#57 Michael Perkins

ProfileMichael Perkins
DOB: September 14, 1993
Hometown: Chesapeake, VA
Hometrack: Langley Speedway
Occupation: Student (ODU ’15) and Clark Nexsen (mechanical engineering intern)

Sponsors: Still searching

Website: www.mikeperkinsracing.com
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Getting introduced much later to the racing community than most, Michael Perkins has not let that slow him down in the chase of a dream. “I got my start helping Bill Eaker in 2013, driver of the #22 Super Street,” Perkins said. “I ran in the UCAR division a bit last year and will do so again this year.” An ODU student and intern at a local A&E firm Perkins told us that he has always had a passion for racing and he is excited to finally be able to live out that dream.

“I’ve been really busy,” said Perkins. “Between finishing up my degree at ODU, interning and racing, there really isn’t much time for anything else. Its all worth it though because racing is what I have always wanted to do.” Looking to learn as much as he can in the support divisions at Langley Speedway he hopes to be able to move up the ladder as far as his talent and wallet will let him.

Michael is currently sitting second in the point’s standings at Langley Speedway with nothing but top five finishes, few top three finishes as well. He is also currently looking for sponsorship help this season to help this streak going, please make sure you check him out with the links provided above, hope you enjoy the rest of this interview.



What other sports or hobbies do you have other than racing?

I like to lift and run. I’ve never been good at stick and ball sports, I tried playing rec soccer at ODU and I was terrible. I’m into video games and computers, I guess technology in general.

Do you own any pets? If so what type of animal are they and what is their name?

None at the moment! Living off-campus near a college makes having pets difficult, but I’d like to have a dog and cat when I’m a few years out of college.

Okay so your stranded on a island somewhere in the Caribbean, besides the clothing on your back and the food in a wooden crate, what are three other things you hope to be stranded with you?

For one definitely my phone. Then some fishing poles and a tent! It might be a nice makeshift vacation.

Lets play a little one word, rapid fire game. Ready. Set. Go!
Pepsi or Coke? Pepsi
Italian or Chinese? Italian
Apple or Android? Android
Plane or Car? Plane
Cat or Dog? Cat
Car or Truck? Car
Chevy or Ford? Chevy


What sports do you pay attention to outside of racing?

I follow the NFL and college football; and college basketball to a degree – only follow ODU.

What teams do you pull for in those sports?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, unfortunately and ODU.

Do you like to read if you have any spare time?


What type of books, authors, genera do you like?

I like historical books; I’ve been reading one about the Cuban Missile Crisis. And I like reading books like 1984 and A Brave New World. Small genre but it interests me.

Perkins 2

Photo: Charlie Alexander/King Charles Photography


If you could go anywhere in the world for an entire week (you don’t have to worry about work or how the bills will get paid), and its all expenses paid. What type of vacation would you like to go on?

I’d want to fly to different big cities. Spend a day or two in NYC. Then on to London, Berlin, etc, as much as time allowed. I like the beach a lot too so it would be a toss-up between that and a week cruising the Caribbean!

Who would you bring if they let you pick just one person?

I would bring my best friend Sarah probably. Or my girl friend if I have one at the time haha.

What is your favorite style of food to eat?

Mexican for sure. We go to a different Mexican place every Friday at work and it’s great.

Who did you look up to growing up and why?

I looked up to Jeff Gordon. A guy reaching the top level of the sport at a young age, following a humble background. I’m too old for that now but gives you something to wish for!

Perkins 3

Photo: Charlie Alexander/King Charles Photography

Getting in contact with me is best through my FaceBook page, or email (mike@mikeperkinsracing.com)

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