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Tommy Jackson, Jr Dominates at Soutside Speedway – Silvestri Holds off Godby for the Win

IMG_4882Midlothian, VA – Chris Hildebrand, the 2015 Langley Speedway track champion, made his first appearance of 2016 as well as his first attempt at Southside Speedway. Learning the track lap after lap the Newport News native set the second fastest time in qualifying earlier in the afternoon. However inherits the pole position after Tommy Jackson, Jr, your fast qualifier, inverts the top two spots.

Jackson, Jr making the top of the track work would end up leading lap one. Hildy settled right in line in second with Timmy Phipps behind him. Jackson, as if he had a statement to make, opened up a huge lead over the six cars behind him. Leaving Hildy in the dust so to speak to deal with Phipps. I must say for his first time on the track and learning things on the fly, Hildebrand did a fine job running second

Phipps started to turn up the wick on second place as we approached the halfway mark. Looked to make an attempt to get around in turn three as the field worked lap twelve but just could not make it happen and instantly fell back four to five cars. Phipps took a couple laps to cool the tires off and made another run to the rear nerf bard of Hildebrand, this time making the pass.

Was just a little to late for the driver of the orange and white number five as Jackson, Jr had already started to catch the rear of the field with less than five laps to go in the race. In dominating fashion Tommy Jackson, Jr found himself back in victory lane yet again at Southside Speedway.

Carter Weedon, who had been running near fifth or sixth all race, made things interesting as they were coming to stripe. He was able to get by the thirteen of Jimmy James but appeared to make contact after the stripe going into one that sent himself into the wall and the thirteen spinning. Barchanowicz would be checked out by safety crews but found to be okay


INEX Legends Results:
P1. #87 Tommy Jackson, Jr
P2. #5 Timmy Phipps
P3. #71 Chris Hildebrand
P4. #22 Carter Weedon
P5. #13 James Barchanowicz
P6. #79 David Turner
P7. #00 DJ Elzey




Cole Bruce won the pole with a 17.189 but will start fourth after the invert. Daniel Silvestri, Conner Jones, Michael Godby and Jacob Putman round out the top five starters.

Field gets single file pretty quick and Silvestri opens about a car to car and a half lead over the field. Putman gets around Connor Jones for the third spot but has a long way to go to catch the leaders.

Battle for the lead heats up right at the half way. Conner Jones made a huge push back to the rear bumper of Putman but gets loose coming out of four. His car steps out on him and he has to gather it up. Takes about four to five laps but Jones able to catch Putman and get around.

Silvestri, with minimum pressure from Michael Godby, grabs another victory at Southside Speedway.


Bando Results:
P1. #27 Daniel Silvestri
P2. #17 Michael Godby
P3. #14 Conner Jones
P4. #3 Jacob Putman
P5. #58 Eddie Slagle
P6. #33 Franklin Caracole
P7. #43 Leonard Harrison, IV
P8. #48 Wesley Newell
P9. #31 Cole Bruce (Mechanical)

Tommy Jackson Steals Victory From Dail in Last Lap Pass – Putman to Victory Lane in Bandos


📸 Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com

Midlothian, VA –Matt Dail jumped out to an early five plus car lead over Jimmy James with Yeatts, Elsey and Jackson behind him. An early caution on lap four would slow the field and bunch them up after Elzey & Jackson touch wheels. Elzey goes around – the #02 of Ally Lewis would also spin her machine out.

On the first cone restart Dail and Yeatts restarted on the front row but were halted in turn one after Lewis went for a solo spin. Officials would re-rack and try again

Tommy Jackson, Jr. was able to use the two early restarts to climb up to third by lap five. A pretty intense three way battle for that second spot on the speedway would take shape between turns three and four. Jackson, Jr., set his sights on getting around Jimmy James and does so by lap 8. With clear track ahead of him, Jackson started to work on reeling in last weeks winner, the #07  winner Matt Dail.

Third caution of the race was displayed on lap 18 after Elzey goes for a solo spin out of turn two. He is able to get the car straightened back out and returns to the field. That coming on the heels of Jackson, Jr running down and negating Dails ten car lead.

