#56 Anthony Miller

ProfileAnthony Miller
Birthday: June 9, 1997 (Asheville, NC)
Hometown: Asheville, NC
Education: High School Senior


Sponsors: AMSOIL, Wheel-Chill
Website: Anthony Miller Racing




Anthony Miller is a fourth generation driver with connection to the Pressley family legacy. Just a senior in high school looking Miller is looking to hit his marks not only in the classroom but also out on the racetrack. Miller currently runs Limited Late Models at Hickory Motorspeedway & Caraway Motorspeedway. We had some time to chat with Anthony and get to know him a bit more…


When you are not racing or working on the car what is Anthony Miller doing for fun

Bowling, Fishing, hanging out with friends, kick ball with family

Do you play any “traditional” ball and stick sports?

I play basketball on a church league team. I wouldn’t mind giving golf a try.

No matter where you’re going – to the shop, to the track, to dinner – what are three things you never leave the house without?

I never leave without wallet, phone and gum

Favorite style of food? (French, Italian, Chinese, Korean, American)

Seafood, if that is one style.

To follow up the question above, what is your favorite dish form that style?

I love shrimp and chicken.


Are you an Apple or Android kind of person?


Speaking of that, what type of phone do you have?

Galaxy 5

If you could pick one what would it be? To start a Cup race where you knew your car would fail before half way OR free gas for the rest of your life?

Start a cup race and pray that half when it fails I am leading and that would get me another chance to drive again!

Do you like playing video games in your spare time?

I do play video games.

What console(s) do you own?

I have an Xbox One and iRacing

What types of games are generally in your console?

I like to play Call of Duty and of course iRacing

So earlier we asked what are three things you don’t leave home without. Lets look on the flip side to that kind of. What is one thing you own that you could absolutely live without?

I could live without my XBOX

When you were in the fifth grade, do you remember what you were telling your family and teachers you wanted to be when you grew up?

I have always wanted to be a race car driver

Tell everyone reading one of Anthony Miller’s guilty pleasures!

Guilty pleasures, hmmm… I can’t come up with anything just yet on this one.

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