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Bradley McCaskill Sets Sights on Colt James at Southern National’s Spooktacular

Bradley McCaskill, pictured at Martinsville Speedway in Virginia. (Photo credit: Andy Marquis)

LUCAMA, NC – Bradley McCaskill has his sights set on Colt James and the $1,000 bounty that has been placed on James heading into Saturday night’s Spooktacular at Southern National Motorsports Park.

McCaskill has plenty of experience at Southern National Motorsports Park and is a former winner of the Limited Late Model portion of the Spooktacular.  This weekend, he will compete in the Fast Five Pro Late Model doubleheader and he has every expectation of outrunning James, who has won the last eight consecutive Pro Late Model races.

“Looking forward to racing against Colt,” McCaskill said.  “I hope we can be the team that finally knocks him off his throne. He will be really tough to beat and he is smart with his car and how he races.”

McCaskill will be bringing the car he has been competing within PASS South and CARS Super Late Model competition.  Earlier this year, he ran in a PASS race at Southern National, but a flat right rear tire derailed his performance and relegated him to a 10th place finish.

With his experience at the 4/10-mile track, McCaskill has plenty of confidence.

“Colt really has a handle on his car right now,” McCaskill explained.  “I feel confident that we can get our car to work as good as his.  It will be interesting to see how the motor combinations run against each other.  Plus, there are twins to throw another twist in there.  Who goes hard the first race versus who saves for the second race.”

Along with the Pro Late Model, McCaskill is hoping he can compete in the Limited Late Model race as well – but as of now, he is unsure if he will be able to.  If he is able to race, he will compete in a Late Model ordinarily driven by Ronald Renfrow.

“I hope there are good turnouts for both divisions,” McCaskill concluded.  “Looks like there is good money up for grabs this weekend.”

Since the first running of the Spooktacular in 2014, a race won by Joey Throckmorton, the race has become one of the biggest Limited Late Model races on the East Coast.  Meanwhile, the Pro Late Model division has attracted headliners all season, including points leader Colt James, NASCAR Next driver Hailie Deegan, Jody Measamer, Giovanni Bromante and more.

Saturday’s Spooktacular will get underway at 6pm EST and is headlined by twin 75-lap duels for the Pro Late Models and a 100-lap Limited Late Model race. The Charger division will race for 35 laps, Mini Stocks for 65 laps, Any Cars for 15 laps, Legends for 35 laps, Bandoleros for 15 laps and the Virginia Mini Cups will hold twin 25 lap races.

More information about the Spooktacular can be found at http://www.snmpark.com/spooktacular.

The fall schedule will resume on Saturday, October 28th with the Day of Destruction, which is poised to be one of the biggest events ever held at Southern National Motorsports Park.  The Day of Destruction will feature a Demolition Derby, Enduro racing, burnout competitions, flagpole races and much more.

The Day of Destruction will also feature a Haunted Race Track Tour, continuing a Southern National Motorsports Park tradition that began in 2015.

More information about the Day of Destruction can be found at http://www.snmpark.com/demoderby.

The fall schedule will conclude with the three day, 12 division Thanksgiving Classic which will run from Friday, November 24th through Sunday, November 26th and is headlined by the $20,000-to-win Late Model Stock Car feature.

More information about the Thanksgiving Classic can be found at http://www.snmpark.com/thanksgivingclassic.

This fall, Southern National Motorsports Park will be the place to be for big races and big events.

For more information about Southern National Motorsports Park, check out SNMP’s website at www.snmpark.com“like” Southern National Motorsports Park on Facebook or “follow” @SNM_Park on Twitter.


2016 Snap Shots and Year End Review

year-end-review-photoWow, yet another year as come and gone and boy what a season it provided. 2016 proved to be a year of ups and downs for both the race teams and us here at The Weekly Racer. However, just like most race teams, with some hard work, long nights, and a lot of faith, we were able to pull off some pretty cool things this year. We set out on a mission to grow our audience again and reach more folks that love short track racing and boy let me tell you what, we meet that goal and surpassed it!

