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Chris Dodson Rallies to Second Victory in a Row at Southside Speedway


Dodson talking with Buck Reuss in victory lane Friday, May 13, 2016. (Justin Kern/

Midlothian, VA ­– Mother Nature tried to play the spoiler this weekend dumping plenty of water over Southside Speedway just as practice got underway. Luckily, track drying operations only took about an hour and racing was underway just past eight o’clock. Chris Dodson, Southside Speedway track champ, set the fastest time earlier in the afternoon with a time of 14.643 second lap, or 81.868 MPH, around the .333 mile track. However, due to the pesky invert, Dodson drew a number two and would swap places with Brad Davis (14.723).

When it was time to drop the green flag, Davis held the advantage over Dodson running the low groove and would lead lap one. Dodson would hang out topside for just a couple laps before falling in line behind Davis and just in front of Fernandez. Some good racing just a few cars behind them for the top five spot. Raymond Pittman and Kyle Wood would battle door to door for just a couple laps before Kyle fell in line behind him to run in sixth, pretty sure looking to save some tires.

Almost had a bit of an interesting moment up front for the leaders approaching slower traffic. Dodson, who was not really battling for the lead, did get slowed up and lost some distance to the leader, but was able to regroup and reel Davis back in. It was just past halfway when lap traffic actually played in Dodson’s favor, using the slower car of Payne, Dodson was able to get around Brad Davis out of turn two. The lap car also helped Steve Zuskin, who had been running fourth behind Fernandez to catch the rear bumper of the #02. The two would battle door to door coming to the closing laps with Fernandez hanging onto the third spot by the checkered.

Once Dodson got into clean air it was about all she wrote for the final half of the race – building up to about a half straightaway lead. Brad Davis would cross the line second; Fernandez did a great job and was able to hold off Zuskin for third. Kyle Wood, who pulls double duty in the Modified division, was able to save enough tires to get around Pittman – bringing Sonny Allen with him – to grab the final top five spot.

“The car was good tonight,” Dodson said in victory lane. “I was quite content riding behind Davis there to be honest. I wasn’t going to hit him or anything, he is a great guy. I was just getting hot there and the car started to over heat so I had to get around him. The track was a little bit wet there and we got into once but were okay.” Because of Dodson’s second win in a row he will have to start at the rear of the field regardless of his qualifying position.


Late Model Stock OFFICIAL Results:

P1. #0 Chris Dodson; 40
P2. #18 Brad Davis; 40
P3. #02 Greg Fernandez; 40
P4. #71 Steve Zuskin; 40
P5. #19 Kyle Wood; 40
P6. #20 Sonny Allen; 40
P7. #50 Raymond Pittman III; 40
P8. #22 Grayson Cullather; 39
P9. #42 Mike Payne; 39
P10. #41 Doug Mundy; 38
P11. #5 Michelle Willingham; 38
P12. #89 Irving Cook; 37
P13. #67 Cole Walker; 15
P14 #99 Daniel Thomas; S&P


Daniel Silvestri and Tommy Jackson Jr. Win at Southside

Jackson celebrates in victory lane at Southside Speedway this past weekend. (Shawn Dulin/

Chesterfield, VA
– In the Legends cars Tommy Jackson Jr. continues his domination at Southside Speedway. After winning the two opening races he would have to start from the rear after setting fast time and with an invert rookie Zach Lightfoot would lead the field to green. The young rookie would get a little too eager coming to the green flag and spin out. He would get sent to the end of the field and recovered nicely for a 6th place finish ahead of fellow rookie DJ Elzey. Continuing the eager theme long time legends driver Kevin Yeatts would jump almost the entire field a couple laps into the race after another car spun out. He was supposed to serve a stop and go but a quick caution saved him from going a lap down. Before the halfway point Jackson would take the lead from Matt Dail and cruise pretty easily to another win at the 3/8th mile track. Jackson leads the points early on by seven over Dail.

Daniel Silvestri qualified second but wasted no time to get out in front of the nine car field in the second Banoldero race of the season to grab the win. Cole Bruce, your pole sitter after qualifying time trials with a time of 17.022, turned over the lead to Silvestri just three laps into the feature. Michael Godby remains first in the track standings by one point. They are off next race weekend at the Toughest Short Track in the South.


INEX Legends Results
1. Tommy Jackson, Jr.
2. Matt Dail
3. Chris Lilly
4. Timmy Phipps
5. Kevin Yeatts
6. Zach Lightfoot
7. DJ Elzey
8. David Turner
9. James Barchanowicz

INEX Banolero Results
1. Daniel Silvestri
2. Michael Godby
3. Conner Jones
4. Jacob Putman
5. Leonard Harrison IV
6. Jaiden Reyna
7. Wesley Newell
8. Cole Bruce
9. Eddie Slagle

INEX: Spencer Saunders Tackles VIR For First Time at World Finals

Photo: Laila Razmyar

Photo: Laila Razmyar

Yes, you read that headline correctly! As most of the racing community converged on Florida in some form or fashion for the 47th running of the Snowball Derby this past weekend, Langley Speedway’s 2013 Legend track champion packed his trailer up and head west down route 58 to a little town by the name of Alton, Virginia. Located here is the historic Virginia International Raceway (VIR) who just so happened to play host to this years INEX Legends World Nationals.

For those who may not know Saunders is a jack of all trades so to speak! Currently he’s taking classes at a local community college pursuing his degree in Mechanical Engineering. Saunders is also the tire specialist at Precision Performance Motorsports (PPM), a NASCAR team located in Gloucester fielding teams in the Whelen All-American Series, K&N Series, and working a a car for the Southern Mods. On top of that he is also the steering wheel holder of the #7 Legend at Saunders Motorsports.

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