#13 Meagan Creech

Profile Name: Meagan Creech
 D.O.B: 03/02/1993 (20)
 Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
 Hometrack: South Boston Speedway

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Creecher, Screech 

Any phobia’s?


Who/what is your guilty pleasure?

I love love love Kasey Kahne! I have been a fan of him since his rookie season! Baseball games, riding 4-wheelers, fishing, going to the beach, and being at any race track is something I could never go with out! 


What is your day job?

I am in sales with Richmond Bumper. I take and process orders for Auto Body shops looking for aftermarket car parts. 

What is your dream car? 

I currently drive a 2014 Mustang but if I had to choose any thing else, I would love to have a Ford F150 4-door with about 6-7 inch lift, black rims, a good sound system! 

 What is the strangest thing you have ever done?

I do not recall something strange that I have done, although I am a very shy person so anything that has to do with talking to someone I have never met is strange to me. 


If you could try any job out for one day what would you like to try?

I would love to be a fly a plane! Having control of such a big bird going over 500 mph would be awesome! 

What is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?

I would donate a good portion to a local charity that one of my best little buddies has major involvement with … Minis Mission Burn Rubber to Help Another. Mini is an amazing little boy racing to raise money for childhood cancer.Whatever is left over would be to have my own race team!


All rights to this photo belong to Race22.com

What is the funniest joke you have heard?

Pretty much anything makes me laugh! 

What is your favorite style of music?

Country for sure. (any thing Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia line, Chase Rice….)

Photo credit to Paul Heath of https://www.facebook.com/SMM4Hire

Photo credit to Paul Heath of facebook.com/SMM4Hire



Special thank you to those bellow;

RCS Recylcing, Chesdin Automotive, Virginia Specialty Products, Carls Racing Products, Minis Mission, Creech Motorsports, Race4Girls, and one anyonmous person.

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