyStar Credit Union 300 at Martinsville Speedway – the first official race under the new permanent LED lights – and a track championship at South Boston Speedway here Sellers spent most of the year running on Hoosiers the former Xfinity driver seemed to be very impressed with the McCreary American Racer tires and wishes more tracks ran them to make traveling a little bit easier.

“I like the Hoosiers,” Sellers told The Weekly Racer. “But you know I like the McCreary’s evenly right now. They are really good tires. I wish more tracks would run them because it’s pretty costly to come up here and race because we have to add a muffler and buy a different tire that is not good anywhere else. That’s a big investment for us to come up here and do that. We had a good set of tires left over from the $10,000 to win race that kind of persuaded us to come back up here.”

The second place finish from Doug Barnes Jr. was enough for him to clinch the 2017 track championship over Tyler Hughes. Brenden Queen, Colin Garrett, and Tyler Hughes would round out the top five finishers.


The Big One UNOFFICIAL Results;

  1. #26 Peyton Sellers; 150
  2. #88 Doug Barnes Jr.; 150
  3. #03 Brenden Queen; 150
  4. #24 Colin Garrett; 150
  5. #8 Tyler Hughes; 150
  6. #21 Mike Darne; 150
  7. #7 Michael Hardin; 150
  8. #24d Mason Diaz; 150
  9. #13 Kelly Kingry; 150
  10. #16 Dustin Storm; 150
  11. #82 Cameron Burke; 149
  12. #25 Robert Bruce; 149
  13. #10 Maddy Mulligan; 147
  14. #07 Richard Storm; 143
  15. #82g Mike Ganoe; 132
  16. #12 Nick Smith; 124
  17. #18 Chandler Sherman; 114
  18. #51 Mike Weddell; 94
  19. #57 Eddie Johnson; 74
  20. #45 Tyler Daniels; 35
  21. #32 Rusty Poland; 32

Peyton Sellers Earns The Pole in Final Dominion Raceway Late Model Race of 2017

Peyton Sellers tuning on the car Friday afternoon at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway. (📸 Trisha Westfall/Hunt-Sellers Racing)

Thornburg, VA – Peyton Sellers, of Danville, Virginia, took the pole position earlier in the afternoon at Dominion Raceway as twenty-one cars took time in qualifying. Sellers, who have shown he knows how to work his way around this high-banked, .400-mile oval, winning in three of his six trips to the speedway. Sellers recorded a 15.187 (94.818 mph) second lap. Brenden Queen, Colin Garrett, Eddie Johnson, and Doug Barnes rounded out the fastest five cars.

“I have to tell you they have done a really a good job with this facility no doubt about it,” Sellers said after qualifying. “They have had really good car count every time we have been up here and tonight is no different. First time we have been up here in overcast conditions. We didn’t get a whole lot of practice last night because of the rain and the track had a lot of grip in this mornings practice.”

Coming off of a third-place finish at the largest Late Model Stock Car race in the region and a track championship at his home track, Sellers enters the weekend with two goals in mind. One of them just happens to be taking home the check and the trophy.

“We have been pretty quick in all three practices and qualifying,” Sellers went on to say. “I fell really good about tonight but the conditions are very different than what we have been used to the previous times we have been up here this summer. Kind of anxious to get racing and see what we got. It’s a long race and we have to save our tires a lot and be there at the end.”

The 150-lap Late Model Stock feature will be the final points paying race of the 2017 season. Doug Barnes Jr. enters the evening just three points ahead of Tyler Hughes. With $5,000 on the line this evening, both drivers will need to be on their toes as plenty of good cars stand between them and victory lane.

“A win would mean a lot for sure,” Sellers told The Weekly Racer. “My first goal tonight is to not get in the championship battle at all and affect the outcome of that anyway what so ever. That’s a good battle between Barnes and Hughes. We came for the money. There are a lot of good cars between me and the win but at the end of the day, it’s the money that drew us here. They did a great job promoting this race, they have good car count, I think it’s going to be a heck of a show.”

Green flag is set to fly on the first of six features tonight at 5:00 PM EDT. Make sure to follow us on Twitter (@theweeklyracer) for all of the action.


