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Daniel Silvestri Earns Second Win in Southside Speedway Season Finale; Layton Harrison Back to Back Wins in Bandos

Midlothian, VA – Daniel Silvestri entered the weekend a mere four points (226) behind the leader and fellow rookie Cody Carlton (230). You could say the task was rather simple, go out and win the race and take home the championship. Though Silvestri was able to complete one of those tasks, the latter portion was a bit more difficult. Cody Carlton, former Arena Racing USA champion, was the fastest man in town during the final practice session of the afternoon which earned him the pole position come race time as well as one extra bonus point towards his championship hopes. Silvestri’s time would be good enough for second while Chris Lilly, Kevin Yeatts, and Carter Weedon made up the fastest five drivers. Carlton and Silvestri would swap places on the grid, however, after Carlton drew the number two pill.

The invert seemed to play well for Silvestri who jumped out to the early lead when the green flag was displayed. Carlton would lose the second position rather quickly to Chris Lilly who was able to power around the point’s leader using the bottom groove of the track leaving him to battle with Ryan Matthews. Lilly would eventually catch the back bumper of Silvestri and apply pressure just was not able to make anything happen. Carlton was able to track Lilly back down and make the pass for the second position just past the halfway mark of the race and immediately set his target on the race lead. Running time almost .400-seconds faster than the race leader there was no question that Carlton was going to catch Silvestri, the question could he make the pass on old tires.

Carlton had pulled up to Silvestri’s rear bumper with two laps to go and gave the 2016 Southside Speedway Bando champ a shot to rattle his cage but it was ineffective. Carlton would make one more attempt down in turns one and two but looked to clip a bit of the rumble strips and had to chase the car up the track a bit allowing Silvestri to pull away and collect is second win of the 2017 season. The second place finish from Carlton was enough to not only clinch Rookie of the Year honors but also win the 2017 Legends title for the Chesapeake, Virginia driver.

“He always has a good car and is a good driver,” Carlton said about Silvestri. “Pair that with a track that’s already difficult to pass at and he is a tough competitor and a good kid overall. I was happy to see him get the win, we both left there satisfied. Even after falling back we were able to run him back down, we just ran out of time to get it done clean.”

 The championship was the first of its kind for Carlton, outside of Arena Racing and Karting, and just the tip of the ice burg for this talented driver.

“There is no better feeling,” Carlton told The Weekly Racer after locking up both Rookie of the Year and the track title. “It’s a hard accomplishment to make, and it wouldn’t have been possible without my car owner, John Weaver, and the crew chief, Steve Hancock. Since the first time I strapped into the legend car it has been a rocket ship so I felt like from the beginning it was up to me to get the job done and show my team that we could win races and championships. I was really hoping to double up and win two championships in my first season, unfortunately, some bad luck at Langley prevented that. It’s still an awesome feeling to do what we have done in our first season of legends, I really enjoy driving these cars and look forward to next year.”

 With just one more Legends race left on the season for Carlton down at Langley Speedway, his race season is far from over, however, as he will spend the fall and winter chasing trophies and wins in karting on the dirt tracks throughout the region. He later went on to tell The Weekly Racer he will more than likely run a full Late Model schedule with Legends races in-between.



Layton Harrison was able to double down and pick up his second win in a row in the INEX Bando’s to kick off Champions night at Southside Speedway this past weekend. After qualifying on the pole with a 16.919-second lap, the only one in the nine-car field to hit a sub seventeen-second lap – Harrison would find himself rolling off the grid in the fourth position for their 15-lap feature. The four-car invert found Franklin Caricofe leading the field into one when the green flag was displayed.

The 15-lap feature witnessed six lead changes among three drivers, oddly enough neither one of the leaders were points champion Conner Jones who had a wicked accident during qualifying – and only one caution. Layton Harrison and Leland Honeyman, who races primarily at Concord Speedway, spent the better portion of the race battle hard for the race lead lap after lap. The final two laps were really something to watch as Harrison did everything he could to get around and Honeyman did everything he could to hold his line and protect. Harrison entered turn three strong on the final lap and was able to make a bit of a crossover move when both cars stepped out of line come out of treacherous turn four. Harrison appeared to get back on the throttle quicker beating Honeyman to the checkered flag.

Despite the issues Conner Jones had during practice he was able to start the race from the rear in a back up car and drive up to the fifth position. The top five was enough for the young man to put a cap on the dominating 2017 season he had at Southside and clinch the championship.


