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Justin Carroll: Building a Name for Himself

Carroll1 One thing my parents always taught me growing up is if you want something bad enough then you bust your ass working for it. Our parents already had one thing in common by picking a great first name for their son’s, and I may be a little biased but hey it is my blog! After talking with Justin I knew right off the bat he must have been raised the same way I was; “If you want something bad enough no sense in sitting around hopping someone will give it to you.” He started helping out at a local snow cone shop to raise any money he could to buy his own race car. By the age of 15 Justin had enough money to purchase his very own UCAR. These are little 4 cylinder, mostly domestic (at Langley Speedway that is) front wheel drive cars that you see every day on the street for those who may not have known. Of course safety equipment is required (glass removal, roll cages, five point harness, helmet and a five point harness, I also believe at Langley a HANS or Hutchens device is required).
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