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Langley Speedway – A race track located in Hampton, Virginia, in the United States….

Okay so when you clicked on this page you were probably expecting me to give you this ‘templated,’ possibly Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V page full of information from some random websites spouting out information that you have more than likely already seen.

Not this page, I want to tell you what Langley Speedway is to me. By now I’m sure you know Langley is a .395 mile oval with just about no banking at all. Okay, okay its only got about six degrees going through the corners. Little fun fact some people may not know, it is the flattest track in the region!

I remember my dad telling me stories of back in the day when the track was all dirt and red guard rails! Not to mention wooden bleachers! Now the track has had some major renovations! Concrete walls, aluminum bleachers, sky boxes, you know the way us ”regulars” know it today.

Langley has been more than just something to do on Saturday nights. The speedway is my vacation, time with my family, my stress relief! Moments that I will never forget. Going to the track was like living in my own prime time sitcom! I had my fill of drama, suspense, back stabbing, friendship and more. The track was where I figured out what I wanted to do with my education.

I thought about how to put something like this in words for a few days now. Trying to explain why the track means so much to me. Besides the time spent with my dad, and new friends, I love the competition! I love the lights, the sounds, the smells, the action! If you take your car home with out a scratch that probably means you were a start and park! Those cold, COLD nights at the beginning and end of the season. Trust me, don’t let those April nights in Virginia fool you! Don’t even get me started on the heat of dead summer.

In my opinion Langley Speedway has some of the best local Saturday night racing in the region. I want to make it my goal in 2014 to visit more tracks. Compare set ups, divisions, cars, competition. I want this blog to be a learning experience for me and a journey for you!

11 Dale Lemonds Dr.
Hampton VA, 23666
(757) 865-RACE (7223)

Owner: Bill Mullis
Promoter: Chuck Hall

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