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NASCAR Makes Changes to Whelen Series

Okay guys sorry, I know its been a while since I have posted anything. Probably not good specially when your trying to get the blog started and get more people to read. Kind of hard to read when nothing is being posted. One of my co-workers has been gone on vacation this week so I have been working just a little bit more. Also does not help it being so close to christmas, we actually get pretty busy. Hopefully with him back I have more time to write to all of you. I appreciate the amount of traffic to the Driver Series page. I am starting to get more drivers interested. If you are interested or know someone who is, have them get in contact we me via email; theweeklyracer@gmail.com Read more

Introducing… the “Drivers Series”

Okay everyone, since creating this blog I have been brainstorming ideas of a series to create. All my research told me a good blog site has some kind of series to go along with their post. Something that has a regular release, some thing that beings readers back to my blog. I feel okay about saying this here because if I was able to find that information with no problem then so could my readers… Read more