INEX Legends OFFICIAL Results

  1. #97 Daniel Silvestri; 25
  2. #94 Cody Carlton; 25
  3. #27 Chris Lilly; 25
  4. #51 Ryan Matthews; 25
  5. #22 Carter Weedon; 25
  6. #00 DJ Elzey; 25
  7. #31 Carter Wood; 25
  8. #27 Kevin Yeatts; 25
  9. #79 David Turner; 24


  1. #43 Layton Harrison; 15
  2. #4 Leland Honeyman; 15
  3. #33 Franklin Caricofe; 15
  4. #15 Logan Clark; 15
  5. #14 Conner Jones; 15
  6. #58 Eddie Slagle; 15
  7. #22 Wyatt Philyaw; 15
  8. #59 Teddy Cranmer; 15
  9. #87 Kenton Case; 9

Southside Speedway Back to Racing This Weekend With 75-lap Late Model Feature

Midlothian, VA – Mother Nature got her way last weekend when a lingering cold front washed out most of the racing taking place throughout the eastern part of the Commonwealth, Southside Speedway was included. With clear to partly cloudy conditions all morning and afternoon and a very little chance of that, “wet stuff,” that got in the way last weekend, things look to be a go tonight near the state’s capital.

The Late Model’s, averaging around sixteen to eighteen cars a night, will also make their return for the second and final 75-lap feature of the year. Chris Dodson won this race earlier in the summer holding off some of the youngest drivers – Mason Bailey, Grayson Cullather, JD Eversole – in the Late Model ranks. With the win, Dodson enters this evening one of the heavy favorites along with long time Late Model racer, Eddie Johnson. With the longer laps and smaller tires. it’s a no brainer that experience will come into play tonight. However, rookie stand out’s Mason Bailey, is coming off a thrilling victory the last time these cars were on track after a three wide battle netted him the race lead on a late race caution and eventually earned him his third win of the year followed by none other than Mr. Grayson Cullather. As the race season draws to an end, the temps stay elevated and the memory banks grow larger, we expect tonight’s feature to be a barn burner.

In addition to the 75-lap Late Model Feature, the IMCA style asphalt Modifieds will pick up their epic points battle this evening with a 30-lap feature along with the Grand Stocks. Cody Carlton will look defend his race win and points lead as the INEX Legends and UCAR will be on tap for 25-laps each while the Bando’s will kick off the night with their 15-lap feature.

The Weekly Racer will, of course, have you covered if you are unable to make it out to the speedway this evening. However, I highly recommend packing the kids and the car and heading out to the track because you are not going to want to miss this race. Front gates and qualifying are set to open and get underway at 6:00 PM EDT with the first green flag at 7:45 PM. We will have LIVE coverage of qualifying on our Twitter feed (@theweeklyracer). If you do not have Twitter you can follow along right here on our website. You will see our Tweets on the right side bar they will just be delayed and may require some page refreshing. We are working on a way to bring this same LIVE coverage to those of you without Twitter.


Carlton Wins at Southside as Bad Luck Continues for Tommy Jackson, Jr.; Connor Jones Wins Third Bando Feature in a Row

Cody Carlton picks up third win, second official, at Southside Speedway July 14, 2017. (Photo: Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Midlothian, VA – 2017 has clearly not been the year for young Poquoson native, Tommy Jackson, Jr. After wrecking his primary car at Langley Speedway’s opening night and turning around the following week to damage the second car at Southside’s opening night, Jackson and crew have been in constant rebuild mode all year. Grabbing a couple wins at Southern National and Shenandoah Speedway, Jackson looked poised to pick up another win the past two weeks but feel short.

After laying down the second fastest time of the afternoon, only second to Daniel Silvestri, who was coming off his first win in a Legends the race before, Jackson would get a little help from the invert when Daniel pulled the number two pill out of the bag. This handed the point over the Jackson and honestly almost the win. When the green flag was displayed Jackson assumed the lead quickly from Silvestri leaving him to deal with Cody Carlton for second.

Using the higher line to his advantage, Daniel was able to keep the #94 of Carlton at bay for several laps. Trouble struck for the defending race winner just as he was making the pass on Carlton out of four, though. We are pretty sure from our vantage point in the booth that there was no contact between the two before Silvestri got into the outside wall, it more so looked the young driver was trying to use every inch of the track and just got too far out. He would hit the broiler plate hard and slide all the way down the front stretch before coming to a stop in turn one. Daniel appeared to be okay after the contact as he was immediately able to exit the car, visibly upset, but okay none the less.