TWR hit the road in 2016 with the hopes of visiting some new race tracks and the staff did just that. Dominion Raceway & Virginia Motor Speedway* in Virginia along with Carteret County Speedway, Boman Gray Stadium, and Dixieland Speedway in North Carolina were all new short track shows we brought you to this year. Granted we put a little asterisk next to Virginia Motor Speedway as every time we attempted the trip we got rained out, there is always 2017 though.

2016 saw the rise of Facebook LIVE streaming which TWR took full advantage of bringing our readers as close to the action as wifi and cell service would allow it. The following and request we got for races from those who were most of the time from a different state were truly amazing. Not to mention seeing some of the highest numbers in viewer traffic means we are doing our job to bring you to some of the best short-track racing in the country!

We look forward to 2017 being yet another record year as Eric Church would say. We are excited to bring you monthly podcasts with guests from all over the circuits. New tracks, new series and hopefully new writers with fresh opinions and stories from the sport we love. Bellow are just a few ‘Snap Shots’ from 2016 that we here at The Weekly Racer would like to highlight in no particular order. Every year around this time we have spotlighted paint schemes or races, this year we want to highlight moments that stuck out to us. What are you 2016 Snap Shots, feel free to leave a comment!


Louis White Wins the Battle – Brenden Queen Wins the War

Photo: Casey Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com

Photo: Casey Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com

Chevy -vs- Ford, Pearson -vs- Petty, Earnhardt -vs- Gordon are just some of the rivalries we have seen over the years in this crazy sport we love. Some forged from nothing while others were forged from the unspoken respect towards each other. Sometimes you just have a difference of opinion or a different viewpoint on a certain incident. Other times it’s just good ole’ Old School -vs- New School.

2016 witness a birth of a new rivalry on the high banks of East Carolina Motorspeedway, amongst those that have continued for years, between two racers, who in our very humble opinion, are not much different other than the year they were born. Louis White of Plymouth, North Carolina has been racing longer than Brenden Queen of Chesapeake, Virginia has been on this earth but when the two came together, it was a battle like no other.

Yes, these two had plenty of run-ins, both literally and figuratively, on the racing surface throughout 2016 but I’m pretty sure they both had the same mentality; Let’s get this championship and don’t let my guys down. Fans and drivers alike witnessed plenty of vinyl exchange on the weekends and words exchange throughout the week. Particularly when the two, along with several others, were involved in one of the wildest wrecks I have seen in my ten plus years going racing.

Our snapshot that we want to take away from these two this year is exactly what’s pictured above. Two men, putting everything on the line for the sport they love for their friends, family, and sponsors, to come together and show each other respect during the last race of the year. Louis White ended up winning the final race of the season – which was actually his second Ronnie Barnett Memorial win – with Queen finishing second the points spread that was enough for Queen to secure the track championship. Though Louis White won the “battle,” Queen was able to win the “war,” Louis White asked Queen to take a victory lap with him. White sporting the checkers and Queen sporting the American flag just like his favorite NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski – which ironically enough is the boyfriend of Louis Whites daughter and father of his grandchild.



Thrilling K&N East Finish at Dominion Speedway Debut

If there were awards to give out here at The Weekly Racer for best finishes, the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East finish at Dominion Raceway on Memorial Day weekend would certainly be among the top contenders. Making their debut at the newly opened 4/10-mile, high banked oval, Spencer Davis and eventual champion Justin Haley put on one hell of a show for the fans in attendance on Memorial Day weekend.

Our snapshot was the last half of the last lap where Justin Haley made every attempt possible to steal the victory away from Davis. In one of the closest finish in K&N East history, Davis edged out Haley by just .005 seconds. Just about everyone in the complex were on their feet as the two entered turn three knowing the shot was coming. The two made contact coming down the front stretch and it was a drag race to the finish line. Easily one of the top finishes we witnessed in 2016.

