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Year End Review: Best Races of 2015

  1. Langley PANO“The Majors” – NWAAS Style

Hampton Heat – Langley | SoBo 200 – South Boston | VSCU 300 – Martinsville | All-Star Classic – SNMP

Yup, just like with the PGA our sport has what some of us in the media here in the Mid-Atlantic like to call The Majors. A term not coined by our staff or myself but it seemed to fit – for the most part. The PGA has four very large and very prestigious events on their “tour” or “circuit” that are sought after by just about everyone in the sport.

My sport I like to think we have five events and for the sake of the name, as well as the fifth event being a whole new item on my bucket list, I felt okay with separating them. Most will argue the Late Model Stock “Majors” consist of; The Hampton Heat, the South Boston 200, the annual Martinsville 300, the All-Star Classic at Southern National and The Battle at the Beach down in Myrtle Beach. First question – What are you “Majors” in the Late Model Stock community?

This year these races made my list of top five races mainly because of their prestige and the cars they attract. The second reason is because of the car counts! You put more than a couple grand on the line and you will have the ladies and gentleman clawing at the chance to cash the big check. Finally the quality of racing you get to witness as a fan and cover as a member of the media.

Langley’s Hampton Heat saw a brand new winner this year in Lee Pulliam – which actually kick started the campaign to almost sweep the VA Triple Crown Series. Just about thirty Late Models piled into Langleys small and flat .375-mile facility. Drivers from all over like Tommy Lemons Jr. coming out and mixing it up with locals like Greg Edwards and Brenden Queen. All working in the heat of summer fighting for the chance to say they won the Hampton Heat.

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INSCO Supplies Sponsoring U-CAR Feature at Thanksgiving Classic; Bojangles’ Steps Up Again

UCAR Sponsor Story

U-CAR racing at Southern National Motorsports Park during the Halloween Spooktacular. (Photo credit: Alicia Hackett/Frameworks Photography)

LUCAMA, NC – INSCO Supplies has stepped up to sponsor part of the Thanksgiving All-Star Classic while Bojangles’ has again stepped up and increased its role in the three day event at Southern National Motorsports Park.

INSCO, a janitorial supply company out of Wilson, North Carolina, will sponsor Saturday night’s 30 lap U-CAR feature race which sports many of the local favorites at Southern National Motorsports Park. Among those drivers are Ronnie “Buckshot” Jones, Joseph Pittman and Ashlyn McCaskill.

The U-CAR feature pays $750 to win and $80 to start, one of the richest purses in all of U-CAR racing, which could draw cars from all over the region and other regions as wll.

Bojangles’ is again stepping up and increasing their participation in the Thanksgiving All-Star Classic by sponsoring Saturday night’s 50 lap, $750-to-win Mini-Stock Mayhem race which will also draw a large field of cars from all over the region.

“We’re excited to have INSCO come on board and to see Bojangles’ step up again to help make this Thanksgiving All-Star Classic one of the premier races for every division in it,” Southern National Motorsports Park promoter John Vick said. “We want this race to be the biggest race of the year for everyone running it, not just the headline events. The U-CAR and Mini-Stock divisions often produce some of the most exciting racing there is and we’re glad sponsors have come on board for the local divisions.”

The U-CAR and Mini-Stock races will both take place on Saturday, November 28th along with the Legends and the Bojangles’ sponsored Limited Late Model feature races as well as qualifying for the Late Model Stock Cars and Super Late Models as well as heat races for the Late Model Stocks.

For more information about Southern National Motorsports Park, check out SNMP’s website at www.snmpark.com“like” Southern National Motorsports Park on Facebook or “follow” @SNM_Park on Twitter.

Bounty Placed on Dillon Spain in Legends Portion of the Thanksgiving All-Star Classic

Dillion Spain Bounty

Dillon Spain celebrates a Legends victory at Southern National Motorsports Park. (Photo credit: Andy Marquis/LegendsNation.com)

LUCAMA, NC – Southern National Motorsports Park has placed a $300 on Legends driver Dillon Spain in next weekend’s Thanksgiving All-Star Classic.

Spain has won seven Legends feature races at Southern National Motorsports Park in 2015 and has won the last four consecutive races. Spain’s success was part of a dominant season for Dillon Spain Motorsports.

Along with seven wins at Southern National, Spain won the Legends division championship at Wake County Speedway. Dillon Spain’s teammate, Will Bristle, won the Legends division championship at Southern National and picked up two wins on the season.