After a brief red flag to clean up turn one the field was let loose after taking the cone. Ryan Matthews, who has a win under his belt technically this year, was looking to go for a second on the restart but got a little too excited and went before the leaders. He eventually gave it back but, the flagman threw the yellow flag and would try it again.

The second caution of the evening would come on lap 17 of the 25-lap feature when the leader, Tommy Jackson, Jr., came to a screeching halt, in turn, one avoiding contact with the wall. We would later learn a broken shock was the culprit that took him out of the race. With two of the top running cars out of the race, and that is no dig at Carlton’s talent behind the wheel, this would hand the lead over to the Chesapeake, VA native. Taking just one lap to clear the machine of Wayne Grubb, Carlton was able to cruise to his third victory (second official) of the 2017 season at Southside Speedway.

Carlton was extremely excited in victory lane thanking God for the safe race as well as car owner John Weaver for letting him do this with such great cars.

“This car was in the wall last weekend at Langley Speedway,” Carlton said in victory lane. “We called up Mike from CMG Motorsports that night and had the car up in his shop that next day and worked on it this week to get back here. I just can’t thank them enough.”

This is the second time so far this season the #94 machine has had to have some serious front end work done to the machine but it does not keep them away from running up front.


Conner Jones was the fastest man in town in the INEX Bandoleros during the afternoons scorching hot qualifying. Posting a quick time of 17.207 seconds on his eighth lap around Southside Speedway averaging 69.732 MPH. Jones, however, would not be able to roll off the grid from the top spot as he was moved to the rear of the field due to Southsides two win rule. Starting shot gun on the six car field Jones had worked his way up to third by the halfway point of the race.Jones caught a huge break when race leader Layton Harrison and Cole Bruce approached the slower machine of Kenton Case. Harrison was slowed up just a little coming off turn two but was able to get around the

Jones caught a huge break when race leader Layton Harrison and Cole Bruce approached the slower machine of Kenton Case. Harrison was slowed up just a little coming off turn two but was able to get around the lapped machine much easier than Bruce, who made a huge move down low under Case’s machine. With the Bando’s being such a momentum driven division, Conner Jones was able to stay high coming out of two and get around Bruce for second. The following lap he Jones was able to pull right to the bumper of Harrison with two laps left and made the pass for the lead and collect his fourth victory in a row at Southside Speedway


INEX Legends OFFICIAL Results;

  1. #94 Cody Carlton; 25
  2. #4 Wayne Grubb; 25
  3. #51 Ryan Matthews; 25
  4. #00 DJ Elzey; 25
  5. #22 Carter Weedon; 25
  6. #31 Carter Wood; 25
  7. #87 Tommy Jackson, Jr.; 17
  8. #97 Daniel Silvestri; 12


INEX Bando OFFICIAL Results;

  1. #14 Conner Jones; 15
  2. #43 Layton Harrison; 15
  3. #31 Cole Bruce; 15
  4. #58 Eddie Slagle; 15
  5. #33 Franklin Caricofe; 15
  6. #87 Kenton Case; 13

Daniel Silvestri Grabs First Legends Win and Conner Jones Keeps Rolling in Bandos

INEX Legends

Cody Carlton once again showed his speed in the new car he is running setting a 15.462 second lap just edging Daniel Silvestri by .005 seconds for the pole point. Cody pulled a five on the invert and this put Carter Weedon in control of the field coming to the green. Off the start Weedon fell back pretty quickly as Tommy Jackson Jr, Chris Lilly, and Silvestri. The race was full of bumper to bumper racing between the top-3 in most of the race creating some very exciting racing for the fans. Daniel Silvestri passed Lilly, second in national Semi-Pro points, for the lead with five to go. He was able to grab his first legends win in his rookie season after winning the bandolero track championship last year.

INEX Bandoleros

Franklin Caricofe ran a 17.182 around the banked 3/8th mile track to get the bandolero pole point and Conner Jones qualified in second. With the two in a row win rule in effect at Southside Speedway he would be sent to the rear to start the race. Jones, 4th in national bandits points, made quick work of the field jumping up to third in two laps, second place two laps later, and took the lead on lap-8. Cole Bruce who started second fell back to 6th and made a spot up to 5th before the checkers flew.