Restart came with just seven laps to go. Dail and Jackson elect to stay low while Kevin Yeatts tried his luck on the outside to no avail. Dail and Jackson get through the gear box seamlessly.

With five laps to go Jackson turns the wick up big time taking a peak down low at every corner entry but Dail not having any of it. Coming to the white flag Jackson takes yet another peak down into turn one. Matt Dail doing a little mirror driving, slows the car up a little more than usual. Jackson not letting up down the back stretch and this time muscling his way under Dail, the two make a lot of contact out of four, beating and banging coming down the front stretch with Jackson, Jr beating Dail to the line.



Did not take long for things to get hairy in the 15-lap Bando feature. Cole Bruce (#31) makes contact with Lenoard Harrison (#43) early and send him around. That would bring out the first caution of the night and warrant officials up in the booth to send Bruce to the rear of the field – giving the lead to Putman.

On the ensuing restart Bruce wasted no time with his efforts to climb through the field. So much so he takes it three wide off four as they worked lap six.

Putman out to a half straightaway lead at halfway, Silvestri in solid second. Slag, Godby, Bruce battling three wide for a couple laps.

Caution out on lap 13. Cole Bruce & Michael Godby make contact coming out of four before the field completes the lap. Will bunch the field up for two laps. Putman and Silvestri both with good restarts pulled away from the field. Silvestri giving giving everything he had to get around Putman in the closing laps just did not have enough laps to make the pass and had to settle for second.


INEX Legends Results:

P1. #87 Tommy Jackson, Jr.; 25
P2. #07 Matt Dail; 25
P3 #27 Kevin Yeatts; 25
P4 #00 DJ Elzey; 25
P5 #13 James Barchanowicz; 25
P6 #79 David Turner; 25
P7 #02 Ally Lewis; 25

Band Results:

1. #3 Jacob Putman
2. #27 Daniel Silvestri
3. #58 Eddie Slagle
4. #43 Leonard Harrison IV
5. #31 Cole Bruce
6. #17 Michael Godby
7. #48 Wesley Newell

Eight Divisions Invade Langley Speedway For Two Part Championship Weekend


Hampton, VA – This past weekend kicked off the first of two Championship weekends at the historic Langley Speedway. 9 races, 8 divisions, and 3 champions were crowned. The weather is certainly cooling down in southeastern Virginia but the racing sure has not. Originally slated for a 125-lap season finale, track officials and management decided to split the Late Model’s into two 75-lap features and pack them into one action packed night.



The annual Pepsi Grandstock 75 lapper to end the season was upon us this past weekend… well kind of. Typically Langley will close the season out with a 75-lap feature for the Grandstock division, however, due to a long drawn out battle with Mother Nature track officials decided to give these boys one last time to battle. If you ask me, I give them two thumbs up! This division has probably provided some of the best racing to report on from my viewpoint, and some of the best racing to see as a fan. If you were to ask some of the drivers and crews they might say it’s been the most stressful but they are doing what they love.

Rodney Boyd would hang on in one crazy race to grab his first victory of the season. Current points leader Mark Frye was able to qualify his ride on the pole but was not able to hold off the rest of the field and ran for most of the night in the third to fifth position. Which could have been strategy thanks to Frye’s previous six wins on the season he had a rather comfortable points lead going into the weekend where his car was all but destroyed earlier this summer. With just two races left of the season Frye now holds on tightly to an eight-point lead over Sweeney. Sweeney who has really been hot on the track would bring his car home second on the night only gaining one point on Frye who finished one position behind him.

The field saw an astonishing seven cautions on the evening with the “big one” so to speak on lap 67. The infamous Mark Clarr was the catalyst in this melee off turn two collecting the rides of Jamie Sample, Carl Livingston, Thomas Marks – who by the way was having the race of his season and at one point battling Sweeney for the fourth position before cutting a tire down – and Shawn Scovel leaving just eight out of the seventeen cars that took the green flag.

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