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The Final Chapter: When One Door Closes, Many More Open

Every great chapter must come to an end at some point, right? Gohan finally defeated Cell to put an end to the long lasting Cell Games. Harry, and friends, destroyed all of the Horcrux’s ultimately leading to Voldemort’s defeat, again? Dwight and Angela finally get married, Michael comes back for one last visit, and Pam & Jim finally move to Austin. Ross and Rachel confess their love and continue their relationship, Monica and Chandler adopt twins, and they all head to Central Park for one last cup of coffee. Honestly the list could go on and on with memorable cinematic or book related endings but that’s not why you clicked the article — at least that’s not why I think you are here.

When I started The Weekly Racer seven years ago I was just coming out of college spending the last three years of my life immersed in the “business” side of sports. I absolutely loved going to class and wanted to be involved with sports for the rest of my life. I found that I had a passion for the PR side of things. I enjoyed the planning aspect of things, the marketing and finance side was okay, but I really enjoyed writing. I enjoyed the weekly press release assignment I had in one class, I enjoyed telling a story. I was also in the need of a 400-hour internship to complete my degree so I went to my favorite place here in my hometown – Langley Speedway. Pitched my idea. Then failed to secure the position. I found out either I did a bad job of selling myself or just wasn’t qualified to do the job. Looking back at it now I was asking for a internship to start in January and go to May at a local short track, that time frame probably just didn’t work out for them, nothing to be angry about now. Maybe it was a true life lesson that when one door closes another opens — something to keep in mind for later.

I ended up landing an internship as an assistant Athletic Director with one of the most amazing and down right coolest bosses ever at my high school alma mater. I got to do a lot of work planning the final Peninsula District baseball tournament but I digress. That small “failure” of not landing the internship at the place and sport I really wanted no doubt had me down. I thought to myself; I just spent the last six years of my life studying all this, all the late nights staying up after work putting proposals together and reading all these expensive books just to be turned down for a FREE job. What does that mean for me when I go looking for jobs that actually pay. Then I remembered something my mother and father thought me growing up being a small business owning family. If you want it, work for it, make it yours… so I did and over the summer of 2013 The Weekly Racer (TWR) was born. My own personal internship if you will.

Over these last seven years I have learned so much about the sport of auto racing and grown not only as a person but as a professional. Starting out sitting in freezing cold grandstand in November with a Coleman heater and tapping on the screen of my iPhone, to securing a small corner in the wooden turn one spotter stand at Langley, to talking with past, present, and certainly future NASCAR & World of Outlaws champions. I have been asked to take photos for NASCAR teams, produced radio style shows, created year end banquet videos, and brought onto PA systems to talk about racing. It has certainly been a ride that I will cherish forever. This was something that I, with the help of many, many others along the way, built from the ground up. The Weekly Racer was something that people all over the Mid Atlantic region went to for pre, live, and post race information on their favorite series or driver. A place to stay up to date with their racing family, a true community.

That is why it truly does sadden me to announce that as 2020 comes to an end so will TWR. I want to take a minute to thank those who helped make TWR what it is today. To my wife who helped me edit stories, take photos/videos, tag-team the largest Late Model race in the country, and drive the countless hours back home in the dark while I typed up stories. To Mark Rogers Jr. who though we worked at “competing” outlets, always took the time to answer questions and provide advice. My dad, who also helped play the roll of driver, toting me around on long trips so I can type up stories in the passenger seat and even bank rolled the operation in the early years. To Hudson Hall, who has put me in contact with more NASCAR drivers, crew, and other professionals than I would have ever imagined. Saying goodbye to something you have worked so hard to create is never easy but, leaving it on “good terms” to do “bigger” things might make it a little easier, right?

Now to that “… other doors open” part of that statement I made above. Even though I am closing the doors so to speak here at The Weekly Racer I will be doing so to write, quite literally, the next chapter of my racing career. Not only will I be returning to Langley Speedway as a member of the NBC Gold Track Pass Production Team I am extremely happy to announce I will also be taking on the roll Media Relations Director at the speedway! I will be working to provide original content for our racing community which will be featured on the tracks brand new website – more on that coming soon.

I am beyond excited for the 2021 race season! With so much going on this past year I cannot wait to get back behind the camera and provide everyone with a high quality product. I cannot wait to get back behind the computer doing something I love, putting out quality stories highlighting the speedways rich history within the community, it’s drivers, teams, and staff.