Legends Results
1. Daniel Silvestri 25
2. Chris Lilly 25
3. Cody Carlton 25
4. Tommy Jackson Jr 25
5. Ryan Matthews 25
6. Carter Weedon 25
7. DJ Elzey 25
8. Carter Wood 25

Bandolero Results
1. Conner Jones 15
2. Franklin Caricofe 15
3. Josh Speas 15
4. Eddie Slagle 15
5. Cole Bruce 15
6. Leonard Harrison IV 15
7. Wesley Newell -1
8. Kenton Case -2

Ryan Matthews Inherits INEX Legend Win at Southside Speedway – Conner Jones Pass on the Outside Proves to be Enough

Ryan Mathews sails into turn one during a round of practice at Southside Speedway. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Ryan Mathews sails into turn one during a round of practice at Southside Speedway. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Midlothian, VA – Chris Lilly, who entered the weekend third in the INEX Semi-Pro National Points, qualified his machine on the pole of the nine car field with a time of 15.645 (76.694 mph) seconds. Up and coming sensation Cody Carlton was just two-hundredth’s of a second off Lilly’s speed to earn the second starting position. Lilly would eventually draw a two pill after post-qualifying inspection to invert the front row.

After four attempts to get the 25-lap feature underway, Carlton used the bottom to his advantage to get around Lilly to lead the first circuit around the tough Southside Speedway. Cody Carlton and Chris Lilly were clearly the class of the field this past Friday night. How could you tell? Just five laps into the caution filled feature, the front two had a just about a full straightaway lead over the third place car of Ryan Mathews.

Things really started to get interesting as the laps dwindled down and the caution periods picked up. The fifth caution of the night actually worked in favor of Lilly who was able to lead just one lap on the outside, beating Carlton to the line by mere inches. Carlton would rally back to the lead the following lap and again would be slowed by another yellow.

Eventually, race officials started to count yellow flag laps after Carter Wood went for his second spin in two laps in turn two. Interesting enough just four laps later, DJ Elzey and David Turner would tangle in turn four to bring out the last caution of the night and set up a Green, White Checkered finish. Carlton elected to stay on the bottom when the cone was displayed, Chris Lilly, of course, tried his luck to the outside. Carlton again was lights out on the restart and was able to be the first car to the checkered flag. Chris Lilly followed suite just a tenth of a second back, followed by Mathews, Silvestri, and Elzey.

A tired looking Carlton was excited in victory lane thanking car owner John Weaver and all the work they have done on the car after pretty much starting over after an incident at Langley Speedway weeks prior. Carlton and Lilly, however, would not make it out of the tech shed without having their first and second place finishes encumbered – pretty sure that’s a good word to bring down to the short track level. Both drivers were disqualified for failing post-race tech.


Conner Jones was the fastest man in town Friday night at Southside Speedway in the six car Bandolero field. Posting a lap of record at 17.164 seconds. An average of 69.907 mph around the very tight and flat speedway. By the luck of the draw, Jones was forced to start from the third position handing the pole position over to Eddie Slagle. Cole Bruce, posting the second fastest time in qualifying, lucked out and got to keep his starting position on the grid.Took just two attempts to

Took just two attempts to kick off the racing action in the Bando’s, took just one lap for Cole Bruce to get his car wound up on the outside to take the lead from Slagle. Took just two laps for pole sitter Conner Jones to get around Slagle and up to the lead. Taking the hard route around Bruce, Jones made the pass for the lead on the outside coming to lap two and never looked back.The 15-lap feature was only slowed once for a

The 15-lap feature was only slowed once for a spin, in turn four from Layton Harrison. Harrison was on the low side attempting a pass for position and looked to just get loose. He did a great job of keeping the car off the wall and other competitors and was able to rejoin the field, gaining two positions before the checkered flag waved.Jones was rock solid on the restart and was able to hold off Cole Bruce and Franklin Caricofe to earn a trip to victory lane.

Jones was rock solid on the restart and was able to hold off Cole Bruce and Franklin Caricofe to earn a trip to victory lane.


INEX Legends OFFICIAL Results:

  1. #51 Ryan Mathews; 25
  2. #97 Daniel Silvestri; 25
  3. #00 DJ Elzey; 25
  4. #79 David Turner; 25
  5. #31 Carter Wood; 25
  6. #27 Kevin Yeatts; 23
  7. 7 #22 Carter Weedon; 0
  8. #94 Cody Carlton; 25 – DQ
  9. #27 Chris Lilly; 25 – DQ


INEX Bando OFFICIAL Results:

  1. #14 Conner Jones; 15
  2. #31 Cole Bruce; 15
  3. #33 Franklin Caricofe; 15
  4. #43 Layton Harrison; 15
  5. #58 Eddie Slagle; 15
  6. #15 Logan Clark; 15
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