#18 Autumn Weaver

ProfileAutumn Weaver
Portsmouth, VA
D.O.B: March 25, 2004 (11)
Hometown: Chesapeake/Suffolk, VA
Hometrack: Langley Speedway
Education: 5th Grade (Western Branch Intermediate)

Sponsors: Amsoil, East Coast Synthetics, Little GI Joes.




Coming into the track at the ripe ole’ age of 11, young Autumn Weaver believe it or not, has been racing for half of her life. That’s right, Autumn was just five years old when she realized she wanted to race. “When I was 5 years old watching my daddy race go karts I decided I wanted to do it too,” Weaver told us. “So I started racing in the Kid Kart division at Langley Speedway.” Autumn would actually get her first taste of kart racing down at Williamstion – a big indoor dirt karting championship race – where she brought home a second place finish and a victory.

While running at Langley in the Kart Club Autumn racked up several wins in her division before moving up to the Jr Champ Kart division that the Hampton Roads Kart Club had to offer. They are much like the wing champs you see run at Langley on certain Saturdays, a bit smaller in size and power and usually no wing. Weaver went on to win the championship the same year moving up.

In 2013 Weaver would venture in doors and try her luck in Arena Racing. A type of racing that utilizes a high banked, aluminum track with cars that are much like mini cup cars. With solid finishes all year Weaver finished fourth in overall points for her division. She would also race this past winter up at the Richmond Coliseum in the youth division.

Last year is when Weaver made the jump to the Bando division – a racing series sanctioned by INEX running the full distance of most local short tracks. 2014, her rookie season at Langley Speedway, was enough for a seventh place finish in the final points standings, something not acceptable from young Weaver. Coming back this year Autumn has had a good year so far in retrospect, winning her first race out before running into some trouble.

In addition to running for the championship this year at Langley Autumn will also be competing in the Bojangles Summer Shootout at Charlotte Motor Speedway for Kodie Connor Racing. Look for Autumn to work her way through school as well as other divisions in short track racing. “I want to finish school and then continue racing going into dirt tracks, racing late model stock cars, K&N series and Xfinity.  But my ultimate goal is to win the championship in the band division at Langley speedway and won’t stop till I do.”


What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is blue.

Favorite food?

I love pizza and salad, cheese fries yummy.

What about your least favorite food?

I do not like tomatoes.


When you are not at the track, what is a typical day like for Autumn Weaver?

A day for me is getting up real early getting ready for school, then coming home doing homework and playing games

Okay, so I know I said we would sort of stay away from the racing questions but, who do you look up to in the racing community? Can be a weekly series racer or someone in the upper ranks.

I look up to Tommy Jackson Jr, he races legends, Matt Dail he also races legends, and Danny Wyatt he races dirt champ carts.  All three of these guys are like brothers to me they help me in anyway that they can.

Describe your perfect summer vacation!

The perfect vacation for me would be going to Florida to see family or going to Charlotte to visit other race shops before racing on the track.

What is your favorite type of music?

I really like country music.  I also like this one song See You Again by Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth.


Pretty cliché question for someone your age but, what do you want to be when you get older?

Believe it or not I really want to be a Nascar driver when I get older. 

Do you have any phobias? Things you are absolutely terrified of?

I’m not afraid of anything that I can think of.

Do you like to read?

Reading is not one of my favorite things to do.

Last but certainly not least, what is your favorite subject or class in school?

Math is my favorite subject in school.



The charities that I race for:  Helping kids make our heart race, Benjamin’s Village.  I want my racing to mean more that just a trophy.  So everybody that reads this please go to Benjamin’s Village’s Facebook and like his page.

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