Late Model Stock Car Qualifying: [pre-invert]

  1. #26 Peyton Sellers
  2. #03 Brenden Queen
  3. #24 Colin Garrett
  4. #57 Eddie Johnson
  5. #88 Doug Barnes Jr.
  6. #7 Michael Hardin
  7. #12 Nick Smith
  8. #8 Tyler Hughes
  9. #21 Mike Darne
  10. #82 Cameron Burke
  11. #24d Mason Diaz
  12. #13 Kelly Kingry
  13. #82G Mike Ganoe
  14. #16 Dustin Storm
  15. #45 Tyler Daniels
  16. #25 Robert Bruce
  17. #18 Candler Sherman
  18. #10 Maddy Mulligan
  19. #07 Richard Storm
  20. #32 Rusty Poland
  21. #51 Mike Weddell

Season Long Dominion Raceway NASCAR Championship to be decided THIS Saturday

Charlotte, North Carolina is one of the bedrocks of the NASCAR racing world and when they host the annual NASCAR Whelen All American Series Banquet at the Convention Center…just feet from the entrance to the NASCAR Hall of Fame; either Doug Barnes Jr. or Tyler Hughes will be on stage representing Spotsylvania County’s Dominion Raceway. Two amazing drivers but, only one spot available on that stage.

A season which began in April and has seen each driver compete in 23 races, the two are separated by just three points. Doug Barnes, Jr. leads the way, he’s won 7 events at Dominion this year and has finished in the top 5 an impressive 15 times. Tyler Hughes is chasing him, with 5 wins and an incredible 18 top 5’s he still has a bit of work to do.

Hughes was recently asked to look back on the year.   “Hard work paid off for sure. All season my team and I have worked our tails off and especially building a brand new car for this last race.” He went on to describe what a championship would mean. ” I would want nothing more than to seal the deal for my Dad and team.”

Hughes’ comment about winning for his Dad is an ever-present thought in the young driver’s mind, his father Donald Hughes is battling cancer yet remains at Tyler’s side for every race.

Racing is a family sport and on the other side of this fight for a championship is Doug Barnes Jr. who raced alongside his brother last year. Doug finished 2nd in points at Dominion, 4th in the state of Virginia, while brother Trent was Virginia state rookie of the year. For Barnes, this has been a long quest.

“We’ve been fighting hard all year and we fell short last year, so it would make 2 years worth of work mean a lot.”

Saturday’s race is The Big One at DR presented by Safford Dodge is a 150 Lap event for the Whelen All American Series Late Models presented by Papa John’s. Spectator gates will open at 3pm and racing will start at 5pm. If you are not able to make it out for the season finale, The Weekly Racer will have you covered on our Twitter feed with lap-by-lap coverage starting at 2:00 pm EDT. A complete race day schedule can be found below.


Phillip Morris Takes Home the Big Check in the W.O. Grubb 150

Thornburg, VA – The story at Dominion Raceway Thursday was all about points. Lee Pulliam made his debut at the track hunting for some late season national points as he holds a one point lead over second place this season, he is trying to get his fourth national championship. The track championship is also very close with Tyler Hughes and Doug Barnes battling hard all season long.

The 2016 national champion qualified on the pole running a 15.247 second lap to beat out Morris by .012. Pulliam would start fifth and Hughes out ran Barnes by 6 spots and started on the outside of row three. But they do things a little different at Dominion Raceway, and Bowling pulled a six out of the redraw bag which put Hughes up front for the green flag.

Hughes enjoyed the lead with no pressure from behind for the opening thirty laps until Morris was able to navigate through the cars between them like it was nothing. As they first started catching lapped traffic Morris kept cutting into the lead but the caution would erase it fully with Colin Garrett spinning out off of turn two.

The green flag flew with an even hundred alps remaining in the race and Hughes cleared Morris, he tried the high line with the cone choice, fairly easily. Fourteen laps into the run and Morris had shaken Sellers off from his rear and was no focused 100% on Hughes. Morris was able to nose in to the inside and they raced door to door for a lap until Hughes pulled back ahead and the caution came out for the second time, this time for 2016 track champion Nick Smith getting a tap to his rear and spinning out. Under this caution Lee’s crew tried to fix his ailing car several times and he eventually got caught two laps down.

