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Year End Review: Best Races of 2015

  1. Langley PANO“The Majors” – NWAAS Style

Hampton Heat – Langley | SoBo 200 – South Boston | VSCU 300 – Martinsville | All-Star Classic – SNMP

Yup, just like with the PGA our sport has what some of us in the media here in the Mid-Atlantic like to call The Majors. A term not coined by our staff or myself but it seemed to fit – for the most part. The PGA has four very large and very prestigious events on their “tour” or “circuit” that are sought after by just about everyone in the sport.

My sport I like to think we have five events and for the sake of the name, as well as the fifth event being a whole new item on my bucket list, I felt okay with separating them. Most will argue the Late Model Stock “Majors” consist of; The Hampton Heat, the South Boston 200, the annual Martinsville 300, the All-Star Classic at Southern National and The Battle at the Beach down in Myrtle Beach. First question – What are you “Majors” in the Late Model Stock community?

This year these races made my list of top five races mainly because of their prestige and the cars they attract. The second reason is because of the car counts! You put more than a couple grand on the line and you will have the ladies and gentleman clawing at the chance to cash the big check. Finally the quality of racing you get to witness as a fan and cover as a member of the media.

Langley’s Hampton Heat saw a brand new winner this year in Lee Pulliam – which actually kick started the campaign to almost sweep the VA Triple Crown Series. Just about thirty Late Models piled into Langleys small and flat .375-mile facility. Drivers from all over like Tommy Lemons Jr. coming out and mixing it up with locals like Greg Edwards and Brenden Queen. All working in the heat of summer fighting for the chance to say they won the Hampton Heat.

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Year End Review: A Year on the Road – New Tracks to be Seen

Well one thing is for sure this year, we spent plenty of time in the car and on the road! One of the necessary evils that comes along while working in this business. We have someone of an advantage having one of the Mid-Atlantic’s premier NASCAR short tracks – Langley Speedway – in our back yard but to witness some of the best racing you have to go abroad. So as the season, weather, budget, and the weekly job permitted we would occasionally travel out of town to see what some of these other tracks had in store.

Not every track we visited this year were NASCAR sanctioned, not every event was your average weekly program. We got to witness races this year where the top five in points were so close a six place finish was just as bad as a DNF. We saw races where drivers were in the middle of settling old scores from last month. This year we got to cover some some of the biggest races anyone one Late Model driver would compete in. Seven tracks we made it to this year, two of them it was our first time stepping foot on the complex.

Virginia: Langley, South Boston, Martinsville, Southside Speedway
North Carolina: East Carolina, Southern National
South Carolina: Myrtle Beach

2015 brought great racing all over the region, I just hate I didnt have a time machine or something to be able to attend every race. Kind of hard for one person to be at two different tracks on the same day though. It also brought along new destinations, new drivers, and a few different divisions. We were able to make it up to Southside Speedway for the first time in not only my career covering short track racing, but my time as a racing fan. There is no doubt why the track advertises itself as one of the toughest short tracks. Its all but flat, narrow, and incredibly tight turns.

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The Weekly Racer’s 2015 In Review Through The Eyes Of Wordress

Thank to the fine folks over at WordPress for putting this together for us here at The Weekly Racer. Just a little preview or kick off to a Year End series we are planning to do to go back and look at our Sophomore season around the NWAAS in 2015. In the mean time, take a look at some of these stats you guys helped produce!

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 32,000 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 12 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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Welcome to the New Year – 2015: Top 5 Moment Year End Review

2015So last year I made a tiny little post on December 30, 2013 looking back at some of my favorite moments from the racing world (Welcome to the New Year – 2014). If you click the link right there it will take you to that post where I posted an intro video of the 2013 weekly series awards banquet taking a quick look at the top three finishers in the National points along with a list of my top five memories throughout the year.

When I posted that article last year this project was still in the “bumpo” so to speak! I was still figuring out an overall direction and what we wanted to focus on. Since that time we have thrown away the training wheels, removed the bumper guards and looking to take one more and more tracks, drivers and all of the above. I do have to thank all of you, all of the readers, Facebook & Twitter followers! Without any of you all of this would really be for nothing! I also need to thank all of the drivers who have opened their trailers and shared information with me, shared my info with other drivers.

I was going to sit down and compile a little video clip taking a look back at all the awesome things 2014 had in store for us but I got caught up with a few emergencies at work. Throw in the Christmas holiday and I hope you can see why we ran out of time. Have no fear though! I am working on a little something to post for your viewing pleasure!

I have a great feeling about 2015! I think it is really going to test us, and stretch us farther than we have ever gone before. We have a lot of things in the works as we speak, hopefully some exciting new adventures to take you along with, as well as some even better racing. Again thank you to all who made 2014 as great as it was, now lets turn our attention on making 2015 that much better!

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East Carolina Motor Speedway Announces Changes for 2015

east carolinaRobersonville, NCEast Carolina Motor Speedway (ECMS) & The Weekly Racer (TWR) had a lot of things in common throughout the2014 racing season. Both were rookies under the ranks of the NASCAR banner, we had our ups where readers and car counts were high and we of course had our downs where we just wanted to pull our hair out. We have crossed paths with countless new faces and made friendships with those faces. Most importantly though, in my opinion, we have both learned a vast amount and are growing!

Of course all of my statements above are strictly of my own view and do not necessarily reflect those of ECMS management, however, it is my honest and brief synopsis of our 2014 journey. That is neither hear nor there because as we look forward, ECMS & THW are thrilled to kick off their sophomore seasons. Bellow you will find a picture of the 2015 ECMS schedule and you should notice something very different, very quick….

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