#39 Mattisen Morrill

ProfileMattisen Morrill
Chesapeake, VA
Birthday: August 10, 1997
Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Hometrack: Langley Speedway
Education: High School
Occupation: Driver

Sponsors: Miles of Seamless Gutters & Courthouse Imports

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My racing career started a little rough you could say. At 8 years old my crew chief Eric asked if I wanted to drive an arena car outdoors, I said yes. We went to practice in an empty parking lot behind a building; it had a pretty big ditch behind it to. I got in and made a few laps but was only going about half throttle. So after I was a bit more comfortable with the car I went full throttle. I think I got into it at the wrong time because it sent my over a curb and into the big ditch! We had to use the truck to pull it out and I didn’t want to get back in. I guess it scared me a little bit. Not even 2 years later though I asked to try again. This time he put me in a flat kart. The racing addiction began there.

After Three years of running the flat karts I started getting bored. I had 2 wins and won the cone award. Hank Courtney took some amazing and funny shots of me hitting the cones. During the last year a friend of mine had a team that ran wing champs (these karts are somewhat similar to your Sprint dirt cars) said he was not going to be running one race. I asked to run the race he wasn’t going to be there and he said yes. After one race in those things I just had to have one! They were so much fun! I got one the next year, and boy was it really hard that first year. No one wanted to work with me, (the wing karts are very dependent on the draft) so I would never get anywhere in the field. This year I am doing a lot better and it’s even more fun! I have had some really good finishes this season and sitting third in the points standing.



This one might be pretty obvious but lets go on the record, what is your favorite color?

My favorite color is actually green. Even though i have a bright pink kart and almost everything on it is pink. I drive a pink kart mainly just because I like to be different and stand out from everyone else.

In the racing community – this could be the top tiers of NASCAR, this could be someone at Langley – who do you look up to?

The person I look up to is Ryan Newman for a few reasons. One, because I saw that he had the same number as me. Second, the man almost had a championship with out even winning a race. That is talent right there, I admire his consistency a lot.

When you are not at the track, what would be the perfect summer day for Mattisen Morrill?

The perfect summer day for me would be a hot day playing in a big ole mud puddle with my best friend Tori and our dogs – Dixie and Livia.

What are three things you never leave the house without?

Three things I could never leave the house without would be, my phone, my keys, and my bandana to keep my hair out of my face.


One thing you want for your birthday?

One thing I want for my birthday would be New tires for my truck.

Now thats a pretty practical and useful present! So, driving around town on a Friday night with your friends, windows down and the music turned up, what would we hear blaring from your speakers?

Something you would hear coming from my truck would be just about anything from Linkin Park and Alan Jackson to whatever my DJ feels like playing that day. She plays just about anything.

With graduation this year, what is in store for you next?

After graduation I plan on working for STIHL and going to community college.

Do you have any phobias?

I have a few phobias, Spiders, bridges, and tunnels. Every time I have to go through the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel I hope and pray that that tunnel traffic is gone but it never is! I’ll sit there and look straight ahead and never look to the sides, or if I’m not driving my face is buried in my phone.


Who would you pick as your celebrity #MCM?

My celebrity MCM I guess would be the guy from Titanic (Leonardo DiCaprio). Only at the age he was in that movie.

Favorite class or subject in school?

I have no favorite subject in school. I disliked every year of my school years.

Fair enough, so lets end on a better question. Was the #39 a random number that you picked when you started racing or is there meaning behind it?

I didn’t just randomly pick my number when I started racing. I made it, my dad was #90 at Dixieland and I wanted to have him somewhere in my racing so I wanted to be the same number. When I started racing at Langley however, one of the Jackson boys had it already. So, I took my dad’s favorite driver, #3 dale senior and the #9 from his #90 and made my #39.


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