#9 Thomas Burbage

ProfileThomas Burbage
Washington, NC
Hometrack East Carolina Motor Speedway
D.O.B: June 21, 1978
Education: Associates Degree in Engineering
Occupation: Oakridge Metal Works

Sponsors: Oak Ridge Metal Works, Grafix Unlimited, Barry’s Alignment, Waters Tire Service

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Well to start off with an easy one, do you have any nicknames?

Everyone calls me Burbage…

Just the last name?

Well that’s one of the nicer ones!

Okay so I cant stay away from racing all the way so if NASCAR came up to you with an unlimited budget and an unlimited amount of resources and asked you to build them a new track to be put on the circuit in 2016, what would you build?

Ummm, I would probably say a mixture of Bristol and East Carolina, I think it would be pretty cool!

Favorite type of food?

Oh man, I have plenty of those! Probably Lasagna, spaghetti – I love spaghetti! I like chinese but Mexican foods good!

Your favorite style of music?

Oh man it changes just about every month! I like country music, R&B, I like rock as well.


Got a favorite band? Like number one all time favorite band!

Sound Garden from back in the day!

Best memory from High School?

GRADUATING! [Laughter]

If you could go back in time and talk to anybody for two hours, who would you go see?

I would probably say Dale Earnhardt. Just to pick his brain.

What about when you are away from the track. What kind of things do you like to do?

I like water sports. Like to go fishing and just spending time with my family and my little boy, he’s three years old and new to the world and learning a lot of things.

Other than racing do you follow any other sports?

Oh yea, football and college basketball!

So who’s your favorite football team?

I would have to go for Carolina.

If you could choose between free gas for a year for your street car OR a paid vacation for a week what would you pick?

I would have to say the vacation!


Where would you go?

Hawaii! On the beach man, that would be perfect.

Favorite color?

Blue. Well, blue and orange.

You run the #9 on the car, any particular reason?

My grand dad used to run the 89 when I was younger at Key West and I didn’t like the eight and nine so I just dropped the eight and rolled with the nine.

So everyone has some kind of guilty pleasure. I never ask questions that I wouldn’t answer my self, so for me is jamming out to some Britney Spears in the car. Talking windows down music all the way up. What are some or just one of your guilty pleasures?

Chocolate! I would say that is my worse enemy.

One final thing before we let you go. Are there any famous quotes you live by?

“Go fast, turn left.”


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