#10 Frank Riegel

ProfileFrank Riegel
DOB: August 30, 1970
Hometown: Grifton NC
Hometrack: East Carolina Motor Speedway
Occupation: Truck Driver, Mechanic, Whatever else needs done.





If you were given three wishes what would one of them be?

For my family to always be safe.

What is your favorite quote?

” I won’t be wronged, I won’t be insulted, and I won’t be laid a hand on. I don’t do these things to others and I expect the same from them.” John Wayne in the shootist 1977.

What is your favorite food(s)?

Chicken and pastry



What would be your ultimate dream car?

Gloss black 55′ chevy bel-air with a big block and a blower sticking through the hood!!


What kind of music does Frank Riegel listen to?

Most everything 30+ years old, but I prefer Blues.

If you could go anywhere on vacation for two weeks all expenses taken care of, where would you go and who would you like to bring?

I’m a Motorhead so my vacation would be to visit a few race engine shops and talk to different engine builders and bounce ideas and opinions off them. My wife, she’s also my best friend.


It’s a hot day, you and the wife stop for ice cream, tell us what your favorite flavor is?

Cookies and Cream


Everyone has some kind of guilty pleasure, tell me what is yours.

Buying engine parts

Do you have a favorite TV show you like to watch?

I don’t watch much tv besides races but mostly family guy.

Growing up did you earn any cool nicknames?

“Iceman”  I put ice down the back of Hank Jarman’ racing suit in 84′ so he got me a jacket with iceman embroidered on it.


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