To everyone who has supported me throughout the years, used my photos on their social platforms, their hero cards, their merchandise, thank you! To everyone who took the time to stop on pit road or from working on their car to talk to me about how good or even how bad of a day you were having, thank you. Even to everyone who messaged, called or emailed pointing out my mistakes along the way, thank you for having the courage to do so, so I could become a better writer. To the 200K+ people who took the time to visit our website and various social platforms — Thank You! This may be the ending to one novel but the start of something else!

To Be Continued…

South Boston Speedway Cancels CARS Tour Event Amid COVID Restrictions in Commonwealth

SOUTH BOSTON, VA…….South Boston Speedway officials announced this week that the Autosbynelson.com250 Solid Rock Carriers CARS Tour event scheduled for Sept. 19 at “America’s Hometown Track” has been canceled.

The cancellation of the event resulted from the continuation of restrictions mandated by the Commonwealth of Virginia in its attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19.

“We are very disappointed in having to cancel the event,” said South Boston Speedway General Manager Cathy Rice.

“Unfortunately, the Commonwealth’s restrictions make it impossible for us to hold the event. Like our fans, we were looking forward to seeing the competitors of the Solid Rock Carriers CARS Tour in action here at South Boston Speedway. The previous CARS Tour events here at South Boston Speedway have been exciting, and we were expecting that same level of excitement when the series was to return here Sept. 19.”

While the Sept. 19 Solid Rock Carriers CARS Tour event was the final event listed on South Boston Speedway’s 2020 season schedule, track officials have not given up on the possibility of being able to host one or more events before uncomfortably cold winter weather sets in.

“The weather in our region is good enough that we can look as far out as into the month of November in terms of possible opportunities to hold an event,” Rice noted.

“If the Commonwealth’s restrictions should become relaxed enough to make it feasible for us to hold one or more events this fall, we will look at that possibility.”

Track officials remind fans and competitors to continue to watch the track’s website and social media outlets for the latest news and announcements from the speedway.

South Boston Speedway Officials Hopeful for Some Racing in 2020; Track Championships Will Not be Awarded

Philip Morris powers down the front stretch at South Boston Speedway during final practice for the 2019 Thunder Road Harley Davidson 200. (Justin Kern/

South Boston, VA – South Boston Speedway officials remain optimistic there will be some racing at “America’s Hometown Track” in 2020, but due to the lack of remaining weekends in the season and current COVID-19 restrictions, no track championships will be awarded this season.

“It is very unfortunate that this will be the first time in the track’s 63-year history that no championships will be awarded at the year’s end,” said South Boston Speedway CEO Nick Igdalsky. “We still remain optimistic that we will be able to host some races in 2020 if the COVID-19 restrictions are loosened. If we do have an opportunity to race up to December, we will!”

Restrictions contained in the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Forward Virginia state re-opening plan have not allowed South Boston Speedway to hold racing events thus far this season. The mandate for speedways in Phase Three of the plan states the total number of attendees (including both participants and spectators) cannot exceed 1,000 people.

“We are not able to hold any racing events with the current state limitation of 1,000 total people including both participants and patrons without making huge compromises to put on the event,” Igdalsky explained.

“It is our passion to provide exciting and affordable family entertainment for all of our loyal fans in South Boston, Halifax County and surrounding communities. But, we will only do so when we don’t need to charge our fans two times what they usually pay, reduce the number of races each night, cut competitors’ purses, or cut any corners that would jeopardize the safety and conveniences of our competitors and fans.”

Some of Virginia’s short tracks have been hosting racing events while complying with the state mandates.

“We acknowledge that some Virginia tracks have opened, and we are very proud of their efforts and hope our regular competitors support the tracks that are able to make it work right now.” said Igdalsky.

Igdalsky pointed out that South Boston Speedway has been operating successfully in Halifax County for over six decades and has become a true shining gem among short tracks across America for many reasons.

“We will not compromise the venue’s storied history, reputation, value and the safety of our competitors and fans to hold a scaled-down race night and charge twice the usual price with the current restrictions,” Igdalsky stated.

“The main goal is to keep South Boston Speedway open for another 63 years. It hurts to miss most of the 2020 season, but we will do everything possible to ensure future generations also get to make the lifelong memories and friendships that so many have made at SoBo since 1957.”

South Boston Speedway will remain open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. for any teams interested in testing and for any drivers looking to stay sharp.

For the latest news and announcements about South Boston Speedway please visit the speedway’s website at and the speedway’s social media outlets.

Vuncannon Charges to First Carteret County Speedway Victory

PELETIER, NC – Daniel Vuncannon charged to victory in the first race for the new Charger division at Bobby Watson’s Carteret County Speedway presented by Harley Davidson of New Bern.