The sight around the track mirrored much like the Xfinity race at Talladega where two drivers were waiting on the front stretch for NASCAR to review the finish and declare a winner. I cannot imagine what it was like for either of the drivers sitting there, facing each other still strapped in their cars waiting. This race will certainly go down as one of the closest races The Weekly Racer was involved in.


Bradley McCaskill’s Road to Recovery Leads to Victory Lane


If you have been following short track racing in the Mid-Atlantic then you know Bradley McCaskill’s journey through 2016 wasn’t the easiest, to say the least. McCaskill was involved in a pretty bad wreck earlier in the summer at East Carolina Motor Speedway that left him with burns all over his body. Spending the rest of summer on the road to recovery it was great news just to hear the McCaskill was able to get back home to his business and more importantly his family. Things didn’t stop there for McCaskill though. With the help from his family, doctors, and some support from the racing community, McCaskill was able to return to what he loved, racing.

Our snapshot is from the Saturday night portion of the Thanksgiving Classic. McCaskill all but dominated the Limited Late Model feature in a car prepared by Louis White and found his way back to victory lane. McCaskill made a very strong statement in his return to Late Model racing, his win came on the heels of not only making it into the prestigious Martinsville race but earning a top twenty finish. To be able to watch McCaskill dominate the way he did and celebrate in victory lane with his family and Louis White should be a reminder to never give up and always keep fighting.


Christian Eckes Edges Teammate Josh Berry in Thrilling Last Lap Pass

For the second year in a row, we were able to make the trip down to Myrtle Beach Speedway for the annual Myrtle Beach 400. A “post season” Late Model feature, much like Martinsville and SNMP, bringing some of the best in the business to one track for 200-laps of door-to-door action. We almost picked the entire race as our snapshot with the amount of true racing that was going on throughout the entire field. We figured it would be a good idea to pick just one moment from that weekend for the interest of time.

The last lap battle between JRM teammates Josh Bery and Christian Eckes was one for the record books. If you weren’t there or didn’t see our Tweet after the race we have included the link above for your viewing pleasure. Much like the finish in the K&N series at Dominion, 200-laps of racing came down to just inches as Eckes edged out Berry at the line after the two bounced off of each other. Was truly one of the most thrilling finishes that we have witnessed since being on this side of business.


Mike Looney Holds of Late Model Greats to Win Martinsville

Casey Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com

Casey Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com

If you are a Late Model fan and Martinsville as a whole is not one your annual snapshots then you are doing something wrong. Year after year over eighty cars make their way to the famous paper clip half mile speedway located in Ridgeway, Virginia all with different goals in mind; making the feature, finishing top 20, or winning that famous grandfather clock. It is a race like no other in the Mid-Atlantic and anyone in the racing community understands this. To win here in a Late Model is putting your name down in history.

It was a fairy tale story for Mike Looney this past October when he took the Late Model community by storm. Showing impressive speed during the test session a couple weeks prior to running towards the front all day long. Looney locked himself into the 200-lap feature by winning the pole award the day before. Not something out of the ordinary right? A small team doing everything in their power to make sure they make the show, there is no way they will be competitive come race time. Wrong!

Of course in a 200-lap race, you will have your different leaders as some drivers will push harder at different segments. Mike Looney, however, was like that mosquito bite that will just never go away. Keeping his car in one piece, for the most part, all day long and being a factor there at the end. This is like a three-part snapshot if you will for us here at The Weekly Racer. The first coming from the somewhat shock of Looney winning the pole, followed by the run he gave previous race winner Lee Pulliam there at the end when the two made contact, followed by the knee he took next to his car in victory lane



Nick Smith’s Twelve Win Season Earns Him Dominion Speedways Very First Title


Photo: Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com

To win a race in a Late Model Stock Car here in the Mid-Atlantic is one thing, to win twelve of them en route to your first Late Model championship is something else. Nick Smith did just that this year at newly opened Dominion Raceway located in Thornburg, Virginia. Averaging more than eighteen cars on a given weekend it wasn’t always cake and ice cream so to speak for the Hampton, Virginia driver. Racing with the likes of Jeff Oakley, Trent & Doug Barnes, along with a few visits from 2016 NWAAS National Champ Matt Bowling.