The $300 bounty gives drivers traveling to Southern National Motorsports Park an opportunity to take home some big money in the Legends portion of the Thanksgiving All-Star Classic.

Bonuses have been added to the Legends portion of the Thanksgiving All-Star Classic at Southern National Motorsports Park thank to Dillon Spain Motorsports and Little Joe’s Military Surplus. In addition to the bonuses, the Legends race has been extended from 25 laps to 40 laps.

Dillon Spain Motorsports has added a $50 pole award and a $50 halfway award while Little Joe’s Military Surplus has added $200 bonus to the race winner. With the additional $200 added, the winner will take home a guaranteed $600 and the possibility of $900 after a $300 bounty was placed on Dillon Spain.

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Haley Moody’s Determination Earns Her Our ‘Hard Charger Award’

Haley MoodyLucama, NC – The one thing you never want to do is go into a big race weekend and make a small mistake that takes you out of contention. 2014 track champion Haley Moody came into the weekend as one of the favorites to win this years Thanksgiving All-Star Classic having one of those said small mistakes. Much like our last presentation of this award, I honestly feel if this little mistake had never happened, Moody would have been right up there in contention for the win, top three at the worst.

We were about 20 laps into the 150 lap feature when Moody, who was working around the machine of Corey Walker for position, came out of turn four and made their way down the front-stretch. It was like someone sitting trackside tossed an anchor over the catch fence, wrapped it around her rear bumper, and let it drag around behind her. As Moody went by us in the media booth, it was obvious she was not under her own power, her car was dead in the water!

No caution flag was thrown as Moody slowly tip toed her way into turn one losing steady track positions and eventually her lap. She would eventually get her car back up to speed and rejoin the fun, just with a little more work ahead of her than some of the other guys. A frustrated Moody had to go into the halfway break sitting eleventh on the track one lap down. With a few cautions during the second half, her family and team behind her, and determination from the wheel holder, Moody was able to battle back to a 7th place*  lap finish. With that being said, this is clearly enough to earn her The Weekly Racer Harder Charger Award – don’t worry Haley we are currently in discussion with our financial team to get a plaque or something made up! We were able to catch up with her after the race to get some word from her.

“My switches are really close together,” Moody stated after the race. “When I went to flip my fan on it shut the ignition off. During the halfway work session Moody told us she started running a little hot so she went to hit the fan switch and then boom, nothing more from the power supply. Situations like these are often the catalyst in the downfall of a team, however, this was not the case at Haley Moody Racing.

“We were focused on getting our lap back, and getting through the field avoiding the wrecks,” Moody spoke about her team during halftime. “Which we did, I couldn’t have asked for a better team.” 

I am still a firm believer if she did not have this little mishap so early in the race causing her to use up the car a little more than originally planned, she would have been a strong candidate for nothing less than a podium finish. It just helps prove our case even more on why she deserves this honor. Even when faced with adverse conditions she kept her head up and fighting towards the finish line.

Do you and your team have what it takes to end up on this list, guess we will just have to wait till next season to find out.


*Official results still pending full technical inspection of race winner. Second place car has already been disqualified. 

BREAKING: Andrew Grady Stripped Of Second Place Victory, Tony Under Further Inspection

Lucama, NC — Without the proper equipment on hand it was not possible to make a ruling the night of the race. It was decided by all parties’ involved further evaluation and interpretation of the rules was needed before a final determination could be made on the motors in the 1st and 2nd place finishers.

We have concluded the inspection of the 2nd place finisher and found the pistons used in the motor did not meet the rules as written in the NASCAR rule book. We will now turn our attention to the 1st place finisher and will report the findings after a complete and thorough examination of the motor is made.

In order to ensure there is no delay imposed on the rest of the field while we conclude our inspection, the purse will be distributed based on the current unofficial finishing order. Any adjustments, if needed, will be sent out after we conclude the inspection on the 1st place finisher.

We apologize for the delay but as we have stated before it is the policy of SNMP to give the racer every benefit of doubt before imposing any type of penalty. In no way will we jump to a conclusion without 100% certainty, regardless of how long it takes or who the racer is.

Southern National Motorsports Park believes it is the fair enforcement of the rules that uphold the integrity of the sport and make the competitors want to be involved and is committed to ensure every competitor is treated fairly with the respect they deserve.

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