#23 Kendahl Erb

ProfileKendahl “LIL DIVA ” ERB
Norfolk, VA
D.O.B: May 23, 2006
Hometown: Norfolk, VA
Hometrack: Albermarle Speedway
Education: Rising 4th Grader

Sponsors: Dirt Divas Racing, Jungle golf of VB, Xtreme Mechanical, North End Pizza of VB, B&S enterprises, Albemarle Power Equipment, Larry Davenport Racing, Jungle Golf.


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Kendahl Erb… or “Lil Diva” as she is known around the racetrack is a nine year old up and coming fourth grader who loves to play in the dirt. If you thought that was interesting then you’re going to love just how she likes playing in the dirt. Kendahl spend her weekend racing go-karts at local dirt tracks practically all over the region. She hoped in her first kart at the age of 5, nothing to serious at the time, just a few laps in a friend’s kart… it was a wrap after that! Erb instantly fell in love with the sport and would end up getting her own kart – with the help of parents of course – and finishing in the top three in two races at the end of 2012.

2013 would be Kendahl’s first full year in karts where she found improvement and more speed week in and week out. Grabbing plenty of second place finishes. 2014 however was the year Erb really shined! Not only did she win seven of the eight races in her class at her home track with several poles thrown in the mix she was able to make a successful jump up in class and make a name for herself in the state races winning four straight races and two second place finishes and being crowned the 2014 VA State Jr Stars Champion. She would also receive an honorable invite to the Maxxis Nationals – taking the 2nd place award there.

Kendahl and her team are looking to hit 2015 even harder than in the past. She will be making the move to the JR Sportsman (Lite & Heavy) class at her home track Albermarle Speedway. In addition she will be participating in the Virgina Dirt Kart Association series as well as the Maxxis Mid Atlantic Series! Thanks to the help of her sponsors her team has purchased a brand new kart so they can focus on dialing in each kart to each track. As the season has progressed we had a moment to sit down with Kendahl and get to know her a little bit more outside of the track.


Lets start things off with a pretty easy question here. What is your favorite color?


What is one thing you love about racing?


What is one thing you don’t like about racing?

Not finishing a race.



Have you given any thought to what you think you want to be when you grow up?

A professional racecar driver!

Tell me something you like to do away from the racetrack!

Swimming! I will swim all day long!

What is your favorite class or subject in school?


If you and your family could go anywhere in the world, with money being no option, where would you like to go?



Image: Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com

Favorite flavor of ice cream?

Birthday Cake.

Do you play any videos games in your free time?

Minecraft, but of course.

Who do you look up to as a role model in racing? (Can be anyone from a division higher than you to a pro driver)

On asphalt, Maddy Ryan Mulligan, she drives a Pro Six. On dirt, Jeff Smith – Ultimate Supers.

Do you have a favorite TV or movie you like to watch?

Steven Universe.


Image: Justin Kern/TheWeeklyRacer.com

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