Some wins were pure domination, others probably had a lot to do with luck, and a few ended in the tech shed. However, the moment for us that made this a memorable snapshot was the moment pictured above, the moment you figure out you are the champion. See, the final race of the season was an interesting one at Dominion Raceway. It was a total of 150-laps broken down into three segments along with two different inverts – something we haven’t really seen done in Late Model racing before. Even though Nick Smith was unable to win that particular battle that evening and bring his win total to thirteen, he was able to score enough points to secure the very first Dominion Raceway championship.

The moment the announcement was made the champagne went flying and Smith was able to celebrate with his family, friends, and crew.

Bradley McCaskill Sets The Pace In The Limited Late Model Finale Saturday Night

Bradley McCaskill celebrates in victory lane after winning Saturday nights Limited Late Model feature with car owner, mom, and crew. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Bradley McCaskill celebrates in victory lane after winning Saturday nights Limited Late Model feature with car owner, mom, and crew. (Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com)

Lucama, NC – It was Bradley McCaskill’s race from start to finish in Saturday nights 75 lap Mini’s Mission “Burn Rubber to Help Another” Limited Late Model feature. McCaskill, 27 from Knightdale, North Carolina, was second fastest earlier in the afternoon only to Alex Fleming. McCaskill and Fleming would be the pair to watch for most of the evening, as the two were in a league of their own.

“We got a great jump there at the start and got the lead,” McCaskill said after the race. “Our plan was to get up there and kind of set the pace and do what we need to do to save tires. Alex definitely ran us a lot harder than we anticipated and pushed me a lot harder than I wanted to go. I think he hurt his stuff there a little to much and we ended up getting back by him.”

Give credit to Alex Fleming, who will look to start his Super Late Model Sunday afternoon, for keeping young Bradley McCaskill honest all race long. The first half of the race Fleming applied plenty of pressure to the leader until he was able to get under and around McCaskill and even hold off an attempted cross over move. Fleming would hang onto the lead for about ten laps when McCaskill decided it was time to go and regained his spot at the top of the leader board with twenty-four laps to go.

Once he got around Fleming there it was nothing more than navigating his way through some lap traffic and staying smooth. Behind them was also some great racing for the final positions within the top five as well. Karl Budzevski, driver of the #26 was practically in a league of his own while Kenneth Mercer & Tim Allensworth had some fun.

It was clear by the end of the race that McCaskill had the car to beat Saturday night. In the car that won the 2016 Ronnie Barnnett Memorial at East Carolina Motor Speedway with Louis White behind the wheel, we asked Bradley if the cold weather had anything to do with the teams strategy going into the 75-lap feature.

“I think that’s where we had a little bit of an advantage,” said McCaskill. “The track gripped up a little more than I anticipated, I thought we were going a little to hard there for the track temperature but I guess it had a little bit more grip in it than I thought.”

Bradley went on to tell us that he might make the needed changes on the car and start the Late Model Stock race that will roll off the grid approx. 2:00 PM Sunday afternoon. Telling us that car owner Louis White said he could drive it if he wanted to. Grandstands are set to open Sunday morning around 9:45 AM with an on track driver autograph session scheduled for 10:15 – 11:30 AM. Pre race ceremonies should kick off at 11:45 followed by the green flag for the Super Late Model feature at 12:01 PM.


