#3 Eric Schaffer

ProfileEric Schaffer
D.O.B: May 6, 1987
Hometown: Newport News, VA
Hometrack: Langley Speedway
Occupation: Nuclear Machinist

Sponsors: Wilson’s Auto Sales, East End Performance, Mr &Mrs Freeman


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Its a hot day out you and your family pass an ice cream cart on the board walk at the beach, what flavor of ice cream do you stop and order?

Rocky Road ice cream.

You own the DeLorean DMC-12 (the back to the future car) and you can use it only once to go back and spend an entire day with someone. Who would you go see? Why?

 The Confederate General, Robert E Lee because I’m related somehow to him.

What type of movies does Eric Schaffer like to watch?

Any type of action movies.





Tell us something you want to do that is on your bucket list?

Visit Italy.

iPhone or Android?


Not including racing, what are some of your hobbies?

Hunting and fishing.




Who is your favorite band or musical artist?

Blake Shelton

If you were given three wishes, what would ONE of them be?

To race the Daytona 500

What would be the first thing you did if you won the lottery?

Buy a NASCAR team.

If money was not an option and you and one other person could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go? Who would you bring?

Italy and take my whole family cause that’s where my dads side of the family is from.

Photo Credit: Charlie Alexander Photography

Photo Credit: Charlie Alexander Photography


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