#18 Collin Brown

CB4Collin Brown
D.O.B: Feb 18, 1995 (19)
Hometown: Yorktown, VA
Hometrack: Southside Speedway
Education: Peninsula Catholic High School
Occupation: Student



What is the strangest thing you have ever done?

I was in Myrtle Beach and we decided to go through a Haunted House with some friends. It was especially dark, loud and haunting when we all started to run to get out fast because we all were not going to be able to get out for another hour.  When suddenly someone stepped on the back of my flip flop and it came right off my foot.  But I kept running trying to get out.  So, I made it to the door to get out with just one shoe on and one shoe off.  Boy!!!! What trip…..  I was able to retrieve my flip flop later.

Who is your favorite sports team and why?

North Carolina Tar heels – I really like everything about the state of North Carolina.  Mainly, because it’s the home of NASCAR. Carolina Panthers fan too.

What is my favorite food?

Anything made with Pasta, I can eat Pasta every meal.


What is my dream car?

Ford Raptor (Black on Black) with a lift kit.

What are three things I never leave home without?

Cell Phone, Wallet/Money, and ID

What is the first thing I would do if I won the lottery?

Own my own RACE TEAM with every series of race cars.  And have 3 more Legend Race Cars and Build a RACE Shop.


What is my favorite subject/class in school?

U.S. History

What is my favorite holiday?


If I could go back in History who would I like to meet?  Why?

Dale Earnhardt, because he ruthless on the track but, had a good personality by joking with people and putting pranks on them.

Best pick up line ever used/heard?

You look so familiar….. Didn’t we take class together????   I could’ve sworn we had Chemistry.


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