Mini’s Mission 75 Results
1) #7 Bradley McCaskill
2) #05 Alex Fleming
3) #26 Karl Budzevski
4) #24 Kenneth Mercer
5) #21 Tim Allensworth
6) #24 Colin Garrett
7) #M3 Shelton McNair, Jr.
8)  #87 Mini Tyrell
9)  #61 Michael O’Brien
10) #00 David West
11) #21 Gerald Benton
12.) #29 Bian Obiedzenski
13) #31 Wayne Goss
14) #82 Mike Ganoe
15) #91 Chris Elliott
16) #28 Justin Gill
17) #07 Ronald Renfrow

Louis White Find Himself Back in Victory Lane at Southern National Motorsports Park

IMG_8623Lucama, NC“We were sitting around at the shop last night working on the car, changing some stuff to go to East Carolina and practice in the next week or so. About 9:30 we decided we would come over here and race so it was a last minute decision.” Not a bad way to spend your Saturday when you were not really planning on racing to begin with, coming home with a check and some hardware.

It was all but the Louis White show, if it were for not race number one winner Tyler Hughes trying to mix things up early. Making one heck of a cross over move out of two on a early race restart – after Connor Hall went around in turn two – after getting a better jump than the guys in front of him. Hughes would give it all he had on the ensuing second restart but falling just shy of leading a lap and having to fall in line with Louis, where he would spend most of the race.

There was great racing all over the track in the second Late Model feature and final race of the evening with guys like Brenden Queen fighting through the field from around tenth all the way up to third. We also saw a battle pretty much from flag to flag for what seemed to always be the seventh position. Matthews found himself in some heavy racing trying to fight for every point he could earn. Along with the guys like David Polenz and Anthony Alfredo who made real strong runs late in the race.

Had a bit of a scare and what was almost the third caution of the night afterRobert Arch, running the #18 car tonight, went for a ride of his own down the backstretch. The incident happened right behind the tech shed so our vision was obscured. He was able to keep the car rolling, despite the heavy front-end damage and limp the car back to pit road and keep the green flag out on the field.

Even thought Tyler Hughes dominated the first race of the evening he had nothing for the car of Louis White who went on to grab the victory. We caught up with Louis after the race to talk to him.

“The car was pretty good in that second race,” White said in victory lane. “We made some adjustments on the car and changed some tires around and starting up front makes a big difference.”

Coming off of a hard fought sixth place in the first race, White took a good portion of the blame on why the team had to start so far back in the first place.

“We first got here today I was real good,” Louis went on to explain. “When we went out there to qualify the driver screwed up and I had to start in the back. We had to go work our way back up while trying to save some tires for the second race and it worked out pretty good.”

Louis also went on the mention the seven-car invert that put him on the front row was a huge factor in helping him win that second race. Louis has run four races now with friend Bradley McCaskill’s photo on the hood. So far he has won 50% of his races. We asked Louis, as he is on a bit of a hot streak if he will be back here next week for another set of twins, those plans seem to still be up in the air.

“We are not sure just yet where we are going to run,” White told us. “I am going to talk to these guys and see what they want to do. Trying to win that championship down there [East Carolina Motor Speedway] one more time before I call it quits. I would hate to tear the car up and not be able to make that, its up to the guys though.”


Late Model Stock Results

P1 #7 Louis White; 40
P2 #8 Tyler Hughes; 40
P3 #03 Brenden Queen; 40
P4 #54 Michael Fose; 40
P5 #44 T.J. Barron; 40
P6 #24 Mason Diaz; 40
P7 #38 Ricky Jones, III; 40
P8 #5 Anthony Alfredo; 40
P9 #33 David Polenz; 40
P10 #63 Tyler Matthews; 40
P11 #15 Omar Jurado; 40
P12 #77 Malik Koonce; 40
P13 #29 Paul Williamson; 39
P14 #18 Robert Arch; 27
P15 #25 Kate Dallenbach; 22
P16 #77b Connor Hall; 14
P17 #07 Adam Murray; 13
P18 #4 Jonathan Findley; 6
P19 #24 Melvin Langley; 1

*results have not been made official*

Louis White Wins Second Race of the Night in Honor of Friend Bradley McCaskill

_White Wins ECMSLouis White had the honors yet again of leading the field down to the green for race number two on the night after both of his laps were faster in time trials earlier in the afternoon. This time however, he was able to hold off the pack for a very special win for he and his team.