Vuncannon upset the field in qualifying and started on the pole in the 40 lap sprint.  Throughout the race, he was able to hold off Dylan Newsome, who was able to draw even on the restarts, and drive away from the field – leading wire-to-wire.  After the race, the Fuquay-Varina driver relished in his triumph.

“I gave it all I had,” Vuncannon said.  “I figured he was going to sneak up on me there.  He was doing a good job.  We’re happy we finally got the track figured out a little better and came home with a win.  It feels pretty good to get our first win out here.  We worked real hard.  Started out last year in the Charger class, ran a few Limited Late Models, and haven’t had much luck.  We’re still leaning and figuring the car out.  It feels really nice to do something and feel the fruits of your labor.”

Dylan Newsome, who won a Charger exhibition feature in 2019, finished second while Brent Evans rounded out the podium.

Chase Singletary raced his way to victory lane at Carteret County Speedway for the first time in over a year and his first time ever in Legends racing.  Despite the below-average car count, the 13-year-old from Burgaw, North Carolina was excited just to get back to victory lane.

“I got a win,” Singletary said enthusiastically in victory lane.  “It’s been so long since I’ve been in victory lane, it just feels amazing.  I want to thank everybody that’s believed in me, especially my parents and grandparents and all my sponsors.  I want to dedicate this win to my papa, he died eight years ago, so this is just amazing.”

Sanford’s Jody Measamer remains undefeated at Carteret County Speedway after scoring his third consecutive Team Chevrolet of Swansboro Super Truck Series win and his fourth feature win at the track.  In a race where attrition took its toll with competitors Chris Burns and Adam Fulford sidelined midway through the race with mechanical problems, Measamer survived and cruised to victory in the closing laps.

“I love this joint,” Measamer said.  “I don’t know if you remember, three or four years, when we came here with the Super Late Model, but the last time I was here in a go-kart, we won.  I absolutely love this place.  We stumbled onto a setup two or three years ago and it’s just worked year in and year out.  I couldn’t be happier.”

Willie Grainger ended up finishing in the runner-up position with Travis Wilson overcoming early struggles to finish third.

Jacksonville’s Andrew Jackson won in U-CAR competition over Steve Sullivan and Neil Mason while Grifton’s Duane Walker walked away with the victory in Bombers and Newport’s Sean Wales held off teammate Tyler Foster in a frantic Champ Kart finish.

Bobby Watson’s Carteret County Speedway returns to action again on Saturday, August 8th with the Croatan Summer Jam presented by Moore’s Old-Tyme Barbeque Chicken & Seafood.

For more information about Bobby Watson’s Carteret County Speedway, visit the track’s official website at, “like” Carteret County Speedway on Facebook or follow @carteretcoswy on Twitter and Instagram.


JULY 25, 2020


  1. Jody Measamer
  2. Willie Grainger
  3. Travis Wilson
  4. Adam Fulford
  5. Chris Burns
  6. Willie Fulford
  1. Daniel Vuncannon
  2. Dylan Newsome
  3. Brent Evans
  4. Jonny Szewczuk
  5. Gator Williams
  6. Billy Slater
  7. Ethan Johnson
  1. Andrew Jackson
  2. Steve Sullivan
  3. Neil Mason
  4. Joe Lanier
  5. Curtis Lanie
  6. Abby Jolly
  7. Joe Lazarczyk
  8. Ricky Houser, Jr.
  1. Duane Walker
  2. Andrew Warner
  3. Brandon Robinson
  4. Nick White
  5. Tyler Stalls
  6. Rodney Glass
  1. Sean Wales
  2. Tyler Foster
  3. Josh Eubanks
  4. Darrell Eubanks
  5. Justin Thompson
  6. BJ Thompson
  1. Chase Singletary
  2. Scotty Benford
  3. Derek Burleson

Racing Returns to the Historic Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway for the 70th Year of Racing

Hampton, VA – For the first time in 2020 the sounds of race engines and the smell of spent race fuel returns to the historic and fan-favorite Langley Speedway as Virginia starts to ease into what looks to be a “new normal.”

As the Governor of Virginia transitioned the state into Phase Three of re-opening Vaughn Crittenden and senior officials at the .395-mile speedway was finally to unlock and open the gates. Much later in the year than anticipated and with far fewer fans in the stands than previous opening nights but the silver lining… the speedway is open.

With only 1,000 tickets up for sale, based on the Governor’s orders, tickets went at a rapid pace and will cause local race fans to find other means to follow tonight’s action. We will have all of tonight’s action covered via our Twitter page (@TheWeeklyRacer). For those who would like to watch tonight’s action can subscribe to NBC Track Pass.

Tonight’s qualifying and race order can be found below.








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