Josh Ranger – Langley Speedway Correspondent

Josh Ranger
Age: 22
Birthplace: Hampton, VA
Langley Speedway Correspondent


My name is Josh Ranger, and I’m a racing junkie. I was born in Hampton Virginia but now live in Tyner North Carolina. I was born on February 14th, 1997 and have grown up around racing my entire life. Now I’m beginning to write stories about racing.

I got into racing basically when I was born. My dad was on a race team, and my mom was a fan. Every Saturday I’d be out at Langley enjoying the show. After a while, I ended up getting a go-kart to race. I did that for a while until I moved to North Carolina. I followed racing still as I grew up being a Kevin Harvick fan and still am today. I enjoy short-track racing more than anything because the excitement and competition are on a whole different level. All these local guys trying to make a name for themselves and make it to the big league just makes you get behind them and hope they make it. So now here I am as a writer for racing. It’s all come together into the one thing I genuinely enjoy.

I had never thought about writing before until Justin asked me if I wanted to help him one weekend. So far I’ve written two stories and I’m loving it. So, what I will be doing this season is race recaps at the end of the night for the people that couldn’t make it to the track. With writing these stories on racing, my goal is to get people that don’t know much about racing informed on how it feels to be at the track. I like being able to keep fans updated with what’s going on at their local short track. I do also like football and basketball so I do have a variety of sports I watch. Some of you might not like it, but this guy is a Cowboys fan. Always have been, always will be.

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