White had to deal with the likes of Matt Bowling and Michael Fose for most of the race but was able to hold them off for the advertised 35-lap distance. In a race that saw just two cautions, the first coming from Paul Williamson, had Louis doing a little bit of mirror driving twice as Bowling applied some pressure early but fell a bit off the pace citing some possible issue with the tires after that first caution.

The battle was on for the lead yet again later in the race after the second caution was brought out by the father son duo of Justin Carroll and Terry Carroll again in turns one and two. Terry looked to try and take the position away from Justin and when we looked back up Justin was going for a spin in two. Manage to keep things off the wall but caused Kenneth Mercer and Cameron Bowen to slow up as well.

Fose wasted not time in applying pressure to the rear bumper of Louis as the laps ticked down. “I think if we had a couple more laps to cool the tires down we might have had him,” Fose told us after the race. “The tires just got to hot and ran out of laps. Overall a good night, two solid finishes, kept the fenders on it, take it back to the shop make it better and try to win one.”

Not the greatest of nights for Brenden Queen, who entered tonight as the point’s leader, as well as Thomas Burbage, who was running in a barrowed car. Queen, who suffered a puncture in the left rear tire in race one was forced to start to the rear of the field for the second race and with only 35-laps was only able to battle back to sixth.

Burbage, who finished just outside the top ten in race one, had a bit of a oil leak that race officials made him come down pit road to fix. Spoke with Burbage earlier in the day and he told me the car just wasn’t set up right for his driving style and it didn’t respond to his inputs like he is used to. Eitehr way Burbage was able to earn points to at least keep him in the hunt for the points..

“We made a lot of changes on the car,” White explained in victory lane. “It was either going to make it better or make it worse. It was still a little tight but maybe it was better there than the first race, maybe Matt used his tires up some in the first race. Michael Fose actually had a better car than we did and he raced me clean. If it would have been any longer of a race I don’t know if I would have been able to hold him off or not.”

Just seven days ago Louis was up on top of friend and fellow racer Bradley McCaskill which tore a bunch of stuff up on the race car. We asked White despite what happened last week if this was the same car, we were pleasantly surprised to see his teams hard work paying off in victory lane.

“Im just tickled to death to win this race for Bradley,” White went on to explain. “I know he is tickled to death too. That’s what we wanted to do for him as he is still in the hospital up there in Chapel Hill, the night couldn’t have turned out any better for us unless we won both races. This is the exact same car from last week, its like I picked the car up and left my wallet there.”

Louis went on to talk about his team and his sponsors who helped get the car back together and back on the track.

“I have to thank Cory Smith with Country Mart and Jerry Smith, without him I wouldn’t be able to do none of this. He does all the set up and stuff on the car. Me him will argue back and forth sometimes on what we need to do, most time he makes the right call. With him and my wife for putting up with it and maybe a week from now when she sees that check I wrote she might be hollering but she’s happy right now.”


LMSC Race #2

P1 #7 Louis White; 35
P2 #54 Michael Fose; 35
P3 #83 Matt Bowling; 35
P4 #01 Jeff Shiflett; 35
P5 #22 Eric Winslow; 35
P6 #03 Brenden Queen; 35
P7 #90 Terry Carroll; 35
P8 #25 Kenneth Mercer; 35
P9 #19 Thomas Burbage; 35
P10 #91 Justin Carroll; 35
P11 #19 Cameron Bowen; 35
P12 #33 Ryan Haddock; 35
P13 #29 Paul Williamson; 10
P14 #51 Tyler Matthews; 6
P15 #12 Wesley Johnson; 3
P16 #83b Chris Burns; 3


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