The front row stayed the same for this restart with Hughes low and Morris high. They didn’t waste much time as they went three wide along with Sellers for the lead, Morris ended up winning out on the risky move on lap 80. Hughes put up a fight for the next couple of laps, peaking inside of Morris a few times but couldn’t get past the four time national champ. Sellers made some contact with Hughes in his pursuit for second but it got them both out of line and Bowling took over the spot. Not long after that the biggest wreck of the night put a lot of damage on several cars with Jeff Oakley, Michael Hardin, Barnes, and Hughes all taking hits.

Morris liked the high line and chose it again, but as the leader this time. He cleared Bowling on the restart and Sergio Pena worked his way by Bowling for second and Brenden “Butterbean” Queen also worked up to fourth place getting by Sellers. Behind them Barnes and Hughes ended up battling each other for seventh position and with 35 laps to go even made it three wide while passing a slower car, these two left nothing on the track. Nine laps later they are still side by side but the caution came out for Chris Johnson’s car losing a motor. A rough ending for Johnson who had come from 23rd to 6th at this point.

The next green flag run was short lived as Puryear got caught up again and this time it ripped off most of his body work and the red flag had to come out to get everything up.

For the next restart Morris again went high and Pena and Queen chose low. Morris showed how strong his car was on this restart setting his fastest time of the race as second through fifth all ran side by side and completely checked on them. Barnes and Pena traded second position for a few laps while they were side by side but Barnes would eventually fall back to fifth with Hughes and Queen getting by him.

Morris took the checkers with no pressure from behind him to win his second big trophy of the year, with his first being the South Boston leg of the triple crown.

After the race Morris had nothing but praise for the racing at Dominion, “I want to race here all the time, I keep telling the guys. They think its close and I’m only an hour away but every where we go is three hours but I just love this place. I just wanna keep coming here, you can really charge the corners here and it makes for some really great racing.” He also mentioned why the racing is so good, “That guy in the 8 car [Tyler Hughes] we had a good battle out there, he was running pretty good. It’s kind of weird, it’s hard to get away from anybody because you got some drafting going on too so you get a little bit of everything. I’ve run some of the Xfinity series, truck series, and its a little bit of everything so any driver that is looking to go up they want to come here because you can learn a lot more at this race track.” The team plans on using this momentum going forward to finish out the year strong and use the lessons learned this year for a possible run next season at the national title.

We also caught up with a very happy Sergio Pena, “We did a lot better than expected, coming into this race we weren’t sure if we were gonna run it or not it was kinda last minute. We came to practice with a set of tires that had a 100 laps on them so to come home second surpassed all of our expectations. Qualified kind of bad to be honest, qualified 16th and fortunately had Sam on the spotters tower for me kind of guided me through the crazy traffic that was out there. Had a couple lucky breaks with cautions that fell at the right time and I’ll tell you what before we knew it half way through the race we were right up there with Peyton Sellers, Phillip Morris, and Matt Bowling…some of the best names in the country, the best names in the country, and to come home second behind Morris I’ll take that as a win its just unreal. Just want to thank you to Sam Beatie and Joe, these guys work on this car very hard and it wouldn’t be possible without them so I just want to say thank you to those guys.”


Unofficial Results

  1. Phillip Morris
  2. Sergio Pena
  3. Tyler Hughes
  4. Brenden Queen
  5. Doug Barnes
  6. Peyton Sellers
  7. Cameron Burke
  8. Timmy Phipps
  9. Stacy Puryear
  10. Colin Garrett
  11. Dustin D Storm
  12. Chandler Sherman
  13. Jeff Oakley -1
  14. Matt Bowling -17
  15. Eddie Johnson -25
  16. Chris Johnson -26
  17. Richard Storm -28
  18. Lee Pulliam -48
  19. Michael Hardin -61
  20. Mike Ganoe -72
  21. Nick Smith -78
  22. Logan Jones -81
  23. Billy B Morris -139
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