The Drivers Series


ECMS - Driver Series AdHave you ever been to a race track and cheered for a driver but knew nothing about the person behind the wheel? Thats how I felt the past few years going to tracks on Saturday night. I knew the drivers names of course, what division’s they ran, and where they lived, and when the tracks do “meet and greets” your finally able to put a face to the name, but do you really know them? At most you know that this is John Doe in the number 15 XYZ powered machine! You never get to know that he or she wakes up 5am Monday morning and parks in the same lot as you at the yard, or the fact that they got their start in the same style kart you races when you were younger. I will give you one better, what about you and your favorite sharing the same favorite movie or favorite book.

This is what I wanted to change with The Driver Series. I want answers to the questions I have had for years, and share them with you all. Every week we highlight one new driver from any division at local tracks from around the region. A unique 10 question interview to get you behind the scenes, and under the helmet of these driver who show up every weekend and put their blood, sweat and tears into their cars. My hopes are to show you that your not that different from these guys and gals.

To any driver wanting to be featured or any team member who would like to get information on the series please send and email to


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