#7 Spencer Saunders

Spencer_ProfileName: Spencer Saunders
DOB: September 13, 1989 (24)
Hometown: Newport News, VA 
Home Track: Langley Speedway
Education: Mechanical Engineering 
Occupation: Precision Performance Motorsports


What are three things you never leave home without?

Wallet, Pants, Phone

Any phobia’s?

Spiders are by far my biggest phobia, if there’s a spider in the race shop all hell breaks loose! Heights would probably be another phobia but ironically I love to fly…

Describe yourself in three words or less.

Motivated, Ambitious, Dynamic

What is your favorite holiday?

Favorite holiday would probably have to be Memorial Day. That’s like the kickoff to summer and usually a very busy race season. We usually have a pretty tough stretch of races from Memorial Day till a few weeks past Labor Day. 


Favorite movie?

Man this is a tough one, of course Days of Thunder is up there on my list. Talladega Nights is up there pretty far, Step Brothers, the first Hangover movie. I narrowed it down to four and that’s as good as I got haha

What would be your #1 vacation spot?

Las Vegas by far. I’ve been there twice now, once to race in 2011 and once in 2013 for a mini vacation. It’s just a completely different culture out there and I mean come on, it’s Vegas!

What is your favorite style of music?

Favorite style of music is country music. I listen to today’s country and also listen to a lot of older country, George Jones, Johnny Cash, etc. I’ll jam out to any kind of music though, I usually catch a lot of flack for how diverse my taste in music is. My iPod could go from George Strait to Sublime to Lil Wayne.



I don’t have any cool nicknames that have really stuck over the years, magic man was one I had when I arena raced back in the day but after I moved on that name fizzled out. We need to think of a good one that’ll stick!

Day job?

My day job is building racecars. Specifically I work for Precision Performance Motorsports fielding cars in the NASCAR K&N series and also the NWAAS late model division. I wouldn’t trade my job for the world honestly, I get to do what I love and what I’m most passionate about every day of my life, who could want more than that? 

What is your dream car?

My dream car would have to be a ZR1 corvette, a buddy of mines dad had one and when I rode in it I fell in love. I wouldn’t mind getting another lifted diesel sometime in the future either, miss my big truck.




Crush-Con Aggregates, Taylor Waste Services, Bayport Credit Union, Bank of Mom and ComServe Wireless

Make sure to follow Spencer throughout the season, click the links bellow;

One comment

  • You are still “THE MAGIC MAN”! You made that magic happen in the last Legends race of the season at Langley Speedway. Six points down and ended up owning that Championship!

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